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                 02/19/2018 10:50 AM  
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11/04/2008 02:52 PM ID: 74540 Permalink   

Obama Campaign Director Dies, Aged 44


Terence Tolbert, Nevada campaign director for Barack Obama, has died of a heart attack, aged 44. Tolbert, who was a former aide to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, died in Las Vegas on Sunday.

The director was usually employed as chief lobbyist for New York City's public schools but had been seconded to the Democratic campaign team.

Barack Obama is quoted as saying Tolbert's "a strong force in this campaign, with a positive outlook that brought people together."

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  Poor guy :(  
First his grandmother, then his Indonesian landlord, and now his campaign director? (not sure which order they passed away in though)... Bad things really do come in "three's".
  by: heweaver   11/04/2008 03:32 PM     
  Next story,  
"Barack Obama, Democratic Presidential Nominee, found dead in hotel suite..."

Barack Hussein Obama, a close associate is quoted saying, "This is such a shame." and "God dammit."
  by: Dayron   11/04/2008 03:44 PM     
  The rate there POPing off  
there will only be one left.........
BO......There coming to take you away haha hehe haha.....
  by: steve2045     11/04/2008 04:56 PM     
  i love how people cant read or comprehend  
its fairly simple to understand this man died first then the grandmother... if you actually read ur articles right and didnt remember them wrong. pepole like this always argue with me when their wrong.
  by: larditardio   11/04/2008 05:06 PM     
Easy there, commando.

At the end of the day, its really not THAT important in which order they died. Besides, heweaver stated he wasn't sure the exact order.

Sounds like he was comprehending quite well to admit that much.
  by: Dayron   11/04/2008 05:20 PM     
  They say...  
it comes in three's I hope not in his case. :(
  by: captainJane     11/04/2008 07:15 PM     
i hope this isin't a sign of things to come. jimmy obama carter bringin change already! i was hoping for something better than changing in life for death but meh, probably better than living oppressed and working for the corrupt government anyway so whateva!
  by: mrmarler     11/05/2008 12:14 AM     
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