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                 01/18/2018 03:09 PM  
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11/30/2008 01:07 AM ID: 75182 Permalink   

Deputy Tows Woman's Crashed Vehicle - Husband Later Finds his Wife's Corpse at Crash Site


Frank Dartt, of Bolivar, Missouri, wants some answers. When his 48-year-old wife, Brenda didn't arrive for work at her place of employment, he called her cell phone. The call was answered by a towing company. His wife's car had been impounded.

Brenda Dartt's wrecked vehicle was discovered by a deputy on a rural county bridge. Thinking the vehicle was wrecked and abandoned, a Polk county Sheriff's deputy had the vehicle towed at about 2:00 am.

Mr. Dartt then went to the scene of the crash hours later only to discover his wife's corpse laying under the bridge. Understandably upset, Mr. Dartt now wonders if his wife were alive when the deputy arrived and could have been saved.

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very interesting!

I wonder if this guy planted her before or after the car was impounded or is he telling the truth?
  by: captainJane     11/30/2008 01:39 AM     
  I wonder if someone has read too many crime books.  
Or how they would feel if someone randomly accused them of murder!
I find the above comment cynical and offensive.

I find the news article heartbreaking.
  by: Convivial   11/30/2008 01:57 AM     
  @ Convivial  
Yes, you are right on both counts I feel like crap now! :( But I could not but help wonder, some people are like this I should have been a cop.
Not much more in the source. I hope there is an update.

If he is genuine I hope he creates hell over this.

  by: captainJane     11/30/2008 05:38 AM     
  It's time  
to call in Scooby Doo & all the gang.
  by: acrux   11/30/2008 06:18 AM     
  you're disgusting  
I'll have you know that she was a one of the best women I've ever known. You are a disgusting and horrible person for passing judgement on a mere paragraph. She was my aunt and to have you accuse my Uncle of anything - you should be ashamed of yourself. They were married for 30 years. She left behind 4 daughters and 6 grandchildren. Are you happy with yourself?
  by: jdartt   12/01/2008 01:44 AM     
  @ jdartt  
So you join today to tell me this? After you read what I had said.

If you are pranking this is not funny at all.
  by: captainJane     12/01/2008 02:12 AM     
  It's always the cops fault...  
So because he didn't see the body (which can be a good distance away), the husband should raise hell? Evidently the tow truck driver didn't notice it either.

I'd like more details.
  by: ncheek     12/01/2008 02:27 AM     
  @ cjane  
I searched her name b/c I am out of state and I didn't get all the information about the accident from my dad. I came across the article and read your horrible comment, so I joined for the sole purpose of letting you know that your Mystery Machine view of life, regardless of your second comment, is recklessly wrong and inappropriate in our time of loss. I have no reason to leave any other comments.
  by: jdartt   12/01/2008 02:41 AM     
Then you come here and pass judgment on Jane from a mere sentence? If you're going to rant at someone, you'd be wise not to be a hypocrite while doing it.

Every so often, someone related to the story comes here, complains a lot, contributes next to nothing to the site, and is never seen here again.

If you're going to whine about our ignorance regarding the story, you could provide information to clear up any questions instead of insulting our members.
  by: erasedgod   12/01/2008 02:45 AM     
My previous comment is made even better in light of your latest.
  by: erasedgod   12/01/2008 02:46 AM     
  Not taking up for cj but...  
the comment wasn't that bad. I don't know your aunt as i'm sure capt jane doesn't. If you take everything this serious then maybe it's you that needs to get off the internet and go seek some counseling.

It's actually a good question that has probably already been brought up by LEO's
  by: ncheek     12/01/2008 02:48 AM     
I am also a family member that, yes, only joined to comment on this story. It is true that they were a very loving couple, and this was a terrible accident. Listen, we are all just trying to make sense of what happened, because she truly was a wonderful, giving person and it all seems unreal. In deaths, there are always questions. In this one though, there are why wasn't it a bigger deal that her purse and cell phone were in her car? Wouldn't that have tipped off the cops that it was more than just an abandoned vehicle? Also, it appears that she moved herself some down by the river, meaning she was still alive when she hit down below the bridge. This is where the question comes from...if someone had looked closer, would she have still been alive? How's that for some details?
  by: asb   12/01/2008 03:14 AM     
We're all truly sorry for your loss. But to blame a deputy for not finding a body at 2 a.m. on a rural road is not solving anything. From the other news sites i've seen there was little damage to the vehicle. We can all speculate all day long but we weren't out there. I'm not saying he was right or he was wrong, i'm saying there's not need to put a lynch mob together to go after a deputy until his actions are confirmed neglect.

If this deputy would have called people out of bed and put together a rescue team and she had just walked to the store would everyone be complaining about a waste of taxpayer money?

asb, please enlighten us on details such as distance from the car, the actual damage to the vehicle, blood around the vehicle..etc...
  by: ncheek     12/01/2008 03:21 AM     
  My question is  
Was she ejected from the vehicle or did it appear that she made it under the bridge on her own?
  by: HeadlineNews     12/01/2008 03:24 AM     
  I think this sheds some light on it...

It appears that she may have fallen down a rocky cliff while trying to go for help. Sad.
  by: HeadlineNews     12/01/2008 03:34 AM     
  More info...  
Taken from

A Polk County family grieves the loss of a loved one, after finding her body below a bridge. There is new information in a story we first brought you on Wednesday night. The Polk County Sheriff's office said then, the woman had severe head trauma, but there were no obvious signs of foul play.

It's now clear that 48 year old Brenda Dartt was in a car accident, but an autopsy Friday afternoon has determined the exact cause of her death is so far, inconclusive, and toxicology results will take weeks.

Brenda's husband of 30 years, Frank Dartt, spoke with KY3's Linda Russell. Frank says she was a loving mother of four, and grandmother of six. He didn't want to go on camera, but tells KY3 he is the one who went searching and discovered his wife's body. He and his family are frustrated that he had to be the one to find her.

Frank Dartt says he had no knowledge of his wife's wreck until someone at the towing company answered a call to his wife's cell phone. She hadn't shown up for work in Bolivar. Then, he learned her car, by request of the Polk County Sheriff's Office, was towed from this bridge around 2 AM Wednesday morning.

He says his wife, Brenda, had been driving southeast on Highway KK when her car struck the guard rail. Officials thought the wreck had been abandoned. Frank says he went to the location of his wife's wreck Wednesday afternoon, and started walking down the rocks near the bridge, calling his wife's name. He says he then found her, face down, just below the bridge in Sycamore Creek.

By the trail of blood at the scene, Frank thinks his wife may have been going for help at a nearby house, when she stumbled and fell down the rocky slope next to the bridge. He can only wonder if the outcome would be different, had someone found Brenda sooner.

We were not able to reach the Polk County Sheriff Friday. But the Coroner says the deputy who responded to the scene did scan the area with lights, walk around, and yell, looking for a victim. The coroner also says the wreck didn't appear to be significant enough to cause death, but again, toxicology results will be needed for a conclusion.


The corner says:

"We don't believe the car wreck had anything to do with her death," said Hoffer. The injuries she may have suffered during a motor vehicle accident were not significant, he said.


So according to the stories above..she left the accident to go get help at a residence. Which is why the phone was in the car. Which means people do leave their items in the car when they leave it for whatever reason... Plus there are two different stories you can go read up on. Also, this wreck happened on Wednesday and the family still doesn't have any information? Just curious.
  by: ncheek     12/01/2008 03:38 AM     
  One cannot help but wonder..  
if she had a phone, why did she not phone for help? Hmmmmm?
  by: HeadlineNews     12/01/2008 03:48 AM     
Is very sincere about her response to Convivial. She is a very warm hearted person. I take particular delight in naming her as a friend.
Do youself a favor and stick around awhile and get to know her.
  by: ichi     12/01/2008 03:54 AM     
That bugs me as well, her having a phone and not using it. Unless she was in some ultra rural area and had no service, wtf didn't she use the phone? that's what cellular phones were originally intended to be used as, emergency phones. Weird.
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/01/2008 04:28 AM     
i think she was probably in shock or disoriented which is why she didnt use the phone. If you think about it she fell off a cliff going for help. People usually notice those kinds of things in a right state of mind.

As for captainjane. Man its been like captain crucifiction week for you! Every time youve posted commentary someone has been all over you. Maybe this puts into perspective how jaded we all are towards the goings on in our world that dont directly impact us. Honestly from what ive seen from Jane she really is a very kind and sensitive person like ichi said.

To those who lost loved ones - This is terrible and we're sorry, it only ever seems to happen to good people.
  by: misscinna   12/01/2008 05:14 AM     
  Some cops  
Some cops couldn't find a hole in a doughnut. Bad when normal citizens become collateral damage.
  by: luxfestinus     12/01/2008 08:08 AM     
  Firs Off  
While I am sure the family is devastated right now Jane is actually one of the kindest people on this site. After being a member of this site for awhile you see so many stories where a family member does try to cover up something so yes in a way you get jaded.

Now to go onto a few other things. It is possible this lady did have a head injury from the accident, got out of her car and not using the cell phone walked to get help. Her falling and landing under a bridge at 2 am if horrible, but it doesn't mean that officer did anything wrong. After all if she would have been at a neighbors home calling for help and he did call in extra support knowing some members as I do on here they would be complaining about the extra money it cost and calling the woman stupid. These of course are the same ones that can never give a cop credit for what he does right either.

To the family if they actually come back. Did your uncle call the police and let them know that she had not contacted anyone and he would like someone to come out and look with him?
  by: TaraB     12/01/2008 08:24 AM     
There is another possibility. She was drunk. I read about this all the time. Drunk drivers get in accidents and walk/run/stagger from the area so they don't get caught by the po-po. Another reason not to use her cell phone to call for help if she is drunk. Or too drunk to remember her phone. I bet this probably crossed the cops mind too. Another drunk fled the crash.

Many drunks are good family people too.

This is just one of a zillion possibilities and I am not trying to shed a negative light on someone's death. She may very well have been just an unlucky person. I do feel bad for her family.

As for the supposed "family" members that came on here... None have shed any new light on this story. In fact, the one comment about being married for 30 years and have x number of children and grandchildren appeared to be taken from one paragraph in a news article. Maybe used to try to get credibility to make people believe they are truly related???????
  by: yortap2   12/01/2008 03:17 PM     
  what I know  
It is easy to put blame on others in a time of grief. There are several what, ifs and whys in this story. I do know the wreck was not serious enough to cause head injury, and there was no blood found in or around the car. I know her body was found on the opposite side and under the bridge where the accident occured. The "blood trail" was found there. I know the only damage was a bent wheel. I know she was separated from her husband, but I'm not saying he did anything wrong. I know my heart goes out to this family for their loss. I know she would not have been out there at that time of night just for a drive. I also know the sheriff's office will tow an abandoned car, as often an intoxicated person will leave the scene to avoid being arrested. I know she was not a drunk, but a loving and generous person who thought of other's feelings over her own. Yes, it is a rural area and perhaps she could not get a signal on her phone. I do not believe hitting a guardrail and bending the wheel would cause a woman to be disoriented. Scared perhaps, yes. I'm sure the sheriff's office is doing all they can to figure this tragedy out, and NO I do not work there. I'm just as frustrated over what happened as the sheriff, the citizens of Polk County, and the family she left behind.
  by: snowbird   12/01/2008 06:58 PM     
Y'all got trolled.
  by: goran   12/02/2008 04:41 AM     
please refer back to the 5th comment located on this page...
  by: ncheek     12/02/2008 08:42 AM     
Welcome to SN. You win an Internets.
  by: zalpha     12/02/2008 11:11 PM     
  All Members, Please Read!  
Cease the too common internet forum phenomenon of cruelty please. Behind an impersonal keyboard, sometimes even kind people frequently forget how hurtful words can be.

Brenda Dartt was a friend of mine. I just got home from her funeral hours ago. (Yes I REALLY knew her, and I'll check back-so I welcome your replies. Unnecessarily malicious or short-sighted comments will not be appreciated or tolerated.)

Considering what appears to be your natural impulse to defend each other against what you perceive as character attacks, I expect you to understand my obligation to reply.

I did join this site just to reply to your comments. FYI: I feel no obligation to contribute to this site just because I joined.

I simply must point out the insensitivity and acute inconsideration evident in many of your comments.

Your desire to speculate about the details of newsworthy tragedy is natural; I am honest enough to admit that if I did not know this family I might be tempted to draw my own conclusions as well. For that I do NOT condemn any of you. I do condemn many of you for your callous disregard of Brenda's family and friends.

I respectfully remind you that you're not pondering the "who done it" from an episode of CSI here; you're making assumptions and public assertions about people! REAL PEOPLE-human beings that live and die in your community and share the same air as you! They deserve your respect and consideration, or at least your thought during comment construction.

I encourage you to read any and all reports you can find to piece together more information about this tragedy.

It is NOT a grieving family's responsibility to provide you with that information-even if they join your site!

From talking with the bereaved, I can say that I am angered by the police officers negligence in this case. He merely shined his flashlight about and called out before ASSUMING the vehicle was abandoned. That does not constitute a search.

I too am aware that police can become jaded and accustomed to the behavior of "drunks" etc., but this officer could have possibly saved Brenda's life with one phone call to the residence registered to the vehicle. The wreck was obviously recent, and regardless of its severity, the pertinent belongings inside should have been alarming.

I'm sure you agree that a phone call would not be considered a waste of taxpayer dollars. Anyway, every chance at life is more valuable than taxes. He could have saved a HUMAN LIFE!

Wouldn't you hope for that opportunity for you or yours?

PLEASE, I beg you, before you make a speculatory post about a tragic situation like this, reread it from the perspective of the victim's SPOUSE, CHILD, GRANDPARENT, FRIEND, etc. It might reduce the hardship and sorrow for someone.

Thank you for your time,

P.S. "yortap2" and "erasegod", While I don't condemn the members of this site overall, your flippant presumption that jdartt falsely represented himself as family, and your suggestion that he provide YOU with more information about this tragedy is completely incendiary.

I vouch that he is indeed Brenda's grieving nephew, and in the name of what remains in this world of human decency, I will converse with you privately if necessary to eliminate your absurd suspicions.

I hope your insensitivity was unintentional. I also hope you never experience the pain I know all of Brenda's family is currently feeling and that you never exacerbate pain of this nature again.
  by: amber   12/03/2008 03:46 AM     
You're funny! :)
  by: amber   12/03/2008 03:47 AM     
So because the officer didn't find your friend/relative he's negligent? He shined his light and was calling for her..sounds like he tried. Also, are you aware that vehicle plates are attached to people, not people's phone numbers, which would have done no good either way because she wasn't home. If somehow he did find a phone number, based on the tag number, the information says she was separated from her husband. Even if he were to get ahold of someone, would they know she was laying under a bridge, or would they say she left? What i'm trying to point out is that no matter what actions were taken the outcome would probably have been the same. Placing the blame on a lone officer is ridiculous. You and the rest of your friends/family on here are looking for a scapegoat instead of trying to figure out why she fell under a bridge or was out walking without her purse or phone in the first place. If the officer would have saw her and didn't do anything about it, then he would be guilty of negligence.

You have to remember, the husband knew she wasn't home and/or at work so he knew something was wrong. This officer knew nothing of the sort other than there was a bent tire because someone hit the guard rail. The vehicle damage has alot to play in this. If I happened to roll up on a wreck and someone had a flat tire and was nowhere around, I wouldn't go looking under bridges for them. You yourself need to take a few steps back and examine the story from both sides, not just from the side of a SPOUSE, CHILD, GRANDPARENT, FRIEND, etc., also, let's wait on the toxicoligy report to come back and have even more facts come into play. There was something obviously wrong with this person, albeit a head injury or something that affects judgement.

Noone here said it was jdartt's responsibility to provide us information with the accident, we would like to know more information before someone signs up and starts ragging on a senior member of this site. Your statement below:

"He merely shined his flashlight about and called out before ASSUMING the vehicle was abandoned. That does not constitute a search."

What would constitute a search? Are you angry because he didn't get a search party together to look for someone who may, or maynot have been there? Also, I'm about 99% positive he didn't aimlessly shine his light in the air. I'm sure he searched the immediate area for anyone, and considering the totality of circumstances (minor damage, time of night, etc...) he satisfied his obligation to the "taxpayers" without making a phone call. So before you jump on here and try to let us know exactly how it is...again, step back and look at it from our shoes, people who are neutral in this matter.
  by: ncheek     12/03/2008 04:57 AM     
Not once did I say I doubted his / her authenticity. I just said "instead of coming here insulting us for our ignorance, how about making us less ignorant?"

That hardly seems out of line or incendiary.
  by: erasedgod   12/03/2008 05:15 AM     
As the wife of a police officer I can say that I doubt he just flashed his light in the air and then left. I truly am sorry your friend died, but it is not the officers fault she was not only down under a bridge at 2 am, but according to snowbird, another person who claims personal knowledge of this incident she was at the other end of the bridge under it.

A jolt from a car wreck can cause many problems that one wouldn't think of and yes a head injury could have occured. She also might have lacerated her liver when the seatbelt(Im assuming she was wearing one) crushed against her. If that happened there wouldn't have been a chance to save her anyway I am sorry to say.

Something made her get out of the car and walk away instead of using her phone to call for help, whatever that is no one will know.

You ask us to see it from the side of the family and many of us try, in fact it is heartbreaking to see you all come and share your loss. But I ask you to see it from the others side. It is 2am on a dark road and there is a minor accident. He looks around and see's no one, calls out and hears nothing. He didn't see a blood trail going to the other side of the bridge or he would have followed it and called for another officer. And I am pretty sure 2 am in Polk County it is pretty quiet. Also again I ask why didn't her husband call the police to go back to the scene and search when the tow truck driver answered the phone.

Was the phone in plain view or in her purse? Was her purse one that you could tell was a purse or a large bag she carried? I ask because my current purse looks more like a backpack than a purse.

Also two things I notice in the original article posted here has me a bit curious.
"The deputy who found her car had searched for survivors and assumed the vehicle had been abandoned."
So it says he did search and found no one, so he looked around and saw no one which again brings me back to what the family expected of him? Why would he think that she was on the other side of the bridge underneath it? he did a search of the area and didn't see her and I am sure he feels horrible about that.

And then.

"Dartt conducted his own search that afternoon and found his wife’s body below the bridge."

Why did people wait until the next afternoon instead of as soon as it was light out? I can only speak for myself, but if my loved one was missing from an accident scene I would be out there looking as soon as I could if the officer said he hadn't found anything and I would have asked him or another one to accompany me.

  by: TaraB     12/03/2008 05:43 AM     
I appreciate your perspective and your objective reply. The questions you raise, such as the exact affects of the accident (aka liver or head damage) and the visibility of the purse/evidence are valid and details that greif blind.

Even Brenda's family does not know these details, and as you gingerly pointed out, no one may ever know these details.

My reference to the deputy's actions of "shining a light around and calling out" is a quote from the first report that KY3 aired Friday night at 5. The newscastor relayed information and did not cite her source for that information. The sheriff was unavailable for comment. I took that report to be a true account of the circumstances. It may not have been true, but I have worked in PR and I know that the Sheriff might possibly be more exacting (aka thorough or cautious) in his description of events. The initial information seemed raw and believable. I don't doubt the integrity of the man, just his actions that night as his job. Most of us work jobs at which mistakes have minimal if any repercussions. The job of a police officer is unrelenting and exacting.

I do not blame the officer, but simply suggest that he made an assumption based on circumstance, or possibly as suggested by others on this site, concern over taxpayer complaint or the status quo (aka, drunks behave according to a formula, etc.) and that it wasn't investigated as thouroughly as it could have been at the scene. I still lend credit to the original report I heard because the reporter did not likely make up her quote, and again, we weren't there and we will not know how extensively he searched the area or what prompts or evidence he might have been working with at the time.

There is always a "what if" factor in any event. My intention is not to blame the man, but to question the procedures he followed and the circumstances that led him to choose his procedures.

I'm sure you can empathize with the hope that it could have ended differently.

"The deputy who found her car had searched for survivors and assumed the vehicle had been abandoned."
As I mentioned above, the Springfield, MO local news first reported different information initially, and I have been searching for as much information as possible ever since. The key word in my questioning of protocol is "assumed". We all know how that works out right?

The bottom line, as you pointed out, is that no one will ever know what really happened. I wonder what might have happened if the authorities involved took different action, but I do not blame them for the results, I just question the basis of their assumptions. Just as many people on this site have suggested foul play based on assumptions, when in fact no suspects have been named!

The detailed questions you asked:

"So it says he did search and found no one" - Again, the original description of the search first reported on the nightly news did not sound very thorough at all. It sounded negligable at best. No correction of details was aired.

"Why did people wait until the next afternoon instead of as soon as it was light out." - Brenda worked the night shift and she was currently living alone. No reports confirm who called her cell phone when the tow truck driver answered (and of course I refuse to ask for details about this heinous incident from the bereaved). Same as any of you, I can only use the news reports to speculate that it was someone other than her husband. I spoke to him days ago, and he was only talking about how much he missed her, not who last called her.

Anyway, TaraB, you posted a reasonable and conscientious comment and I am grateful for it. I appreciate all of your thoughts and your objective perspectives. As you pointed out, none of us may know the exact circumstances, but points of view like yours that consider many options from many perspectives are what is necessary to respectfully discuss a tragedy like this! Thank you and bless you.
  by: amber   12/03/2008 08:36 AM     
Notice I included you AND yortap2 in one section of my comment.

You were both inconsiderate in your responses. You both exhibited what I consider generic internet-only cruel bravado with your comments and inflammatory language.

I think you are typing things you would never say to me (or anyone) in person.

You implied that the bereaved should enlighten you with more information. You and yortap2 seemed to share this opinion. Please, of course, correct me if I am mistaken.

At this point, your attitude, and your inpersonal online presence was indistinguishable from that of yortap2.

In fact, your use of the word "WHINE" in direct response to a grieving family member who attended a #%$& funeral just today infuriates me. I am angry with you.

As I said, I will gladly discuss this with you privately, and the amount of adrenaline I feel at your INCENDIARY, and yes I do find them thus, words and careless insensitive attitude towards the feelings of others makes me desire to meet you personally. You may think this is all internet fun, but it is not. Your words have the power to hurt people and that is NOT your right.

I find you insensitive and hateful. If you still feel the need to defend yourself send me your email address and I will reply to you privately. The mostly pleasant and defendable people of this forum do not need to be subjected to your meanness.
  by: amber   12/03/2008 08:50 AM     
You obviously do not respect my plea for consideration of feelings in regards to forum comments. This will likely be my only reply directly to you. Please see my reply to TaraB for information regarding the questions you raised, and please review the previous posts from erasegod and yortap2, because I believe you are mistaken in your statement regarding what other members "here" have said.
  by: amber   12/03/2008 08:55 AM     
I'm sorry you don't think i'm being considerate enough to someone I didn't know and people I don't know but if you think your going to come in here and tell us to "cease" with the comments because they hurt your feelings, your sadly mistaken. We have questions that may be able to be answered by asking. You came in here basically saying the negligence of a deputy is the reason your friend has passed and we should all be more considerate. We asked 'jdartt' to give us details in hope he may truly be related, in order to show condolences or ask questions that he may know, not simply some internet kid trying to show a sick twisted humor. Like you said, after all, the internet is a place of anonymity.

I'm sure this has had a terrible effect on this deputy and for you to try to put the blame on him is something I won't sit back and let happen.

For instance:

...but this officer could have possibly saved Brenda's life with one phone call...

A phone call to who? She lived alone. A empty ring would have changed nothing. As a deputy myself, i've had the occasion to stumble upon several wrecks where people have left the scene because of different factors so I can somewhat sympathize with what the deputy must be going through. Rather his fault or not, his mind probably wonders if there was something he missed that could have led him, when in reality there may not have been. It's something that may eat at him the rest of his life, so where's your compassion.

Also, your information comes from a news report and is considered true until a correction is aired? You do realize that the media is in a rush to get the story out and will piece it together however they may to make people watch. I'm not accusing them of lying, but possibly not telling the entire truth, or by accident, leaving things out in their haste to air the segment.

"Why did they wait until the next afternoon instead of at first light"

Wait for what? As far as the Sheriff's office was concerned, they towed a abandoned vehicle, there was no reason to go back. The situation may have been different if there was a missing persons report, etc..

Not even the largest department has the manpower to put together a search team for every vehicle wreck that occurs within their county.

This All started because Jane asked if the guy placed her there after the wreck or if he was telling the truth...which is a possibility, no matter how much you all wish to say it's not. She's found, under a bridge, with serious head trauma that wasn't caused from the accident....

Now, i'm truly sorry that this incident had to happen the way it did and hope the family the best of wishes.

Now about this...

As I said, I will gladly discuss this with you privately, and the amount of adrenaline I feel at your INCENDIARY, and yes I do find them thus, words and careless insensitive attitude towards the feelings of others makes me desire to meet you personally. You may think this is all internet fun, but it is not.

I'm not sure to whom the above statement is directed, but the internet is hardly the place to dish out meaningless threats. Judging by your grammatical skills, which you should tone down on the internet, you should be educated enough to fully understand what everyone was saying. Erasegod's last post was that he was not doubting jdartt was indeed who he said he was, but asking him to make us less ignorant. Yortap implied she could have been drunk. Has this been ruled out? According to our news sources, it will still take a couple weeks, not to mention the fact that all of the articles mention a toxicology report is coming. So really, why should he not imply that?
  by: ncheek     12/03/2008 11:44 AM     
"Judging by your grammatical skills, which you should tone down on the internet..."

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous statement I have ever read.
  by: Convivial   12/03/2008 11:55 AM     
  Would you rather I had said...  
Quit acting like a pretentious bitch?
  by: ncheek     12/03/2008 12:04 PM     
What's wrong with someone using correct language and grammar? It doesn't make a person pretentious, it makes them educated and litterate. I'd much rather read a well formulated forum post than some asinine rant written in "txt speak" by some illiterate 17-year-old kid who thinks that a lack of proper grammar somehow makes them cooler than someone who is capable of using correct spelling and punctuation.
  by: TabbyCool     12/03/2008 02:38 PM     

@Amber and the Dartt family

I am sincerely sorry for your loss. With the rather insensitive comments some people here make, I'd be pretty pi**ed off if I were in your shoes too.
  by: StarShadow     12/03/2008 05:08 PM     
  My point...  
is that sympathy can be found, but won't always be found within those on Shortnews. Just be glad this wasn't posted on 4chan!

Coming in, guns blazing, at people who make anonymous snarky comments will incite more snarky comments.

I am sorry for what any family suffers through in most of these stories. The point remains, however, that Shortnews is a place to find enjoyment from the unusual news item. This is not something that normally happens, so it is a prime subject for Shortnews.

Most of the time, if you read through the posts on here, the snark is balanced with true compassion. However, this is the Internet, and we are relatively anonymous. Count yourself lucky.
  by: zalpha     12/03/2008 09:55 PM     
  family matters

I was once in a bit of a row with a family member related to a shortnews summary i posted-- the one about the kid who got shot in his belt buckle under strange circumstances....

  by: theironboard     12/03/2008 10:23 PM     
I would have to agree. I would like to apologize to amber for the nitpicking. It was 4am in the morning and I was grumpy, combined with the attacks of members of the forum and the suttle threats, it kind of pissed me off and I wrongfully took it out on her. Either way, we'll find out more info as it comes out.
  by: ncheek     12/03/2008 11:00 PM     
can only be said so many times, I refuse to say it again, as it serves no purpose if someone will not except a meaningful apology it. And the sort of shock these people are in right now I do not expect them to understand that. The first stage of grief I found my self numbed, others go into denial and just can’t believe it, now usually this is followed by anger, I found in some of my losses, being angry helped me but not those I aimed it at, luckily for me when my Mum went I had good friends that stayed with me, through all temper & unfair insults I threw at tham and was there for me through my despair. On my fathers death I was convinced he would come back, even though I was there at the time of his death for months I woke up believing he was still in the home and even heard his voice, of course all in my own mind I was only 14.It took four months to actually cry...

I totally sympathise with this family and Brenda friends, losing someone through illness is tragic enough but in an accident it is an over-whelming shock, as it comes so sudden, the worst is not having closure, luckily for me I have not had that one but I have lived long enough to have experienced loss on all of the above and more, and I find the more loss you get, you may appear to deal with it a great deal better, but the reality is it is far more painful having to be strong for others and holding that pain and grief inside.

This is a hell of a mystery I know this may be well off but I wonder if she had some sort of blood clot or even brain haemorrhage, hence the phone being left.

I am sorry I have not been back since my cock up, though I did look in I had to deal with matters of my own but this was on my agenda, I loath to see people suffer, how I wish I could help.
  by: captainJane     12/03/2008 11:36 PM     
Thank you to everyone who posted your thoughts objectively and for your kind words.

I want to clarify, I was not threatening violence towards erasedgod in my desire to meet him personally. I simply expect for people to say (or type) what they mean, and I am certain he would choose different words if he had to look me in the eyes while saying them.

Good luck and goodbye!

  by: amber   12/04/2008 04:06 AM     
  I am  
locking this thread. I don't think there's anymore that could be said by anyone.

I would ask all ShortNews members to be considerate of each other, that goes for people coming here to sound off on others, as well. There's a marked lack of consideration and common courtesy in the world today, it would be nice to have us respect each other and our individual situations before we get into long-winded debates about something that is such a private matter.

A woman died. A grieving husband wants to know why. There's no more that can be said.
  by: Lois_Lane     12/04/2008 12:49 PM     
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