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                 01/23/2018 02:56 AM  
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11/12/2008 09:46 AM ID: 74775 Permalink   

Obama's website scrubbed


Recently President-Elect Barack Obama launched a website called, with all types of information, including agenda items. It listed 25 Agenda items, from immigration, to Iraq, taxes and so forth. Monday all items in the agenda had been deleted.

Today the agenda part of the site has a small paragraph with information on Obama's plan. Obama's main website still contains the 25 agenda plans, but its not as easy to access the information.

Nick Shapiro, a member of Obama's transition team says there "Retooling" the website. Obama is now under attack by groups demanding the information be re-posted saying that Obama should make it clear where he plans to lead the country.

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had something about the scrubbing. They had screen shots of before and after.

It mentioned something of mandatory community service for high school and college students.

Here is the link:

Also They may be calling for a draft of somekind??? Not really sure:

If he starts putting these policies into affect, he will be just as bad or even worse than Bush! He will just be another tyrant.
  by: slavefortheman     11/12/2008 02:44 PM     
  Community Service  

"It mentioned something of mandatory community service for high school and college students."

Where I went to high school it was a requirement to have 8 hours of community service and to attend a town meeting in order to graduate.
I am all for it being a requirement, as long as its not over done. 8 hours over the course of a year was easy enough to get.
  by: t0bbage   11/12/2008 03:31 PM     
  At: slavefortheman  
"It mentioned something of mandatory community service for high school and college students."

they already do that here in canada... its 40 hours in ontario... i never did it... nor would i... i'm fundamentally opposed to forced "volunteer" work (community service).

as for civil defense training for all citizens its good idea as long as its not absolutely mandatory and so long as there is no commitment to the military... if there is, then this would be another thing i'm fundamentally opposed to.. the must say i really don't like the dodginess of how Rahm Emanuel was answering the questions about this... obama's speeches about this are far bit different.

my advice for americans, pay close attention to this civil defence training, some aspects of it sound good, others with the way Rahm Emanuel was talking about it sound strangely familiar to the hitler youth, but that could be entirely coincidental. will have to wait and see how this will developes and or pans out.
  by: HAVOC666     11/12/2008 03:36 PM     
  Bummer for the web site..  
I hope it comes back better than ever. I've already made several entries.

I suggested something similar to Community Service for kids years ago. Paid apprenticeships or jobs for kids, starting in grade school. Make the children functional members of the community and maybe, just maybe, they will see the community not as a foreign entity or even the enemy but as an important part of their world and they may see themselves as functional citizens of this nation. This will allow for much easier transition into the workforce when they graduate high school or college. I started working when I was 6 and it turned me into a hard working little capitalist. The kids will have a chance to learn a trade in the process. Require kids to work 8 hours one day a week and pay them for their efforts. Give them raises for good grades in school and good performance on the job. Drop out of school, lose your job, this will be incentive to stay in school. Don’t endanger the kids or exploit them as a source of cheap labor but don’t coddle them either. Let them know what ‘work’ means, it builds character, responsibility, muscles and brain power, something this country is seriously lacking in. It may even have an effect on the obesity level. Good idea Mr. President, but take it up a notch.
  by: valkyrie123     11/12/2008 03:39 PM     
  @All above comments  
You need to visit the sites. It doenst sound anything like community service whatsoever. It sounds more or less like compulsory military training.

They are calling it "Civil Defense"...

The congressman behind it says they may take 3 months of your life and force you to do military drills for people between the ages of 18-25.

Listen to the audio of him talking about it at the bottom of the page. The person talking to him asks if its like being drafted and congressman Emanuel said “If you’re worried about are you going to have to do 50 jumping jacks the answer is yes,” adding that the service could be done through state national guard.
  by: slavefortheman     11/12/2008 03:50 PM     
  I think it sounds like "Draft-Lite" version  
of the military draft.
  by: slavefortheman     11/12/2008 03:51 PM     
"they already do that here in canada... its 40 hours in ontario... i never did it... nor would i... i'm fundamentally opposed to forced "volunteer" work (community service)."

Imagine if you had to go for National service.
  by: isuzu     11/12/2008 08:02 PM     
Meh, cry babies.

Military training ain' so bad!
  by: Dayron   11/13/2008 08:41 AM     
I don't see whats wrong with some work in your community. I'm not even talking about Obama. Because who knows what the hell he's going to end up doing.

I'm just saying, in general, what is wrong with working? Yes, against your will. *gasp* Doing something you SHOULD do rather than what you WANT to do. Build some work ethic. Make your community a cleaner/better place.

...Is it because these actions force you off of your Xbox?

...What a terrible world, huh? =P

The world of Wall-E is soon approaching!

  by: Dayron   11/13/2008 08:47 AM     
Soooo... you didn't graduate? Or what?
  by: Fratley   11/13/2008 03:46 PM     
"Soooo... you didn't graduate? Or what?"

nope... and thats only one of many reasons...

they also screwed me out of two credits i got in summer school, because "they lost the records", its in the same city, 3 months apart and they lost the records, thats absurd.

failed classes for rejecting the dumbed down cirriculum... for instance just because it take the math teacher 4-5 lines of "work" to achieve the answer doesn't mean there isn't a more efficent way... unfortunately intelligence in this respect is highly shunned in school; if you apply this same logic to physic not a single person in the room WOULDN'T think your retard, mandating math be done in the most inefficent way is not education at all. not to mention it constisted almost entirely of redundant work in a workload that mandated several hours in addition to work actually done in school due to the sheer volume of the workload. devoting 6 or 7 hours to education is plenty they're asking for around 10... thats longer than the average work day ... WITH NO PAY.

another example was the english reading litterature which all went downhill from grade 9, with grade 12 culminating on "forrest gump" and "to kill a mocking bird" two books which for the life of my i couldn't read, forrest gump read like it was written by a retard, and to killing a mocking bird is has been pushed for bans for racism (on the same list of books they are attempting to ban as mein khemf ironically, though this ban applies not to bookstore but to libraries, and school in the case "to kill a mocking bird" in some areas), and is are to outdated and in general a drier read than the dictionary and the business section of any newspaper put together.. at the time i was reading books like thomas harris's "hannibal"; way ahead of the cirriculum to say to least.

the diploma never meant anything to me anyways... even if i had of endured the absurdness, i wouldn't be one of those idiots who frames mediocrity, it would end up amongst most of my other junk, old pictures i'll probably never look at again and couldn't be bothered putting in them a photobook, paystabs, tax returns, old cards, old mail etc.... it would be junk.

a diploma doesn't make you smart or even less ignorant... never has never will... anyone with an internet connection can get a better better education online in a fraction of the time as soon as they learn a language and how to use the internet.

SN for instance makes a great history, politics, economics/business and debate class than i ever had in school.

in my opinion the school sytem a it it today, education wise could easily be cover much faster maybe half the time.
  by: HAVOC666     11/13/2008 05:16 PM     
  Military Training  
In my youth This was called National Service and there was a ballot system to induct. It was scrapped after about 15 years as it was too costly,there was no follow up training to address the changes in technology. It was therfore a general waste of funds.

Isreal, of course has this system, but also encourages its ex trainees to remain in the reserve. A slightly netter system, that allows for upgrading of skills .

Other than discipline ( and lets face it lots of American youth need that) lots of running around parade grounds with rifles above heads etc it serves little -purpose or brings little change.
After all, many Americans do all this stuff in college groundsalready and get to even use real guns to shoot their playmates.

Americam military training ( my opinion) is nothing more than a lot of noisy bullying tacticts enforced by egotistic drill masters who hate their mother. In the real situation, they are noisy, leave evidence of their presence behind, by dropping gum wrappers and other marked items trhat gives away their position and direction of travel. You can hear them coming for miles and even smell them, many fighting in Vietnam even used after shave.. a dead give away!

The training should be instiutueted by real soldiers if it is to be a success
  by: nettiser   11/13/2008 10:53 PM     
There are only 2 possible reasons for wanting such a service in a country like the US:

1) Either it is planned for more wars and not just small conflicts but global wars fought against major powers.


2) Controlling of the domestic population. If they can create a home force capable of policing the population, they can impose literal dictator type powers against the people.

The US has no enemies on its borders. It has a military of about 2M people. Enough to defend itself if necessary. However by placing this many people into a military training program, it is obvious there are other reasons than simply "disciplining the youth". The 2 most obvious reasons are listed above. I am betting they will actually be used in combination.

Over the next 4 years, I expect the world markets to do even poorer and possibly collapse. Food riots, massive unemployment and homelessness. A massive drop in the dollar by some 50-90%.

Times are going to get tough and people generally do not like to take crap from their government when things are like this. The government will be facing possible revolution and the only way to stop revolution is through the use of a police state.

Plus if you plan on waging wars overseas and your economy is simultaneously crumbling, it would be essential to herd and chorale the population else they may become to unruly and replace you with someone else.
  by: slavefortheman     11/14/2008 02:40 PM     
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