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                 01/20/2018 12:11 PM  
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10/15/2008 11:29 AM ID: 74035 Permalink   

Report: Memos Show Bush Administration Explicitly Endorsed Torture


According to the Washington Post two classified memos from the White House to the CIA show that the Bush Administration specifically approved the use of harsh interrogation methods including waterboarding.

The memos were produced and signed off by the Justice Department after repeated requests from CIA Director George Tenet who was concerned that without a paper trail that the government might distance itself if the program was ever publicised.

The White House has declined to comment but officials have confirmed that the memos do actually exist. At this time nobody has been prepared to detail the exact contents of the memos.

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  War crimes...  
can we please have Bush arrested for this...? Clinton gets head in office and they want to impeach him while Bush allows all this BS and nothing? -.- This is just stupid. I hate the immunity government officials get...
  by: SunDown   10/15/2008 01:12 PM     
  Hold no misconceptions  
These people do not care about you or anyone's safety, security or liberty. The sooner everyone realises this, the better off we'll be.

I suggest everyone read Macchiavelli's 'The Prince' - it is very enlightening.
  by: ofwolfandman   10/15/2008 01:58 PM     
  How many americans die from terrorism per year?  
I bet the number is a lot lower than say, drunk driving, or allergic reactions, or even say heart attacks.

With that said, why do we invest hundreds if not trillions of dollars to fight against terrorism when heart attacks are a much worse enemy and kill many more per year.

Terrorism is just a hoax. A red herring to grab more money and power from an already beleaguered system. I wont be surprised if these people cause the system to totally collapse economically, socially and politically.
  by: slavefortheman     10/15/2008 02:50 PM     
Thats why it took $700 Billion to bail out. Even after all that spending.

One thing I do not understand from Americans. How do they get pulled in this black hole!? Such a great nation, great people, but dumb as a plank and yet they call the shots for entire World!?? Beats me. Honestly.
  by: isuzu     10/15/2008 04:02 PM     
There are many reasons americans accept this crap but probably the biggest reason they accept it is because they are told they are "The Greatest Nation on Earth".

They all somehow think that our system is superior and everyone else across the entire world, regardless of what proof you put in their faces, is worse than their own.

They dont have public health care, they dont have public higher education, they dont even have free elections anymore... But they all somehow believe that this form of indentured servitude is greater than the freedoms enjoyed by say Scandinavia or France...

Also apathy is another problem in the US. Only about 30-40% actually vote. Meaning if the other 60-70% got off their asses and instead of complaining, actually did something, the US would be unrecognizable from its current system. The system would literally change overnight if this happened.

Education itself is yet another issue. Americans have been intentionally dumbed down by a system to keep them in line. Why dont we have public higher education? Because an intelligent population would never stand for such blatant corruption. The 1960's and 70's is a good example. Across the country, students were protesting in the millions. The government does not want this to happen ever again.

The use of drugs and toxins and external dumbing down by use of fluoridated water and massive amounts of TV has also contributed to a massive dumbing down of the populace as a whole.

I guess my overall point is that Americans are in general are to stupid and to lazy to actually pursue real change. The stupidity part can easily be voided out if the laziness is removed. This is very possible for real changes in the near future. One thing that does seem to get americans off the couch and put down TV or PS3 controller and do something constructive is the possibility of economic ruin.

We may be in for a 1930's style scenario again. We will see what happens. Will the US population pursue real changes to the system or will they let the puppet masters control them and make them believe that military dictatorship is the answer? Guess we will see what unfolds over the next 5-10 years.
  by: slavefortheman     10/15/2008 04:35 PM     
  They had good teachers...  
with all the Bush families family connections going way back.
  by: captainJane     10/15/2008 05:11 PM     
  Fear , Slave, Orchastrated Fear  
We were under attack, 911,If we don't get them there they will get us here, "Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Yellowcake Uranium, Poison in our water, seal your house up with duct tape and plastic sheeting, condition Orange,terrorists sneaking in across our borders,hijackers, In a constant litany day after day, hour after hour.Good people of Arab extraction had their houses and businesses raided in the night and were taken to undisclosed locations.These people were moved secretly and frequently to keep them from access from the legal system. The contents of their shops were removed and perishables were allowed to rot.For the first time in my life my friends and I would have to speak very quietly in public about our disapproval of what the administration was doing for fear of government reprisal.
The United States was in shock and vulnerable to manipulation just after 911 while the administration was in a rapid decline. What an opportunity to be exploited by the morally challenged Bush administration.
George and his friends only respected the rights of themselves and their friends.His respect for the Constitution he swore an oath to honor and protect is demonstrated in :"Stop throwing the Constitution in my face," Bush screamed back. "It's just a god damned piece of paper!

Oh Yeah, His elections were under clouds. At least half of us saw through his Bushit.
  by: ichi     10/15/2008 07:38 PM     
  I have no problem with torture  
As long as it's between consenting adults in the privacy of a bedroom, and this doesn't qualify!!!
  by: Big Bird     10/16/2008 07:24 AM     
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