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                 01/16/2018 10:25 PM  
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11/29/2008 05:08 AM ID: 75166 Permalink   

"Win32/Conficker.A" Infecting Computers


Win32/Conficker.A, an internet worm, is now in the wild and infecting PCs across the globe. The worm exploits a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Windows systems, although Microsoft released a patch for the security hole in October.

The way the worm works is that it opens a random port between 1024 and 10000 and operates as a web server. It then spreads itself to other computers using the exploited Windows security hole.

Although most of the infected systems have been in the U.S., computers in several other countries continue to be infected and spread the worm in both corporate and home environments. There are a number of other bots that use the same exploit.

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  One security expert maintained that...  
there is little to be concerned about, that is, unless your system is unpatched."

"Abrams also suggest that the proper use of firewalls wouldn't hurt either. "

The above can be read on:

The summary is somewhat misleading as it implies that the patch released in October does not help.
  by: MouseJunkie     11/29/2008 08:13 AM     
  Where does it say it doesn't help?  
Just curious. I certainly didn't imply that from the summary.
  by: caution2     11/29/2008 08:47 AM     
  @ caution2  
".....The worm exploits a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Windows systems, although Microsoft released a patch for the security hole in October....."

I can only see that possible implication in the above quote, where the use of "although" could have been better stated using "however".

But, jeeeez, ya know?
I had to look rrrrreal effin hard for that!!
  by: Tumbleweed   11/29/2008 09:59 AM     
  I think one my friends...  
in here has this worm.

This one is a pain.
  by: captainJane     11/29/2008 02:36 PM     
  Seems we read differently  
the "although" was the first thing to strike me. "Oh shit... I'm up to date, but what do I do now to find out if my system got infected?"

So I thought I'd try and put those peoples minds at ease who read it the same way.

Anyway, it's a good topic because a lot of people don't even use basic, free protection for their computers.
  by: MouseJunkie     11/29/2008 02:58 PM     
While I am usually against any government actions concerning the Internet, I honestly believe a bit of step-in is needed in this scenario, in that there should be a mandate of ISP's that firewall & antivirus is required before a connection to past the ISP is fulfilled.

New users and current users are not wholly at fault, considering nothing is mentioned of virus/hackers in the instructions, and the PC market is innundated with "ease of use, plug in and go" by marketing.
  by: Tumbleweed   11/29/2008 06:46 PM     
  To Make It Easy  
Micorosoft Fix Downloads:

Go to this page, choose your current operating system, download and install the patch.
  by: Tumbleweed   11/29/2008 07:00 PM     
lets see how well it does against my ubuntu 8.04 OS! IN YOUR FACE WORM! PUTA!
  by: FunkMan   11/29/2008 10:33 PM     
Simmer down you nix zealot. Linux also has plenty of vulnerabilities lately, people just havent used them to write a worm.

Also if you have a firewall this worm is useless, if this is using the ms08_067 issue correct? without an available port 445 you are not able to be infected.
  by: RoBBoB     11/30/2008 04:10 PM     
*nix is more secure against malware, but seems to be way more vulnerable to remote privilege escalation and other stuff. In my experience, it's been much easier to get remote control over a *nix box than a windows box. But I didn't pay TOO much attention to windows exploits as I only had 1 windows server.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   12/04/2008 05:08 PM     
All I was trying to say is that all OS's have their flaws. is a good place to read if you are ever bored. I am half way to my CISSP right now and alot of the classes I Have taken show you windows and linux, and it just shows you how biased people are.

I would like to close by saying it doesnt matter the OS, it always comes down to the user in my opinion...
  by: RoBBoB     12/04/2008 05:12 PM     
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