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                 04/20/2014 12:48 AM  
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10/17/2008 02:14 AM ID: 74079 Permalink   

Wife Beater goes Up in Strength


The makers of the Stellar Artois are due to launch a new lager next year, Stellar Black and it will be at least 0.3 per cent stronger than the present brew. InBev brewers are aiming to loose the previous unappealing name associated with Stella.

This new larger is subsequent to an earlier Stella which is only 5.2%; this one being originally labelled as Wife Beater.

Frank Soodeen, of Alcohol Concern, said: "There is no doubt that alcohol drinks are getting stronger which means that people can easily underestimate how many units of alcohol they might be consuming".

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  InBev The Owners of Stella Artois  
purchased Anheuser-Busch the makers of Budweiser. McCains wife was a very large stockholder in Anheuser-Busch. Now your all American Bud is Bavarian owned.

Six degrees of separation?
  by: ichi     10/17/2008 06:50 AM     
  Are you seriously...  
going to attempt to try and connect every goings-on in the world to McCain?!

Wow. Pitiful.
  by: pcXXXtreme   10/17/2008 07:06 AM     
A little paranoid dear?

  by: ichi     10/17/2008 07:29 AM     
I think pc was trying to suggest that you were the paranoid one.
  by: jonnysodoff   10/17/2008 09:17 AM     
You seem a little paranoid.
  by: Ec5618   10/17/2008 10:50 AM     
one story about Stella and everyone is up for fighting, now you know why it's called wife beater. I can't see how making it stronger is going to take away the nik for it. What they should do is make it with fewer added chemicals.
ichi, the best Budweiser is the original from the Czech Republic.
  by: philigs     10/17/2008 11:12 AM     
  When the word...  
paranoia comes from the mouth and it's unjustified, it usually points to the fact that the attacker is the paranoid one.
Just my six pennys worth.
Good morning ichi ;)
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 01:09 PM     
Are you calling me paranoid?
Why is everyone against me?
  by: Ec5618   10/17/2008 01:22 PM     
Hi there, I represent Stella Artois at Edelman Public Relations. I read the story about the rumoured launch of a new Stella Artois brand that originally surfaced in the UK media and wanted share InBev's official statement to clarify the situation:

"As you would expect from the Nation's No 1 lager in the UK, InBev is constantly looking at a number of product innovations. However InBev UK categorically denies it is launching any variants of Stella Artois at a higher ABV than currently available."

I hope you find that helpful. Best wishes, Tim
  by: Tim Callington   10/17/2008 02:26 PM     
Surely you didn't sign up to Shortnews to tell us that?

This site has what? 500-1000 users? How many of you must be zipping over the internet?!
  by: dook   10/17/2008 02:48 PM     
one CJ. hahaha you get some China official signing up to 'put the record straight' on one of your stories and now Tim for Stella.
Right Tim, what do you have to say about Stella having the street name of Wife Beater and also, why do they put sooo many chemicals in the UK brew and why does the continental cans taste so much better and cause less havoc with the drinkers brain?? I know the stuff on draught sent me loopy.
  by: philigs     10/17/2008 05:46 PM     
  Six Degrees Of Seperation  
At the time of the election and the chance of a story about Stella Artois I was intigued by the "Six Degrees Of Separation".: I thought it would be and interesting side note( notice the bottom line of my comment. Was there a jab , of course there was. I thought that would tickle the "paranoid and bring a response, Hopefully not one of a personal attack nature. Oh well. My usual response to a personal attack is to take a short dig and watch the fun.It rarely fails.
  by: ichi     10/17/2008 07:12 PM     
Stella employs a team of hundreds to spread their propaganda all over the internet. They plan to take over the world eventually.

Who you callin' paranoid?
  by: erasedgod   10/17/2008 07:45 PM     
  Wow captainJane  
To get a response from Stellas Rep.

Hey Tim is this You?
  by: ichi     10/17/2008 09:20 PM     
  @ Ec5618  
Lol, No don't be silly I just know, Ichi is not a paranoid sort of person!

If someone is always jealous, to me they are not to be trusted their selves, just my way of thinking! :)
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 09:26 PM     
  Brushes my hair and adds some lipstick  
Hello Tim, :)

I am sorry if I have added something which is incorrect; I found it in a paper.

I wanted to write this in because my partner completely switched in personality while on this beer, so much so, I would not allow him any where around me if he had so much of half a pint of the stuff, he has had no such thing happen with any other beer at all, so why would this happen and not only to him but lots of people that I have met.

Red bull gets me vile, so god knows what I would be like on Stella.
  by: captainJane     10/17/2008 09:35 PM     
I like your sense of humor.
  by: ichi     10/17/2008 11:10 PM     

Mate, don't get going to any rugby matches, you never know what they might be talking about during a scrum.
  by: philigs     10/18/2008 03:13 PM     
I accept most of your comments about heavy drinkers . Not all heavy drinkers are the same. I drink Tennents Super( 9%).
after 8 cans i just fall asleep. And i dont beat my wife never have , never will..
  by: steve2045     10/18/2008 09:57 PM     
  Not that i can remember anyway.  
LOL...BAD JOKE...Sorry..
  by: steve2045     10/18/2008 09:59 PM     
  @ Steve  
Not that i can remember anyway.

So what else do you forget on 8 cans of Tennents Super? :P
  by: captainJane     10/19/2008 05:03 AM     
Well, as I am not married. At least I dont think i am. It doesnt really matter how much i drink or dont. I generally dont drink lager as it fills me up with bubbles. But a nice bottle of Burbon or Irish wiskey really does go down well.
I live on my own and prefer my own company. I have a couple of ood mates who come round from time to time and we go out and have a really good time. Get drunk and pour ourselves home, without causing any trouble. We call it responsable drinking.
As for calling a Lager " Wife Beater." I think that has to be the most irresbonsable name any Beer brewer could call a beer or lager..
Drinking Stella is like drinking Nats Piss.
  by: steve2045     10/19/2008 12:44 PM     
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