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                 02/24/2018 01:01 PM  
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11/11/2008 08:37 AM ID: 74734 Permalink   

Man's Penis and Testicles Turn Black on Way Home From Hospital


Northern Territories, Australia - 53-year-old Michael Eglington says his penis and testicles turned black from internal bleeding last Tuesday as he left Royal Darwin Hospital. He went for an operation to have the base of his penis cleared of a wart.

"Why did they let me go? I could have passed out while I was driving," he said. He was back within an hour, but his testicles over tripled in size and lost so much blood he collapsed when he got back. He was treated again and released in short order.

"My shorts, my shirt, everything was covered in blood," said Eglington, who added that the seat of his car was filled with "an inch of blood" when he looked down after he "started feeling a bit warm about the groin."

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  Holy shit  
This is a case where I encourage a law suit!
  by: Jediman3     11/11/2008 02:50 PM     
Well, I wouldn't mind that. :)

@Story, Ow!
  by: Kolman   11/11/2008 03:02 PM     
  Oh yeah?  
My girlfriend woke up with an orange vagina the other day... but that's because I was eating Cheetos the night before.
  by: captainchainsaw   11/11/2008 04:53 PM     
  Whoever said that..  
once you go black, you never go back did NOT meet this guy. But in all seriousness I am a single white woman who loves sleeping with black guys and I find it very exhilarating when my white ex boyfriend gets overly jealous about it.. Obama 08'!
  by: RuTgErS   11/11/2008 05:28 PM     
  by: itts   11/11/2008 06:37 PM     
  Musta been a HUGE wart.....  
  by: valkyrie123     11/11/2008 08:28 PM     
I feel sorry for that guy! I would be a little pissed off!
  by: rogeratvfan   11/12/2008 08:35 AM     
  Black Penis!  
The good news was it also got 4 inches longer.........
  by: Huguenot   11/12/2008 08:54 AM     
  When I read the title line  
I thought it was a black guy that never noticed he had testicles and a penis before now. Must have came as a rude surprise. Or at least sensory overload.

  by: white albino   11/18/2008 11:11 PM     
  there was another guy in the news  
He was in prison and he got flesh eating bacteria on his groin, They made him a new penus from skin from his ass. I didnt think that was possible
  by: Brian24jersey   11/19/2008 04:13 AM     
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