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                 02/23/2018 05:20 PM  
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10/31/2008 09:38 AM ID: 74440 Permalink   

GPS Lingerie is not “21st Century Chastity Belt” Says makers


Lucia Iorio, makers of women’s lingerie have come under fire by feminists in Brazil who say their new GPS fitted lingerie range amounts to nothing more than a 21st century chastity belt allowing men to keep tabs on their girlfriends.

The garment creator Iorio told reporters "Some women are now interested in buying it for protection," she went on to explain that in a country like Brazl which has a considerably high crime rate that GPS lingerie should be a good seller.

The new GPS lingerie has a hefty price tag starting with 800 dollars for basic models and rising to 1,100 dollars for models with more advanced features.

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  $800 to keep tabs on my girlfriend?  
isn't this why we invented the cell phone?
  by: m.i.a.elite     10/31/2008 12:30 PM     
  Whats that..  
kids cell phone made by Verizon, "The Bug" or something like that? It has GPS notification on it, so you can tell where your kids are at all times.

Its only 50 bucks :P
  by: scriz   10/31/2008 03:08 PM     
  If they don't like it...  
...then they probably shouldn't buy it or wear it. Duh.
  by: captainchainsaw   10/31/2008 05:54 PM     
  I predict that ...  
Someday there will be a murder and the police will follow her GPS undies signal to her body.


What better way to keep track of my harem?
  by: DeepSand   10/31/2008 06:04 PM     
  Better than a phone  
Isn't Brazil the kidnap capital of the world? If you get kidnapped your phone is going to be taken away instantly. You're more likely to be able to hang onto your underwear. Unless you're a good looking woman. They probably lose their underwear as quickly as their phones.
  by: Sinsid   10/31/2008 09:35 PM     
There is no way to win the hearts of these bunch. This technology can be applied in many ways and the only way fem's chose is to compare it with chastity belt!

How about a chip that can be sown or concealed, but will do the same job? Like the School backpack that comes with this equiped.
  by: isuzu     10/31/2008 11:17 PM     
I am sure Law & Order has already written the script.
  by: shiftyfarker   11/01/2008 12:26 PM     
Just maybe, these Feminists are into kinky stuff like being kidnapped and don't want to be found.

I don't understand people that dislike safety....... They all add to the seriously criminally insane world population we have.
  by: Exile252   11/01/2008 01:40 PM     
>>rising to 1,100 dollars for models with more advanced features

I just wonder what kind of features you can have on underwear... Humm...
  by: LeTonduZ   11/04/2008 02:13 PM     
so i assume you'll want to be low-jacked right?

its not wonder with people like you than the thousands thats have already chosen to low-jack their kids for like that in tha few years thwe only privacy left will be your personally thoughts... and you know they are working on eliminating that too.

this it one of the primary reasons i do not , nor will i own a cell phone, one one of the reason why i wouldn;t buy any normal car made within the last 15 years, and a secondary reason for why i refuse to trvael to the US because of their new real ID passport (the main reason being the US itself)... they are all forms of low-jacking the population.
  by: HAVOC666     11/04/2008 02:30 PM     
  And @ hugo  
Your up for a whole $50 prize......Now , tell me where BRAZL Is....LOL
  by: steve2045     11/04/2008 06:33 PM     
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