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                 04/25/2014 01:27 AM  
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11/11/2008 10:50 PM ID: 74747 Permalink   

Obama Places Restrictions on Lobbyists


President-elect Obama has limited the involvement of lobbyists in his White House transition, to areas outside of the policies they have tried to influence over the past year. Lobbyists will be prohibited from lobbying during the transition.

According to Obama's aides, anyone who has lobbied in the past 12 months will not be able to work in the fields of policy they influenced. Federal lobbyists may not contribute financially to the transition.

In a speech last November, Obama was quoted as saying "...they won't find a job in my White House." He has given them slightly more leeway, but not much.

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  Good for him....  
Lobbyists are traitors.
  by: JonSmith     11/11/2008 10:53 PM     
  Excellent. Good start.  
I'm beginning to like this guy already. All you have to do is show me and I'll be a believer.
  by: valkyrie123     11/12/2008 12:05 AM     
Agreed. I'm from the show-me state, and so far so good.

Not perfect yet, but a damn good start on getting rid of lobbyists.
  by: NicPre     11/12/2008 01:03 AM     
  Looks like lobbyists...  
now can't even chill in the lobby.
  by: zatonado001     11/12/2008 01:11 AM     
you dont care what obama does, youve already publically stated Obama '12

so what does it matter? hes already amazing and a god in your eyes and hes not even the president yet
  by: cray0la     11/12/2008 02:28 AM     
Don't be bitter. Obama's done more in a week to fix this country than Bush could do in 2 months to destroy it.

...and he's not even president yet.
  by: Mr. Wright     11/12/2008 03:30 AM     
Obama has done nothing as of yet to stimulate the natiosn economy except spend tons of money on the election.
  by: zortona   11/12/2008 05:14 AM     
You have to understand, in the Democratic Party it's OK to change your mind, even if you guys prefer to call it flip-flopping when we do it.
  by: Ben_Reilly     11/12/2008 05:48 AM     
So he should've used the money that people DONATED to his campaign and fueled the economy with it? How, pray tell, was he supposed to do that, just flush his campaign down the toilet and give the money to the government to squander and piss away like they've been doing?
  by: goran   11/12/2008 06:06 AM     
Yes. Thank you. Exactly. People bitching about the money his campaign spent never seem to get it.

IT WAS THEIR'S TO SPEND!!! And only on the campaign. Spending donated money on anything else like clothes or shoes or Airfare for your family would be illegal. It wasn't money from our nations coffers it was a campaign fund and it was spent in accordance with the law.

But, I digress. Both sides know that the American people don't approve of special interest groups use of lobbyists. PE Obama is the first one in my memory to do something, ANYTHING about it.
  by: VermiciousG     11/12/2008 05:41 PM     
  I donated to his campaign  
I pretty much expected that money to help buy airtime, news ads, or radio spots.
  by: Jaded Fox     11/13/2008 12:36 PM     
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