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                 02/23/2018 07:15 PM  
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11/04/2008 03:32 PM ID: 74543 Permalink   

Want Some Fuel On Your "Prosciutto e Funghi"?


A newfound fungus, named Gliocladium roseum, could be the better source of biofuel than anything used at the moment, according to researcher Gary Strobel from Montana State University.

The fungus directly transforms cellulose into diesel compounds, although it is more productive when "fed" with sugars. Its genes could be very useful in the development of new biofuels.

This also raises a question in the creation of fossil fuels. "If fungi like this are producing myco-diesel all over the rainforest, they may have contributed to the formation of fossil fuels," said Strobel.

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  Interesting article...  
...but I fail to see what this fungus has to do with ham.
  by: captainchainsaw   11/04/2008 05:32 PM     
  Yeah, title is rather misleading  
  by: TabbyCool     11/04/2008 05:58 PM     
The title likely refers more to the mushroom(s) than to the ham.
  by: StarShadow     11/04/2008 07:42 PM     
  Nice idea  
but over the long run mushrooms put out CO2 anyways, so we are still producing more CO2 & with growing more mushrooms to ease our need on fossil fuels I think we will still be in the same boat.

Maybe something bigger will arise out of these findings.
  by: Vhan     11/04/2008 07:50 PM     
  Hemp oil  
any CO2 produced during use is offset by the plants natural life cycle.

better then any other known method my ass. more like any other known method not suppressed by those at the top more like it.
  by: Trevelyan   11/04/2008 08:37 PM     
From what I understood of the article, it's the fungus' genes that are interesting. I do not think they plan to grow fungi all over the planet...

As for the title, it was just an attempt to be funny... Too bad... *cry*
(fungus "oil" / olive oil...)
  by: LeTonduZ   11/05/2008 09:11 AM     
  Yeah, title is rather misleading  
  by: TabbyCool     11/05/2008 10:30 AM     
Must have refreshed the page this morning, hence the double-post! :-/
  by: TabbyCool     11/05/2008 01:42 PM     
  Great Title  
Great Title. Great Mushroom, talk about breaking things down.
  by: kmazzawi     11/06/2008 01:52 PM     
  BioFuel Production  
The major reason why biofuel has been looked down upon in the sustainable community is because the production needed for the product required a tap into other products. Much like corn is being used in the production of ethanol, biofuel sources are eliminating food resources. The recent use of algae production is very promising. This is due to the fact that algae has a photosynthetic growth, there by tappin into the sun's energy. 'Easily grown' is what we are lookin for. This also seems to be another one along those lines. Problem being is fungus can be very prone to spread into places where it is not wanted. The CO2 production generated by the fungi is not the CO2 problem that we face. The carbon production due to buildings, cars, and energy plants is the concern we are focusing on. CO2 is actually a natural gas which we want, but it needs to be brought down in man made production. 82% of CO2 is contributed by buildings. Look at 2030 Green Initiative.
  by: quirkdee   11/07/2008 07:14 PM     
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