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                 01/21/2018 03:11 PM  
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11/25/2008 12:29 PM ID: 75084 Permalink   

Boy Arrested for Farting in Class


A 13-year-old boy in Stuart, Florida was arrested on November 4th and charged with "Disruption of school function" by intentionally farting and turning off the computers of other students.

According to the Spectrum Junior-Senior High School resource officer, the boy confessed to the heinous crime.

The child was released to the custody of his mother.

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  Yes, but remember..  
this is Florida we're talking about.
  by: HeadlineNews     11/25/2008 12:32 PM     
Arrested?! Whatever happened to detention? Shouldn't the teacher be charged with wasting police time?
  by: Convivial   11/25/2008 12:41 PM     
I can understand the teacher keeping him on detention or whatever if he is being deliberately disruptive, but how can anyone justify arresting him when he hasn't actually committed a crime?

Oh wait... Florida... explains a lot!
  by: TabbyCool     11/25/2008 12:41 PM     
  He has committed a crime...  
bum crimes
  by: danjwalker   11/25/2008 01:36 PM     
I've seen the South Park Movie, the teacher should have just held a naked flame near him.
  by: Heresy   11/25/2008 02:09 PM     
  We don't know...  
Thia kid could have been a complete and utter little sh!t. Maybe the teachers have tried detention and just took it to another level to scare him?

To be honest, if Floriduh's anything like the UK, they'll diagnose him with a personality disorder and allow him to live on benefits for the rest of his life..

That's right kids; Come to the UK, misbehave and be set up for life!
  by: spacechimp     11/25/2008 02:18 PM     
This reminds me of my school. I used to fart in class, call my teacher names and get in ... conflicts.

The school tried so hard to get rid of me, like, they found kick marks on the wall, and they had a police officer come in to take a print of my shoes and matched it to the prints on the wall!!!

And I didn't even kick 'em on.

Lol, what a bunch of fcking losers.
  by: silentrage   11/25/2008 03:05 PM     
that says ALOT about you.
haha, o just kidding lol.

but getting back to the story at hand:
thank goodness! We all hate that stupid idiot who farts in class.. and nothing could have been more pleasing then seeing him have to kiss Ellen Degene.. oops, I mean than going to jail!
  by: rutgers   11/25/2008 03:09 PM     
How can you get arrested for farting and turning off the computers in class that is not a crime. That is stupid.
  by: Rachel1085     11/25/2008 03:33 PM     
  I am going to piggyback on everyone!  
Arrested!!! Are you F*(&ing serios I mean come on is this really what our world is coming to!
  by: rogeratvfan   11/25/2008 04:11 PM     
  One Heck Of A Fart  
"by intentionally farting and turning off the computers of other students"

Strong enough to turn off a computer.
  by: ichi     11/25/2008 06:11 PM     
  Spectrum Junior-Senior High School...  
This is basically a school for kids that are incapable of functioning in a regular high school environment. Be it mental inadequacies or behavioral problems that put them in this school, all of these kids are destined to be future drains on society.

I graduated from the (regular) high school in Stuart 17 years ago, and even back then Spectrum had a somewhat jail-like envorinment. This school had a resource officer long before it was a standard to have one.
  by: thelocopachuco   11/25/2008 07:07 PM     
  I hope the fart police don't come to my house...  
They would just shoot me. I cut one last week that caused all the oil jugs in the automotive section of Wally World to explode. Three Wally World droids melted down and half the building burned to the ground. But damn, that felt good.
  by: valkyrie123     11/25/2008 09:19 PM     
  the power to turn off computers  
with a puff.

  by: elijah4twenty     11/25/2008 11:47 PM     
  everyone farts  
if there is going to be disciplinary action for farting, then some rules need to be clearly established. For instance, no more than two farts an hour. Or no extended farts, ones that last longer than 5 seconds. No farting near other's faces. No covering up a fart with a cough. This is deceptive.
  by: John E Angel     11/26/2008 12:40 AM     
  by: escalus84   11/26/2008 08:06 AM     
  The kid should have reminded the school officials  
A fart is just a turd honking for the right-of-way.
  by: white albino   11/26/2008 09:48 AM     
  @John E  
Armpit farts count as one regular fart as well. They are deceptive and disruptive
  by: darkshanker   11/26/2008 09:51 AM     
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