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                 02/22/2018 02:05 AM  
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11/04/2008 11:17 PM ID: 74551 Permalink   

British Scientist Invents Protective 'Mini-Magnetosphere' to Wear on Mars


Solar storms are radioactive particles which form into a cloud and this can tear apart the human body as well as obliterate electronic instruments. Vast amounts of these energetic particles take place from time to time in space similar to our storms.

A solar storm can be so destructive to humans it tears and blisters skin, loosens hair, even teeth fall out before the eventuality of your internal organs diminishing. Scientists have taken 50 years of study to make a human safety Magnetic Field Bubble.

Using the information gained through studying nuclear fusion, scientists have now found a way to make a protective shield. We have a huge 'magnetic bubble' surrounding our planet Earth which is described as a magnetosphere.

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  I wish they could build...  
this to keep mad people away too. :)

But I found this really interesting, who knows what can come out of this finding.
  by: captainJane     11/05/2008 03:37 AM     
Thought you wernt gonna read the Mail anymore......
Good story tho...
Make's you think .A Little.
  by: steve2045     11/05/2008 03:54 AM     
I can't count how many times I am not going to do something or sometimes speak to someone again, get used to it! :)

No I it was the BBC, but I went back there as well, it is a woman’s prerogative!
  by: captainJane     11/05/2008 04:57 AM     
  Can I...  
order one for christmas ???

I bet Michael Jackson already has his own...
  by: LeTonduZ   11/05/2008 10:14 AM     
  For the record  
We're talking about a bubble with a radius in the order of hundreds of metres (a step up from previous designs that required the field to cover kilometres). We're NOT talking about a personal force field.

This system could theoretically be used on spacecraft in space or on the surface of a planet lacking a magnetosphere to shield the entire habitat from radiation.
  by: Ec5618   11/05/2008 10:51 AM     
Scientists with their science rhetoric and their "empirical evidence." Nothing but THEORIES, people. THEORIES. They change their minds like EVERY DAY.

One must ignore these heathen magicians and need only have faith in the Lord to be saved from "radioactive particles." Which probably don't even exist.
  by: KaLO   11/05/2008 01:02 PM     
  i like how  
The scientists are all like "we had to study nuclear fusion for this to happen." Then they say, you know the earth has one as well? Really dumbass, then why'd you have to go and study nuclear shit, when you could have just skipped A and went with "the earth has one, let's make a mini version." Frickin 10's of thousands of sattelites in orbit, i'm sure a few of those would have done for research wise.
  by: meshuggahfan   11/05/2008 05:30 PM     
  Any trip to mars or other worlds  
will require either the ship to have either a safe room that is shielded from solar radiation or will require a self generated magnetic field. Possibly both if the field fails the astronauts can enter the safe room till the storm is over.

The storm cellar/safe room is something we already can make but the electromagnetic field idea has been around for years. I think this article is talking about making portable suit sized ones. It is not that far to think we could do this for ships though. In fact it would probably be something that needs to be invented because if space travel outside of earths protection becomes regular, this type of device would be essential.
  by: slavefortheman     11/05/2008 05:45 PM     
Your wrong. Not everything scientists say and do is 'theory'. You think that if medical science was just 'theory' we would be able to cure peoples illnesses and injuries? What a stupid thing to say. Its pretty bloody primitive. Sure, they change opinion/theory, but you cant make an omlette without breaking an egg.
  by: Red!   11/05/2008 06:36 PM     
Assuming you weren't being sarcastic, you're an idiot. The issue here isn't the realisation THAT a magnetosphere should be built, but rather HOW it should be built. We can't replicate the Earth's magnetosphere on Mars, for example, so we have to find artificial ways of producing them.

I think KaLO was being sarcastic. Though your reaction is understandable: in my experience it is all but impossible to tell the difference between a real creationist/anti-science idiot and a caricature of one.
  by: Ec5618   11/05/2008 07:38 PM     
  Do you think...  
the shield will be able to deflect the 'green rays' from aliens spaceships?
  by: captainJane     11/05/2008 08:09 PM     
"I wish they could build... this to keep mad people away too. :)"
That wouldn't leave you with any place to go, would it?

  by: John E Angel     11/05/2008 11:37 PM     
  @ John E Angel...  
I do believe you are being insulting, being brave to night aren’t we?

Oh well another day! :P
  by: captainJane     11/06/2008 12:35 AM     
  I'm confused again, it doesnt take much.  
Just out of curiosity, what was protecting the crews aboard the space shuttle/vehicles during the previous missions to the moon? Were they just lucky they weren’t hit by any radioactive particles?
I watched the film called why we never landed on the moon conspiracy theories (or something that sounds like that) and that was one of the topics. They should have been cooked like sausages once they cleared the protective earth bubble.
  by: white devil   11/06/2008 05:17 AM     
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