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                 01/16/2018 10:15 AM  
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10/23/2008 07:28 PM ID: 74251 Permalink   

Murdering Sex Offender Begs Neighbors to Forgive Him


Convicted murderer and sex offender Michael Etchison, 53, is pleading with the residents of Roseville, California, to forgive him for his past misdeeds after police circulated fliers warning neighbors of his jaded past.

Etchison's past crimes include multiple sexual assaults on women as well as using a meat cleaver to murder a woman when he was just 17 years old. He served 10 years at Atascadero State Hospital and was released in 2006. He is not on parole.

Etchison was quoted as saying, "I've done a lot of crimes, as you're all aware of, and they have been very bad and I take full responsibility." adding, "Today I do the right thing at all times. Jesus Christ is in my life and he holds me accountable."

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  Paid his debt?  
If we truly believe in the criminal justice system, then it should be accepted he has paid for his crime and should not be bothered. Of course in our society, anyone who commits a sexual crime is branded for life, regardless of prison time served or fines paid. That said, I'd probably be a little wary.
  by: justaperson     10/23/2008 08:38 PM     
  What a joke  
Who the bloody hell would put their faith in the American criminal justice & penal system? rofl

1.) "At 17, Etchison was convicted of the murdering a woman with a meat cleaver whom he also sexually assaulted, according to published reports, serving 2½ years in the California Youth Authority."

2.) "In 1978, Etchison was convicted in San Mateo County of sexually assaulting a minor;"

3.) "a few years after his release, he was again convicted in San Mateo County of sexually assaulting three women in a drive-in movie theater restroom. In each crime Etchison forced the women to orally copulate him, police said."

-- “I understand your concerns, but he is a new creation in Christ,” said Tracy Johnstone, who said she had befriended Etchison through her church, Jordan Crossing Ministries, two years ago. The statement was met with a cascade of catcalls."

A habitual sex offender, born again, with the assistance of the 'lawd' and his 'saviah'.

They should vacuum-pump his innards out through his nostrils.
  by: Malefice   10/23/2008 09:37 PM     
This is why I believe there are some cases that warrant vigilante justice.

He murdered a woman with a meat cleaver at 17 and committed several sexual assaults on young women and he's out walking the bloody streets? Everyone is just supposed to trust this murdering sexual predator that he's changed? Epic failure of the justice system.

He should never have been released. Those of us who have our freedom do no have it because of luck. We earn that freedom by not raping and murdering. It isn't that difficult! If you cannot refrain from these things then you do not deserve to be welcome in society.
  by: pariahpoet   10/23/2008 09:38 PM     
If the American justice system was REALLY justice then they'd have spent $0.45 cents on a bullet and put it through his skull.

He should have got the death penalty.
Damn him.
  by: NicPre     10/24/2008 01:18 AM     
Or would you prefer a couple dollars on a rope you can use over and over again?
  by: Kolman   10/24/2008 01:24 AM     
  My take on it is..  
People who kill other people with a meat cleaver do not suddenly become normal over the course of time. Murdering rapists will always be murdering rapists whether currently active or not.
  by: LeroyJenkins     10/24/2008 02:03 AM     
  And this is justice  
"Murdering rapists will always be murdering rapists whether currently active or not."

He only did 10 years in a Hospital? why is he is not on parole?

He is one loaded canon ready to go off!
  by: captainJane     10/24/2008 02:50 AM     
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