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                 01/21/2018 03:03 PM  
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10/16/2008 03:49 PM ID: 74071 Permalink   

16-Year-old girl Beaten Gang Raped then Burned and left for Dead


A sixteen-year-old with learning problems and a mental age of around eight was supposed to be meeting a friend, but instead she encountered 10 yobbos, seven of them which raped her and all then severely beat and burned her.

She was later found by Ms Riddell's in a derelict house, looking as if she was covered in white powder and with her skin in pink patches from the burns. The emergency call was recorded and played in the court.

McMorris from South London, Daley-Smith, 22, Miguel Almeida, 22, both from North London, Jason Brew, 19, Bruno Abrantes, 24, from Tottenham;
Hector Muaimba, 20, from East London and Opey¬emi Ismail, 20, of Leyton, deny all charges.

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  I would like these little specimens...  
in my lab please!
  by: captainJane     10/16/2008 03:55 PM     
is this World coming to? How do you, lure a young person and torture them so cruelly!
  by: isuzu     10/16/2008 04:13 PM     
Those men deserve to have a cactus shoved up their ass and rotated. That would be a nice start
  by: Mr. Wright     10/16/2008 05:02 PM     
  @Mr Right  
Yeah shove it up their ass and get it out from their mouth.
  by: shanny   10/16/2008 05:18 PM     
  I think..  
We should go back to public beheadings, with a dull blade, and a near blind executioner, especially for these 10 animals and others like them.
  by: Allanthar     10/16/2008 05:21 PM     
  wtf is a yobbo  
  by: gman   10/16/2008 05:22 PM     
  Redneck justice  
this is another reason why redneck justice should be the manditory sentence for scum like this. I could list a few thousand ways that these perverted monsters could be dealt with but none of them are legal in any country that I am aware of. Regardless I would like to have people like this sent to my door and placed in my basement for a month. After that they would spend the rest of there life shakeing out of control drooling and mumbling over and over again NOT THE CURLING IRON... NOT THE CURLING IRON
  by: ceasarx   10/16/2008 05:23 PM     
  One word...  
Florida....wait its in the bad..
  by: cgasucks   10/16/2008 05:23 PM     
  I dont think  
that anyone that does this sort of thing should be allowed human rights. They dont qualify as human in my book.
  by: Eidron   10/16/2008 05:51 PM     
the bastards, after cutting their nads off with a blunt, rusty spade.
  by: philigs     10/16/2008 05:55 PM     
  this is disgusting,  
why are people so messed up?
jesus christ!
  by: crl(L)tlh   10/16/2008 06:15 PM     
  i hope  
one day i meet one of these jerkoffs
and i'll do worse to them.

seriously, who would want to do something like this? they know there gunna get caught and they do it anyways.
torture some innocent girl.

stupid people.
  by: crl(L)tlh   10/16/2008 06:18 PM     
  They are all majors  
If prisons in UK are similar to those in Canada, they'll come across career criminals that will make their lives a living hell. A couple of year ago, there was a case nearly as repulsive here in Quebec and the guy who did it showed up for his hearing looking like Rocky Balboa after a fight. I see a lot of "falling down stairs" and sore butts for them.
  by: Ryuken   10/16/2008 06:58 PM     
Prisons do tend to 'take good care' of 'people' who do this sort of thing. Their sentences will not be a cakewalk by any means. Now that their names are known, there will be nowhere to hide - even after they are released. Someone always remembers..
  by: Bobtheangryflower   10/16/2008 07:06 PM     
  There Really Are Monsters  
This girl suffered a horror beyond my imagination. The people that did this to her were worse that any monster. These monsters were real, especially to a young lady with the mind and trust of an eight year old. I can not imagine the fear ,shock and absolute horror that she suffered and still suffers.
I do not have the word skills that would describe the contempt I hold the animals that did this to her.
  by: ichi     10/16/2008 07:07 PM     
  I am not religious at all  
But these type of things make me hope there is a heaven and hell. No matter the retribution given to these sick people it will never add up to what they did to this helpless disabled child. It would have been better if they had just shot her in the head, but instead tortured, raped, and left her for dead.

If I were to encounter a thing such as this on the street I would fight until either all of them were dead, or until I myself was dead.
  by: THISisNEWS   10/16/2008 07:15 PM     
  This lot...  
will be protected and never fully appreciate, what they have done, so will never regret their action.

This is How the UK teaches the scum of the country, only the victims and their families are left to suffer.
  by: captainJane     10/16/2008 08:22 PM     
  @ Angry Mob  
I live in London not far from the court that this trial is happening. The people involved represent some of the worst areas in London, and I hope if found guilty are left in prison for a very long time.

However the following does not help matters:

"they are not human" / "they are monsters"

This sort of delusional reasoning only allows you to justify uncivilized actions against them. Its realising that they are human and yet are so cruel and uncaring that is the key to preventing this in the future.

"It would have been better if they had just shot her in the head"

The girl is alive and recovering

"I am not religious at all...but these type of things make me hope there is a heaven and hell."

Infinite punishment for a finite crime is not justice its infinite vengeance. A finite crime must always fit a finite punishment.

Variants of "kill them" + torture

How exactly are you better than they are? Your motives are different but your actions remain no better or worse than theirs, prison is most cases is the best possible course of action not more violence.

I am not trying to start a flame war I am just tired of mob ‘knee jerk’ reactions.

  by: diabloice_platinum   10/16/2008 08:36 PM     
I like your post. It is well put together and very cool-headed. I do, however, disagree that prison is the best treatment for violent criminals such as these. The idea behind prisons is that they go in criminals, become rehabilitated, and come out functional members of society. Unfortunately our prison system has failed (in the US at least). Some people can be rehabilitated, others cannot. Depending on the nature of the crime, the court may decide a life term is appropriate because there is no chance of rehabilitation. In such cases, life in prison is essentially a delayed death penalty, so why not just speed it up with a bullet / lethal injection / some other way of killing them?
  by: Ub3rTristan   10/16/2008 08:56 PM     
Thank you for the civil comment.

The reason I said prison is the best choice in most cases is because in the UK we do not have the death penalty, and the charges in this case are not for murder but for rape + GBH which most likely will be a lengthy prison sentence but not life.

The arguments for and against capital punishment are long and usually based on personal belief so I will not try to justify my opinion as the only way, I am of the opinion a life long prison sentence is far worse that a quick death (depending on execution method) and that it is worth the financial expense for society.

I personally believe in the prison system as the statistics for re-offenders in the UK is good last I read (0.87 per 100) in youths and keep falling according to the Ministry Of Justice, the counter point to this is of course our beloved media that only reports murders, deaths, rapes, failures of the legal system, suicide bombers, paedophiles at large, celebrity activity (usually scandalous) and economic failure as that’s the only thing that sells. Few people seem to want to read about the other 7.3 million people in Greater London area that did not rape and set someone on fire that day, just as they don’t want to hear about people that where convicted successfully and sent away to prison. I think it is the minority spoiling it for the majority as always.
  by: diabloice_platinum   10/16/2008 09:55 PM     
You're right in a lot of ways, and I agree with you in a lot of ways. The UK system seems much better than the US system if its having that kind of success.

However, with all honesty, in the US, their prison stint probably wouldn't be very long, as other prisoners tend to frown upon these kinds of criminals. They would probably get 20-life in the US, but most likely wouldn't make it passed a few years at the most.
  by: Ub3rTristan   10/16/2008 10:45 PM     
Yeah. Throw them in U.S. general prison population. They'll all be holding someone's belt loop by the end of their first week.
  by: DoubleTake   10/16/2008 11:41 PM     
  Thank you all ...  
for your comments. My 16 year old daughter will be reading this tomorrow, she isn't into the news that much, but today she got a news paper for the first time and she was deeply upset over this news. She said it was a shame she is dyslexic (like mother like daughter), she said 'I can't write this mom, please write it for me.'
Say hello to my daughter, I think there could be a new member coming onboard to create havoc for the admin. Like mother like daughter ;)
  by: captainJane     10/16/2008 11:50 PM     
The young lady in question could not have been more terrified , more badly used , more monstrously treated than what she suffered. Freddy Krugger could not have done worse to her and her mind. Monsters I said and Monsters I mean. The anguish that this girl has been put through is insulted by the lets take a cool mind approach. Civility be damned the was an atrocity.
  by: ichi     10/17/2008 12:19 AM     
  This is how I feel right now about this.  
This sort of thing we hear about in Zimbabwe, the war filth, it is mindless and I have never heard of such a thing ever before in this country, what have we become?

The joke is some will not get prison and others will come out to do it again in just a few years, one will take the rap and be out before he is thirty, even more nauseating and dangerous than he is right now!

This is the trash that should be in Guantanamo prison; keep the water-boarding for this lot.

  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 01:00 AM     
These aren't youths. They are men, adult, all but one of them over the age of 18. These kind of sociopathic people should not be allowed in society.

They raped a sixteen year old special needs girl, they tortured her, and when they were done, they poured caustic soda (sodium hydroxide, a powerful alkali) on her, the doused her with water. They laughed as they left her in her shame, terror, and pain.

Their justification? The girl slept with two them, because she thought they would like her if she did, in the men's eyes, this made her a whore - to be treated as subhuman, raped, mutilated, tortured.

There is no justification here, no excuse about broken homes, these men are mentally and emotionally broken and need to be taken out of society and put somewhere their broken humanity will not harm people. There is no real hope any kind of rehabilitiation, what is wrong with them is beyond psychological.
  by: TrollKallaMik   10/17/2008 01:15 AM     
I so wish you were the person to pass sentece on these grime.

And thank you for filling in the gaps I did not dare to even attempt to copy and paste. :)

It is a comfort reading that other are as stunned as myself and my girl.
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 01:20 AM     
  @ TrollKallaMik  
I so wish you were the person to pass sentece on these grime.

And thank you for filling in the gaps I did not dare to even attempt to copy and paste. :)

It is a comfort reading that other are as stunned as myself and my girl.
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 01:20 AM     
  I seem to be...  
repeating my self, can someone delete the repeat and this last comment please?
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 01:28 AM     
  I don't think she did actually do this...  
"She was probably picked on because she had previously agreed to sex with Mr Hendricks and Daley-Smith in a bid to be popular."

I would like the guy in court that arranged to meet her, he helped this to happen.
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 01:37 AM     
The allegation she slept with two of them came from a different article I read last night on, unfortunately I can't find it now.

It makes no difference if she did, this is not on her head, there is no justification, no mitigating factors, these men needs to be taken out of society and put to useful labor for their keep at the pleasure of the government, and if they refuse or unable to be productive, then executed without ceremony.

  by: TrollKallaMik   10/17/2008 01:59 AM     
The fact that their crime shows so little humanity is completely irrelevant to the expectation of their humane treatment. It isn't the crime that determines the quality of their execution IT is indeed the fact that WE are human and OUR justice is fair and balanced.

And also why you will never be president :) jk
  by: kuhl   10/17/2008 03:22 AM     
  @ kuhl  
How would you know?

This is but you're opinion we all have different views here such as TrollKallaMik for instance.

I wonder if it were put to vote in the UK who woul;d make a call for exicution? Even I do not know what I would vote, I like some of the ideas here though, it has to be better than what our laws provide.
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 04:00 AM     
  i'm all  
for the death penalty in such extreme cases.

and some want to give another chance to this kind of people ?

this is pure cruelty, pure failure. and still you want to pay to keep those failures alive, in a cell, where they can watch tv, make some "friends" and do drugs as much as they want, you think prisons are a living hell ? think again.

i want the guillotine back, public execution please !

  by: ProTesTa     10/17/2008 04:23 AM     
  This is scary...  
"i want the guillotine back, public execution please!"ProTesTa.

But the crimes are even scarier than this punishment to me, I have a child and the sort of crime we have getting repeatedly done by the same people they are releasing so soon.
These sort of crimes must carry a much heavier penalty or this will become the norm too.

Any other ideas?
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 05:26 AM     
I have certain ideas. (Lecture approaching...)

The concepts of society involve people working together for safety and security. As society grows, laws are developed and a structure of law enforcement grows, in theory, to protect the people. More people then join the society for the benefits such a society can bring them, the self-balancing triangle of society being food, shelter, and safety.

If one of these three fails, society begins to two collapse then the triangle completely falls apart.

Violent and criminal behaviour in this country is steadily leading people to completely distrust the security of the society. The system that is in place has proven itself to be more interested in protecting the ritual of law and the luxury interests of those running the system. The system of protection is not capable, in it's current format, of dealing with the size of the society it has to deal with.

Unfortunately, this has also come at a time when people are now fearing for their shelter, a second part of the triangle. Home prices are falling, people are losing the roof over their heads, or are severely worried about it. The triangle is wobbling all over the place.

We haven't quite reached the point where we are worried about food. Our food supplies in this country are actually extremely good, considering the scale of the society that it feeds.

Now, the only way to stabilise the triangle is to approach the parts of society that are failing. However, sometimes this calls for drastic measures, or at least a severe change in a system that has failed the society and allowed them to fall prey to those whom the very things that hold up society mean nothing.

Crime is now the corner of the triangle that is in it's direst state. People will work, will play, will rest and deal with financial problems if they know they can step out of their door without feeling fear every step of the way. People need to know that their children will be safe when growing up so they can become part of the society.

So how do you correct the security issues of society?

Well, there are the extreme viewpoints, from mandatory ID cards at one end to mob rule at the other, but in true idiot fashion there are so many organisations and groups looking out just to be offended, to control others, or to find problems with ideas (as my father said - there are always 100 reasons for saying no) that they make what could be a workable idea seem extreme and thus be unpopular.

Perhaps it is time we considered certain proposals. They may not be 'nice' or 'equal' in every way, but then equality within society is earned by being a contributer to that society.

Some things do not happen by accident. What I call violent crimes (eg, burglary, shooting someone, stabbing someone with an 11 inch knife, multiple gang rape and burning) do not happen by accident. People who commit these types of crimes need to be punished, and punished hard. The reason being that those elements who prey on society need to be shown that the society is stronger than their ways, and that they could benefit from being part of society and regret it if they abuse society.

However, we must also be wary of bloodlust and mob rule. Such things invariably cause destruction of the very things that society is based-upon, since the security structure breaks down again.

So what would be wrong with society requiring obedience of the criminal? Why not ID card criminals and ensure that they cannot work, shop, even buy food from the society without said ID? Make life difficult and miserable for a decade. This, of course, would be after suitable prison time in prisons that are designed to be miserable hell-holes that people would fear to be sent to.

Other things would also need to be put in place. The disallowing of celebrity status of any 'violent' criminal, including music, video, magazines, newspaper and book sales would show that we do not want to tolerate scum who prey on others being given money for glorifying their behaviour.

Prisons would become torturous. There is a prison in the US which is completely circular and has cameras EVERYWHERE. This stops inmates from ever having any privacy, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They are always watched by each other and the guards. Couple this with examples taken from the Texan who uses prison gangs in pink underwear, only allowing the Disney and Weather channels, and similar would make prisons difficult - a place that you would not want to be sent to.

Guilty Prisoners would have no rights. They have abused the privileges that others in society had given them to be part of the society and thus forfeited the rights until such time that they earn them back through work in prison. Private television, electronic appliances, sofas with cushions, etc would all be removed.

Above all, this would all need to be enforced. The public are generally at-odds with cameras invading every part
  by: chiffington   10/17/2008 03:09 PM     
of their lives, but why not attach a video camera to the chest of every police officer that records on a loop onto a memory card? In the case of every incident and/or interview the camera footage can be taken as instant evidence of behaviour and abuse, either way. This would speed trials significantly as testimony would be replaced by actual footage.

The only way to combat criminals is for society to stand strong, but it needs to be given the tools to do that standing.
  by: chiffington   10/17/2008 03:13 PM     
  @ chiffington  
All this would be wonderful, but here they are so incompetent self serving and greedy, we have no chance at all.

Right now I would prefer to take my chances with some organized vigilantes, I never thought I would even think such a thing, but something has to be done here in UK and our people need to get their security and self worth back, we are NOTHING to this Government, but pawns in their rotten game.

Max has said in his own summary, this looks something like deliberate intent and I tend to agree with him.

Things that have happened here have been almost designed to happen, not only are these filthy pigs to blame it is the Government that almost breed them in their lab, which is to them this country, I do not intend to be one of the rats they are testing on anymore, I wonder how many feel the same, and how many will one day step forward to help put an end to this torture.
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 11:20 PM     
  @ chiffington  
"attach a video camera to the chest of every police officer that records on a loop onto a memory card"
This is already being put to use or should i say trialled by some forces in the country and not before time, a simple but brilliant idea.
Your thoughts on prisons are similar to my ideas and i would suggest, most of the populous of the country. There should be varying degrees of incarceration to fit the crime, from the top, murder etc, prisons with nothing except bleak conditions mixed with hard labour, down to the old lady who refuses to pay her extortionate council tax bill, she should not be sentenced at all but we know it happens, they should be in more comfortable conditions. That was just an example and a bad one at that.
Any immigrant guilty of committing any offence should be sent back to their country of origin and some agreement between countries means the person is tried once they reach 'home'.
I.D cards are a bad idea, regardless of what ever security measures are implemented on the cards, there will always be a way to countermeasure them, leaving the system open to abuse from organised criminals, creating another headache for the system and a needless pointless headache. There are too many problems with simple identity measures, get those right first then move on to more complex measures.
  by: philigs     10/18/2008 03:01 PM     
  @ chiffington  
i would do love you to be the law maker in this country, we would have a better life altogether, it is so sad we have such useless people here calling the shoots.

  by: captainJane     10/18/2008 03:37 PM     
UK society has such a weak leadership and legal structure, obsessed with what we put in our bins but un-caring that the population is turning feral that this is unfortunately to be expected.

Just a knee-jerk observation; my guess is that these kids all live without fathers and are in a gang. Schools can't punish them, the public would be arrested for so much as defending themselves against them and they've realised that they're un-touchable. So they do this, just for their own entertainment. Sick.
  by: Maxx20     10/18/2008 04:32 PM     
  Capital PunishmetTo Me Is Not An Option  
I believe it is wrong, very wrong. It brings me to the level of these monsters and scum. I do believe that there are some people that should never breath another breath of fresh air. I would not be opposed to them having a lifetime of forced prison labor with the benefits of this labor given to their victims.
  by: ichi     10/20/2008 10:20 PM     
  I have never agreed..  
with anyone as much as this comment on the whole subject as chiffingtonagreed, I wish we had someone here in UK, that thought like this man and had the power to put it all into place.

Make them earn every comfort to survive.
  by: captainJane     10/21/2008 04:10 AM     
I have said it for years, bring back the cane, slipper etc in schools. When I was at school, this was the only discipline some kids ever saw and today this is missing, parents wont or can't punish kids and obviously schools can't. So where is the discipline coming from? It wont come from a liberal softy school social worker who is trying to 'talk' to a kid gone off the rails, after all, cotton wool doesn't give out a good message.
Get this, lmao, round here the schools have social workers for kids who get stressed??? What stress do kids have to go through to warrant counseling?
  by: philigs     10/21/2008 03:21 PM     
  Schools could be fimer...  
but we have a fine line here too, because it is knowing the teachers you can trust; to allow such a position ,remember a lot of teachers abused their powers for years, and punishment was the doorway they slipped in through many a time.

We don't want to go back in history either, we need to move forward and right things.
  by: captainJane     10/21/2008 05:40 PM     
blame Pink Floyd for the decline of discipline in schools, if they hadn't released Brick in the Wall part 2 as a single....
  by: philigs     10/22/2008 12:10 AM     
It is all Alice Coopers fault.
  by: captainJane     10/22/2008 12:14 AM     
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