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                 02/20/2018 08:47 AM  
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10/07/2008 03:24 PM ID: 73865 Permalink   

Delta Force: US Officials Prevented them from Taking Out Bin Laden


Delta Force was sent to Afghanistan to kill Bin Laden after 9/11. It is now known that US officials turned down plans to scale the mountains of Tora Bora and prevent Bin Laden’s escape and also turned down plans to drop land mines on escape routes.

CBS's Scott Pelley asked, "How often does Delta come up with a tactical plan that's disapproved by higher headquarters?" Delta Force commander Dalton Fury replied, "In my experience, in my five years at Delta, never before."

Delta Force was only authorized to make a frontal assault onto the area Bin Laden was thought to be hiding. It is believed that Bin Laden was wounded but escaped and was able to seek refuge in a nearby village before fleeing into Pakistan.

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  There is a video at the source  
They had to dig up bodies and take the fingers to be used to ID the people they thought were al qaeda. Personally I think bin Laden died shortly after they attacked him. I believe that the person we have seen in the videos since, is a fraud. Nose to ear ratio's do not match the new bin laden compared with photos taken before dec. 2001.

So either bin Laden has had some plastic surgery or he is dead. I think these guys did kill him when they called in bombing raids. Unfortunately the US government does not want him dead.

He has helped make so many politicians rich so he is much better to keep alive than dead.
  by: slavefortheman     10/07/2008 03:33 PM     
  You bet...  
"He has helped make so many politicians rich"

He is their invention!
  by: captainJane     10/07/2008 03:37 PM     
  Tora Bora  
was a fraud. I remember them telling us about elaborate tunnels and underground facilitys of terrorist activities and whatnot. it was all a hoax.
  by: Amaze   10/07/2008 05:41 PM     
  Without Bin Laden and the "terrorist threat"...  
Dubya would have no reason to continue his quest for oil in Iraq. It was much more advantageous for the Bush doctrine to keep Bin Laden alive.
  by: valkyrie123     10/07/2008 08:28 PM     
this will all come out, and the US will be asking itself how it could have let itself be such a nation of dupes.
  by: Mister crank     10/07/2008 09:18 PM     
  Actually quite true  
The first time, there were CIA paramil ninjas just a few klick away from his locale, as in, they had visual on several occasions. Its strange that the operators in range are continually turned down by higher when they ask permission.

If it were me up there on the hill these days I'd go anyway just to confirm that the guy is not a robot crafted by the bush administration.
  by: japh   10/08/2008 01:58 AM     
I agree with your point, but not with *why* you make it. Dubya wasn't on a quest for oil; oil is a paltry matter in the grand scheme of what's actually going on here.

Think back to 9/11, two planes brought down the world trade center and one hit the Pentagon (as you well know, this is for rhetorical affect).

This got people gung-ho about going into the middle east, hitting the al-qaeda threat where it hurts, and making this country safer.

Of course, this was all a smoke screen. We ended up in Iraq, and we all know the rest of the story. This war, though, was never about oil. It is flat-out imperialism, and Iraq is a strategic point in the middle east for the U.S. to have control over. Even though they have a "democratically elected" government, it is obviously a puppet government ran by the U.S. regime there.

Why, do you ask? My theory is that the U.S. is bracing for something big to happen in the area and it was in our government's best interest to have a major outpost located there. That is a good piece of land to have during a major war. Right now, the stage is set for a major world war. Pay no attention to the Russian President's statement of there being no "ideological motive" for getting into a war, this is just a statement. Things are not as they seem.

In short, this war was not about oil, this is setting up for something huge.

Of course, this my opinion...but I don't think oil is at stake here. This isn't about money, its about power.
  by: datsuncaptain1     10/08/2008 06:00 AM     
  Ok Just In CAse  
You didnt know Bin Laden Was/Is a Suadi Prince and was/is the next King oF Saudia Arabia.. @CJ...The invention was crated by The saudi Gov so that the present King could stay in...U know a bit Like Queen Vic......
  by: steve2045     10/08/2008 06:26 AM     
  @everyone A real eye opener. It is up to you to believe it
  by: Mr. Wright     10/08/2008 06:53 AM     
  I don't buy it  
Why have Bin Laden alive but Saddam Hussein dead?

Surely it'd be more of a morale boost to the public if both Saddam and Bin Laden were dead, that way Ahmadinejad would be an easy next target?
  by: dook   10/08/2008 07:01 AM     
Ahmadinejad is nothing more than a figurehead. The real power is with the Shahs of Iran, and the US knows better than to advance on them. Try having the entire Islamic world on your behind. Not a good idea right now. Iran will come, with time.
  by: datsuncaptain1     10/08/2008 07:11 AM     
You mean Ayatollahs. The Shah was the king of Iran before the Islamic revolution. The Shah was brutal and it was expected that the population overthrow that government. Read the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit man"
  by: slavefortheman     10/08/2008 03:15 PM     
Whoops, yeah. I knew that. I was a little tired when I wrote that and I wasn't thinking. Thanks for the correction, though. :)
  by: datsuncaptain1     10/08/2008 06:33 PM     
Bin laden is too clever for them
  by: Rangi   10/08/2008 11:03 PM     
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