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                 01/23/2018 02:44 AM  
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10/25/2008 01:26 AM ID: 74294 Permalink   

Sarah Palin blames Bush for campaign woes


In a recent interview with Brian Williams of "NBC Nightly News," Sarah Palin pointed the finger at President Bush for the lack of support in McCain's presidential campaign. Bush's approval rating remains at 22%.

McCain has openly spoke out against Bush for his overspending, poor war tactics, economic failures, government expanding, and his failure to address global warming. This new campaign tactic attacks Bush almost as much as their rival Obama.

Democratic VP candidate, Joe Biden, has criticized the new republican anti-Bush strategy as "crazy." He accused McCain of attacking Bush's policies even though he voted for them.

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  No big surprise  
You didn't actually expect Palin or McCain to accept responsibility, did you?
  by: LeroyJenkins     10/25/2008 01:30 AM     
  look in a mirror  
I think everyone knows the number one reason McCain's campaign is not doing well.
  by: Mr. Wright     10/25/2008 01:32 AM     
  second thought  
This whole campaign is all about attacking. They have no solutions, so they discredit everyone else to make themselves look better.

I think they shifted towards Bush because Obama is visiting his sick grandmother.
  by: Mr. Wright     10/25/2008 01:38 AM     
  @ Mr. Wright's second comment  
  by: captainchainsaw   10/25/2008 01:47 AM     
  Maybe Obama should try to get Dubyas endorsment  
With an approval rating of 22% would you really want Dubya's help or endorsement?
  by: valkyrie123     10/25/2008 02:20 AM     
Maybe it is because the whole world including it's allys hate the current republican government and would love to see a major change in direction.
  by: simonwike   10/25/2008 02:41 AM     
  That's odd  
I figured she was brought in to placate the Republicans who still like Bush.
  by: lĀ“anglais     10/25/2008 02:56 AM     
eat dog!

This is all I am seeing from over here.
  by: captainJane     10/25/2008 03:54 AM     
  no don't look over here...  
look, up in the sky! aliens?! missile attack??? the Good Year Blimp!
just don't place blame here... /imitation

hooray for misdirection.
  by: calilac     10/25/2008 04:09 AM     
  We all blame bush for all of are woes  
We all blame bush for all of are woes
  by: Brian24jersey   10/25/2008 05:41 AM     
Bush says "Hey lady. F*** you."
  by: theironboard     10/25/2008 08:57 AM     
that sounds more like a Cheney line to me.
  by: Jaded Fox     10/25/2008 10:21 AM     
  The finger  
You know you can keep pointing the finger and blaming everyone but yourself, but sooner or later, you'll find some fingers pointing back at you.
  by: ZCT     10/25/2008 10:51 AM     
more than likely those fingers will be on your own hand
  by: m.i.a.elite     10/25/2008 06:18 PM     
  This Is The Same Tactic She Used In Alaska  
She has no problem cannibalizing her own for personal gain. She proved that when she filed a complaint against Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner Randy Ruedrich, who was also the chair of the state Republican Party, accusing him of doing work for the party on public time and of working closely with a company he was supposed to be regulating.

She may not be bright but she is still dangerous.

Do not under rate the hazard of stupid people. Look at George Bush.
  by: ichi     10/25/2008 07:00 PM     
  What's the old saying?  
Something about a house divided against itself not being able to stand....but then that was orginally meant to describe Satan's house, oh well, if the shoe fits....
  by: Ramona   10/26/2008 03:13 AM     
  @Blame Bush game...  
I know its fun to blame him for everything, but seriously... This woman has probably caused more problems for McCains campaign than Bush has so I dont know where she can get off blaming Bush.

Wow.... I cant believe I just supported Bush on something. Whats the temperature like in hell right now? I bet the Devil is ice-skating!
  by: slavefortheman     10/27/2008 08:52 PM     
  Anything but taking accountability ...  
... for your own actions. Right Sarah?
  by: Daev     10/27/2008 09:02 PM     
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