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                 01/18/2018 08:38 PM  
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10/28/2008 02:00 PM ID: 74362 Permalink   

More Perfect Human Artificial Heart by 2011


A new survival opportunity opens soon for cardiopathic people. They will get an artificial heart what will work in a manner like that of the normal human heart, says Alain Carpentier, a French cardiac specialist.

The new artificial heart will work with a battery and will be able to adapt to the daily human activities with the help of electric sensors. Possibly the human immune system will not throw the new artificial heart out.

Computer simulations and animal tests showed a good result. Two prototypes also exist in the US, but these can work temporarily only while the patient gets another man's heart.

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  New ways to save lives is always great  
The lack of organ donors especially means a lot of people die due to 'short supply' when they otherwise wouldn't have to. In the future, artificial organs could become a great way to give people a new lease on life. I only hope such things wouldn't be too frequently taken advantage of (say an alcoholic not caring for his liver because he could simply buy a new one later).

Otherwise solid post Viz, except there is no such thing as "more perfect". A phrase like "more reliable" would be much better.
  by: maverick7h     10/28/2008 03:13 PM     
  This is down to mistrust...  

It is the same in the UK.
  by: captainJane     10/28/2008 03:26 PM     
  I've never understood...  
...the difficulty in creating an artificial heart. It's a friggin pump! Why is a heart so hard to artificially create given its simplistic purpose?
  by: vash_the_stampede     10/28/2008 11:26 PM     
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