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                 02/23/2018 01:37 PM  
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11/18/2008 01:39 PM ID: 74933 Permalink   

Financial Trader Shoots Himself in Stock Exchange


A 36 year old trader attempted suicide by shooting himself while working in Sao Paulo's commodities and futures exchange. The representative of bank Itau shot himself in the chest and is now in a critical condition.

Witnesses said the man, Paulo Sergio Silva, tried to take his own life in the interest rate futures pit where $21 billion in trading takes place every day.

The global financial crisis has hit Brazil hard, with a 50% loss since its all-time high in May and the nations currency losing a third of its value since August.

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killing yourself makes it all better...

It's just $. A lot to lose yes, but $ comes and goes like the tides.
  by: Jediman3     11/18/2008 06:01 PM     
Not worth it not at all! I think my life is worth more than money.
  by: rogeratvfan   11/18/2008 06:35 PM     
  how do you fail  
at shooting yourself, point blank, in the chest?
  by: robplatt   11/18/2008 07:55 PM     
  Somebody do us a favor  
And put this scene in a movie where it belongs!
  by: Big Bird     11/18/2008 08:35 PM     
  A long way to fall.  
Sao Paolo's a harsh place to those without money. To fall from a state of almost untouchable god-hood to the favelas is crushing.

Many have taken their own lives for less. I couldn't - and wouldn't want to even try to - complate what the man felt.
  by: redstain   11/18/2008 09:15 PM     
  If he did it due to a bad financial situation...  
It's going to be a Lot worse for him if he survives and has to pay that massive hospital bill too.
  by: ConfusedWouldWe   11/19/2008 04:48 AM     
OMG u wanna kill urself then shoot urself in the head not the chest...idiot
  by: bastrel   11/19/2008 06:00 AM     
was a real man. He wasn't afraid of a little extra pain ;)
  by: o9k   11/19/2008 01:56 PM     
  This is why..  
you invest in gold!
  by: rutgers   11/20/2008 12:28 AM     
  They always said...  
money is the root to all evil.

Money now means murder and suicide, what a great thing the buck is.
  by: captainJane     11/20/2008 12:41 AM     
Shhhhhh dont say that too loud
Bush might hear u and declare war on money
  by: bastrel   11/20/2008 05:44 AM     
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