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                 01/17/2018 06:20 AM  
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10/23/2008 04:18 AM ID: 74232 Permalink   

Man Jailed for Displaying his Pole at the Toll


A 39-year-old man from Sanford, Florida was arrested on Tuesday and charged with two counts of exposure of sexual organs after allegedly displaying his goods to a female toll worker on two separate occasions.

Authorities were called by a toll worker last week who reported that a motorist had twice shown up at the toll booth wearing no pants when she gave him his change. The earlier incident took place in the previous week.

The suspect, whose name was not released, is currently free after posting $5,000.00 bail.

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The lady was less than impressed.

  by: bbeljefe     10/23/2008 04:39 AM     
BWAHAHAHAHA.. Man and their tools of epithets to feel better about themselves.
  by: isuzu     10/23/2008 02:36 PM     
  you know you're  
desperate when you have to resort to flashing your "goods" to a toll worker.

... did he expect to get a discount?
she must of not been that impressed than...
  by: crl(L)tlh   10/23/2008 03:32 PM     
  What law was really broken?  
Florida statutes have no clothing requirement while behind the wheel. So obviously the prosecution will have to prove some sort of 'intent.'

Should be interesting.

  by: Talesman12   10/23/2008 07:06 PM     
I had a friend, well acquaintance, who did much the same thing involving exposure, the lady at the booth told him to drive down the road and get a grip on himself and don't come back.
  by: ONTIME   10/23/2008 08:26 PM     
  @ Talesman12  
It's not a traffic offense. It is considered indecent exposure, which is a criminal statute.
  by: LeroyJenkins     10/24/2008 05:15 AM     
his car is an automatic, otherwise he's got a lot of sticks to shift.
  by: nephew     10/24/2008 03:20 PM     
  @LeroyJenkins, etal  
Being naked in Florida while behind the wheel is not 'indecent exposure' per se.

Unlike a "flasher" which is 'indecent exposure' (as a for-instance) unless the guy was in a turgid state the govt. is going to have a real tough time with this case.
  by: Talesman12   10/24/2008 04:36 PM     
The source reported the charge to be "exposure of sexual organs", which in most states is referred to as "Indecent Exposure". Same law, probably the same elements, different name.
  by: LeroyJenkins     10/25/2008 01:11 AM     
  I was flashed once  
I just gave him an annoyed look and said. "Ok. So... what?"

I guess I was supposed to scream or something. What is the proper reaction to being flashed anyway?
  by: Jaded Fox     10/25/2008 02:41 PM     
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