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                 01/18/2018 03:08 PM  
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11/09/2008 10:50 AM ID: 74677 Permalink   

Palin's Rejected Concession Speech Press Leaked


This is just plain funny.

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About halfway through this letter, somebody put so much effort into it LOL.
  by: vash_the_stampede     11/09/2008 10:54 AM     
  the "leaked"  
Obama one is pretty good too:

My favorite one under his is the Ambassador to the UN:

(2) - Tom Cruise: Always good to keep other countries guessing by sending batshit crazy person to UN.

haha >_<
  by: vash_the_stampede     11/09/2008 11:00 AM     
  Halfway through  
but I'm beginning to doubt the authenticity of this letter.
  by: Ec5618   11/09/2008 11:04 AM     
It's very funny, and obviously fake.
  by: Manic_Panic     11/09/2008 04:39 PM     
I didn't think it was real until I saw the part about shooting pro-choicers from aerial helicopters.
  by: NicPre     11/09/2008 06:37 PM     
  The real one  
We'll never see it, but wouldn't it be interesting to see? I can't imagine why she thought she would be giving a concession speech anyway other then ignorance.
  by: HeadlineNews     11/09/2008 07:08 PM     
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