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                 01/18/2018 03:17 AM  
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11/09/2008 10:28 AM ID: 74676 Permalink   

Amtrak: 1 Pedestrian: 0


An Amtrak passenger train en route from Milwaukee to Chicago struck and killed a pedestrian in Edgebrook, Illinois, which is about 11 miles outside of Chicago.

An Amtrak spokesperson described the victim as being a "trespasser". No further details are available.

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  Whooo woooooo  
I have no further comment.
  by: Big Bird     11/09/2008 10:37 AM     
  Inappropriate Title!  
Author, would you find it also so funny when one of your friends got crushed by the train. I find it distasteful and not funny to choose such a title.
  by: evilrat   11/09/2008 04:18 PM     
  Anyone who gets hit by a train  
and isn't deaf, has some serious issues


but I can't think of anything sans being tied down to a track
  by: hl2k   11/09/2008 04:48 PM     
  Failry common  
My brother in an engineer for NJ Transit - its a fairly common occurence to clobber people and deer.
  by: cbuilding   11/09/2008 06:23 PM     
  I agree with evilrat  
Maybe I'm just feeling a bit sensitive this morning, but I found the title to be in very poor taste.
  by: Manic_Panic     11/09/2008 06:27 PM     
  High speed trains  
can be very dangerous! They are not very loud and approach with over 200mph and usually don't blow a loud horn to warn you. A track goes not far from my house and i never hear the High-Speed trains coming, they only make a loud wind noise when passing bye but no engine sound.
  by: evilrat   11/09/2008 06:32 PM     
  One has no busines  
being so near the track that a train can kill you.

Amtrak: 1 Pedestrian: 0 although not refined it still sounds good to me.
  by: Flutje   11/09/2008 11:05 PM     
Keep in mind the train of topic is in the USA. Amtrack trains are not that fast and can be heard long before you can get hit by one.

The passenger cars themselves are produced by Talgo, the only cars by that company in operation in the United States. These cars are designed to passively tilt into curves, allowing the train to pass through them at higher speeds. Despite a maximum design speed of 124 mph (200 km/h), current track and safety requirements limit the train's speed to 79 mph (127 km/h), although future plans for the Cascades route may allow them to operate at up to 110 mph (176 km/h).
  by: webfeind   11/10/2008 02:50 AM     
  As a former track maintenance worker  
I can tell you that even freight trains can "sneak" up on you. The best action is to NEVER be on the tracks if you do are not required to be there.
  by: tomblik     11/10/2008 06:52 AM     
If that title bothered you, stay waway from
  by: chimmy420   11/10/2008 10:57 PM     
I remember awhile back when shortnews was full of dark made me keep coming back.

+1 for entertainment value.
  by: luc1ddr3am     11/11/2008 12:14 AM     
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