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                 02/23/2018 06:54 PM  
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11/04/2008 12:36 PM ID: 74535 Permalink   

Voting Open for ShortNewser of the Month October: $90 in Prizes Up for Grabs


Voting is open for ShortNewser of the Month for October. This month the nominees are: Flashby, Hugo Chavez, Nephew, TaraB, and Vash the Stampede. To vote, go to

The winner will receive a US$50 voucher from The second and third place nominees will receive a US$25 and US$15 voucher respectively.

To prevent the creation of multiple accounts for voting, you must have at least one star in order to vote (to get one star, you must have submitted 10 summaries). The more stars you have, the more votes you can cast. Good luck to all the nominees.

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