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                 01/17/2018 09:04 PM  
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10/29/2008 03:45 PM ID: 74392 Permalink   

The 'Bermuda Triangle of Asia'


There are concerns over Taiwan's Penghu Islands' area that is the Asia's Bermuda triangle. During a routine training mission a fighter jet disappeared some days ago.

Experts say the irregular magnetic field breaks navigational devices, but this was rejected later. In two decades three commercial airplanes, a civil helicopter and five fighter jets crashed.

In 2002 an airplane broke into four parts, and all the 225 passengers aboard died. Later at the same place a cargo plane crashed. The County chief of Penghu blamed the big air traffic over that area. He said, human or mechanical failure the cause.

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  this is all leading up to...  
the end of the world as we know it. Dec 21, 2012. The mayans predicted it a long time ago. The magnetic fields on earth will be noticebly changing now. It happens every 26,000 years ( a half cycle around the sun) and is called a polar shift.
  by: TOBYKIETH     10/29/2008 10:08 PM     
Hahaaa, you kid, right?
  by: Red!   10/30/2008 02:08 AM     
  @Toby keith  
a year is one revolution...

what your refering to is a great year in which earth passes a galatic plane (a full set of the costellations) we are/were (it doesn't happen in a day but rather over roughly 50 years which the mayan calender marked as december 21st 2012; Yule for the pagans) in pieses, we are moving to aquirius which will mark the end of the great year.

one of the theories is that earth's magnetic poles will flip
  by: HAVOC666     10/30/2008 02:29 AM     
  Bermuda triangle of asia?  

Come on now. Maybe if it had something more historical to its significance like Ma no umi or Devils sea off of Japan. Now that's a real vortex area just like the Bermuda triangle.

Actually there are more & they just so happen to be placed geometrically around the globe. A coined phrase would be to call it a "Vile Vortice." & its quite probable that there is one there, but not a major one like the Devils Sea.

There is one here in Oregon too, its called the Oregon Vortex.

Actually an interesting thing is there is one NE of Hawai'i & it just so happens that the oceans current circles in it. The interesting part is that the current has changed very recently & has moved very closed to Alaska. Maybe the vortices have moved, which is all apart of Shift of the Ages [find it, read it].

There's more info out there if you are interested & I have plenty of knowledge about it. This is just the skinny of it.
  by: Vhan     10/30/2008 05:32 AM     
  So this is what?  
The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?
  by: Big Bird     10/30/2008 05:41 AM     
  @ Big Bird  

@ All: remember it's the end of a cycle(and the beginning of a new one). Not the end of the world.
  by: MouseJunkie     10/30/2008 08:25 AM     
Where does 2012 come into picture from this news? Seriously? I missed something.
  by: Vhan     10/30/2008 08:39 PM     
  I needed to read the whole course lol  
It talked about the Devils Sea & everything. So yeah. . . . . Its still very interesting.
  by: Vhan     10/30/2008 08:41 PM     
  OH crap!  
I lost my phone!

Could this be the mysterious doings of a planetary alignment? What awaits me? Technology is revolting!

Its the build up to 2012! THE WORLDS ENDING! SAve me!
  by: Red!   10/31/2008 02:36 PM     
  Does all this mean  
That we wont have the Olympics in London after all...I blame the french the Beestewards.....
  by: steve2045     11/03/2008 09:00 PM     
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