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                 01/23/2018 02:47 AM  
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11/05/2008 01:06 PM ID: 74562 Permalink   

Rape Victim Drove Sleeping Attacker to Police Station


A female rape victim drove her attacker to a police station in New Zealand after the man fell asleep in the back of her car.

Details of the attack which happened in 2006 came to light during the trial of Vipul Romik Sharma, 22 who was found guilty of two counts of rape and one count of abduction in an Auckland District Court.

The rapist fell asleep in the back of the car following the attack allowing the victim to drive. One police officer dealing with the case said "I almost couldn't believe it when the call first came in. It's a unique case.”

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should be "IN" an Auckland District Court.

Hey where did that permalink thing come from ?
  by: Hugo Chavez     11/05/2008 01:13 PM     
  Talk about strength and courage...  
That woman has oodles of it. She could have got out of the car and ran but instead drove the car with the bastard to the station.
  by: vash_the_stampede     11/05/2008 01:36 PM     
  Stupid criminals  
and smart victims. Great to hear that this lady had enough strength to do this. He probably fell asleep waiting to snuggle.
  by: nephew     11/05/2008 04:19 PM     
  More power to her  
She will not live out her life as a victim.
She is one tuff girl.
And hope the asshole will be getting the same treatment soon.

  by: thinking   11/05/2008 06:52 PM     
If this happened in the US, the attacker would probably try to charge the victim with kidnapping.
  by: video183     11/05/2008 07:31 PM     
I want to lol, but I'm afraid you are right.
  by: smarta$$     11/05/2008 08:41 PM     
  Permalink thing  
I wondered that too. I thought maybe it was there all along and I hadn't noticed it. Is it just one more mystery of life?
  by: John E Angel     11/05/2008 09:58 PM     
  good thing I wasn't the victim  
If he fell asleep after raping me, there would be a high probability that

A: he wouldn't ever wake up again cause he would be dead.


B: he would wake up without genitalia and a serious need to get to hospital before the blood loss becomes fatal.
  by: sparky_fox   11/06/2008 10:18 AM     
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