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                 01/20/2018 09:33 PM  
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10/27/2008 05:38 PM ID: 74342 Permalink   

Fiery Crash KIlls 5, 4 Of Them Cheerleaders


A small community in Tennessee is mourning after a fiery crash took the lives of five people and an unborn baby. Four of those killed were high school cheerleaders coming home from a football game. The accident is being blamed on poor weather.

The SUV the cheerleaders were in hydroplaned and flipped then crashing and catching on fire on a back road that was described as foggy and wet. A passenger in the other car died; three others were injured and a 22-year-old passenger lost her unborn child.

Two of the cheerleaders were sisters. The small school of about 800 students were stunned to hear the news and grief counselors were offered to those that wanted to talk. Funeral services for all the victims are pending.

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  Remember folks...  
In the battle of SUV vs Car ... SUV always wins! Go buy your Hummers and Suburbans ... yes... buy, buy, buy!

There's no other way to show that you're a manly man.

  by: Daev     10/27/2008 07:08 PM     
I don't see the relevance. The comment... and this story. Sounds like a bunch of cheerleaders died. Manly men?

Sounds like SUV lost though.
  by: Dayron   10/27/2008 08:25 PM     
Your right, they are largely not connected.

My attack in this is at the idea that most people carry who drive a large vehicle, who see a Prius or Civic and think "I am more likely to die in that than I am in my SUVan."

... and your right, the SUV lost, really bad.
  by: Daev     10/27/2008 08:33 PM     
  Sad thing  
and I did not put this in my summary, but the girls were not wearing seat belts. I feel really bad for the parents and in this case I do not think it would matter. I guess it is something I should have put in there somewhere.
  by: TaraB     10/27/2008 08:43 PM     
Yeah, seems like, under certain circumstances, a large vehicle just means higher casualty numbers. "This is sooo roomy. We could ALL die in here!"

...God might just hate cheerleaders though. And SUV's. Figured a fiery SUV full of cheerleaders would get the point across.

  by: Dayron   10/27/2008 08:58 PM     
That makes a HUGE difference. The seat belt is the best way to save your life in a crash.
  by: Ub3rTristan   10/27/2008 11:54 PM     
  @My Comment, Seatbelts  
The biggest reason I made this statement is based on the fact that they hydroplaned down a backroad. The vision I get in my head of this accident happening is a bunch of teenagers flying down the backroads going much faster than they should be when it's raining, thinking that the SUV makes them "invincible".

Which the automotive marketing departments have done a wonderful job at ...

Hydroplane + Too Much Weight + Excessive Speeds + Carefree Attitude to Driving + Head-on Collision = One God Smitten SUV of Teens ;)
  by: Daev     10/28/2008 12:05 AM     
Why did the first thing in my head have to be 'Save the cheerleader..' ?
  by: Kroww   10/28/2008 12:11 AM     
  I'm sure this is tacky..  
But my first thought on the title was "Was the 5th one Claire Bennett?"
  by: Carmex4thesoul   10/28/2008 02:38 AM     
>>Fiery Crash KIlls 5

>>A passenger in the other car died; three others were injured and a 22-year-old passenger lost her unborn child.

Something's wrong in the title...
  by: LeTonduZ   10/28/2008 09:28 PM     
  What a waste.  
All of those hot cheerleaders.
  by: elzorro   10/29/2008 11:57 PM     
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