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                 01/19/2018 06:34 PM  
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11/30/2008 11:19 PM ID: 75195 Permalink   

Microsoft to Offer Free Anti-Virus


Microsoft has announced that beginning in July, 2009, the software giant will provide free anti-virus software for users of their XP, Vista and Windows 7 versions of their operating system.

Microsoft currently provides a service called "One Care", which is a subscriber based service for which they charge a fee. That product will end in in July when their new free security product called "Morro" begins distribution.

The new Morro software reportedly protects against spyware, rootkits and trojans. Within a day of Microsoft making the announcement on Tuesday, software vendors McAfee and Symantec saw their stock shares take a dive.

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  Microsoft, eh?  
No thanks. I'll stick with NOD32.
  by: HeadlineNews     11/30/2008 11:28 PM     
..yeah ok. I'll trust Microsoft to protect myself from Microsoft who can't fix decade-old bugs from their operating system... o_O

Seriously, they still have not fixed the save-as bug where you right click an image, go to save as, and the default is a BMP and you can't change it to the correct format.

That's existed since at least Windows 3.1! I have to use http://www.saveastool (yes, it looks like save a stool, which is why I've always remembered that site LOL) to save .jpg's that would otherwise be saved as .bmps. gah.

Kaspersky for me <3
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/01/2008 12:40 AM     
"Seriously, they still have not fixed the save-as bug where you right click an image, go to save as, and the default is a BMP and you can't change it to the correct format."

thats simply not true... i have vista and just tested it.. its whatever the default is and bmp as the secondary. and i've never noticed it in any windows OS i've use for that matter, back to the first edition of win98 its always been the way i just discribed the default THEN bmp as a backup if you want to change from default.
  by: HAVOC666     12/01/2008 12:54 AM     
  I think this is a good thing....  
I also think that norton is going to be pissed. I heard a while back they wanted to add further protection to vista or windows 7 and that norton were kickup a stink that they would be provented from modifiying certain windows settings. Thing is but, these companys make money of microsoft's flaws, so i really don't see what they can do if microsoft wan'ts to get there act together and provide a service to remove virus'. Also i would trust microsoft more to provide anti virus as it's there os so they should know the code and flaws better then anyone.
  by: shiftyfarker   12/01/2008 01:08 AM     
  @ shiftyfarker  
I wouldn't trust MS to tie my shoes much less rely on them for my anti-malware needs. Remember, their incompetence is the sole reason that anti-virus products exist to begin with. If they were all that "familiar with their own code" the avti-virus companies would have been out of business long ago.

  by: HeadlineNews     12/01/2008 01:34 AM     
Didn't Microsoft get sued because they were including Media Player/Internet Explorer on their operating systems for free, essentially now allowing other companies to be competitive in the market. Now with Microsoft offering this for free, I can see McAfee and Symantec suing Microsoft, as it violates their right to a competitive market environment.
  by: TheAvenger8     12/01/2008 01:38 AM     
  @ TheAvenger8  
I don't see that happening. MS would be no more liable for impeding on their business than would Grisoft or any other number or companies that provide free anti-virus products.
  by: HeadlineNews     12/01/2008 01:42 AM     
You don't know what you're talking about on this issue. It's a bug that is well documented - the bug only lets you save images as default image type which is .BMP - it's the only option you get and there is no way to change the image type to save as via a drop down. The problem STILL persists in Vista as I have experienced it myself in Vista Ultimate. There are dozens of different causes of this bug, some of which are essentially uncontrollable. Usually it can be fixed by clearing any temp. internet cache and restarting the browser but regardless, the problem is quite annoying and quite random.
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/01/2008 01:47 AM     
I have to agree with Havoc. I can go to any image site and right click on the image and click save as and it saves the image as a jpeg or whatever it is. I don't even get the .bmp option anymore, just .jpeg or default setting.

I used XP pro if that helps any.
  by: orthiad   12/01/2008 02:31 AM     
  Using Firefox  
eliminates a lot of problems.
  by: HeadlineNews     12/01/2008 02:36 AM     
It doesn't matter if you agree, you are still wrong. Try any of the links I provided or google the bug yourself. It's not that hard to see it exists. Just because you are not experiencing it right now doesn't mean the bug isn't present.

When you save an image in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the image is saved by default as a bitmap (.bmp). You do not have the option to save the image by using an extension other than .bmp. You experience this behavior even when the image uses a different format (such as .gif or .jpeg).

For example, when you right-click an image on a Web page, and then click Save Picture As, the file name that appears in the File name box is Untitled, and the file type that appears in the Save as type box is Bitmap (*.bmp).
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/01/2008 02:55 AM     
I think I will stick with my Kaspersky 2008 with expired keys no thank you sir!
  by: rutgers   12/01/2008 05:39 AM     
  Microsft Knockers  
Its good to see the Ms knockers are alive and well. I'll bet most of you are using Xp or Vista. If it wasnt for Microsoft, I doubt we'd all be here talking on the net. Please dont start about Mac or Linux. Linux has still only got less than 1 percent of the market.
Most of the bugs in Windows come from harware and other software.
  by: Blackwidow   12/01/2008 05:54 AM     
It says its because of a corrupt file, so its not a bug, none of my computers do this. Anyway who would really care about such a pitiful little problem, its easy enough to change the file.
I'll say it again, if it wasnt for Microsoft, Computers and programmes would be a lot more expensive then they are.
  by: Blackwidow   12/01/2008 06:10 AM     
Who Cares!
  by: shiftyfarker   12/01/2008 06:26 AM     
The “corrupted file” issue is one of around a dozen different causes of the problem. Furthermore, the problem has persisted since Windows 3.1. Since the problem has existed for well over a decade, even if it was just a "corrupted file" causing it, then the root of the problem lies in the operating system (Windows) which causes the "corrupted file" to become corrupted in the first place, thus it is clearly a bug. I care because an obvious bug that's been in their system for over a decade hasn't been fixed yet. Instead of focusing on their bugs they introduce new fancy mac inspired gui that does nothing but bog down the operating system while their bugs leave their system as open as a las vegas hooker. Gah.


I do, obviously, or I wouldn't have brought it up.
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/01/2008 07:13 AM     
You're probably one of ten people in the whole world who gives a shit about this problem, thats why they havent fixed it. Actually they might not be fixing it just to annoy you.
If its such a big problem why not buy a Mac, they're only about double the price of a PC now.
  by: Blackwidow   12/01/2008 07:44 AM     
Considering there is a website tool dedicated to this problem - - and given that there are 451,000 hits on google when you search for "IE Untitled.bmp" without the quotes, I'm pretty sure there are just a *couple* more than 10 people being affected by this bug.

As for Macs, no thanks =] I'm not much for cults ^_^
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/01/2008 08:15 AM     
I use to be a computer technician and have to say this is the first time i have ever heard about this issue. I am not saying it doesn't exist i just think that the small amount of users that this effects have better things to do then bitch about the format that they can save a picture as. If you are not happy with the progression of the Windows Operating system then perhaps you should make the transition to Linux or Mac OS. I would really like to see Mac OS or Linux get substantial market share just to see how they keep up with there own exploits, the fact is the vast majority of the issues associated with Windows are caused by it's popularity and openness, The popularity of windows has lead to a great deal of people investing time in building malicious software, Anyone can build software for windows, windows will go on pretty much any home computer, you won't get the same driver support with Linux, your stuck with apples hardware with mac os. The amount people bitch about windows just shows there ignorance, Windows is where it is because it offers the best product, they have the most software available and the largest user base.
  by: shiftyfarker   12/01/2008 08:16 AM     
You are very lucky my friend. I don't much mind the flaws in general - I will take a Windows box over linux or mac any day of the week. But this flaw has *always* angered me. Not so much it exists, because there are easy solutions to it, download the images and use a program like Xat to convert it to jpg or another program to rename the file from untitled.bmp to whatever and convert it as well. The reason it really just makes me angry is it has existed for over a decade. It's a well known documented bug that has been in every revision of Windows since at least 3.1 - that's what irks me. Not the bug itself, or a buggy OS, just the fact that a bug can go a decade without being patched... that is what irks me >_<

It's just one of thsoe things that makes me grind my teeth. You know how some people hate when people say ATM Machine? I hate when a bug goes unpatched for such an extended period of time when it has been reported time and time again. Meh. Oh well.
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/01/2008 08:30 AM     
I don't know what's with these lamers suggesting this is not a problem. What you described is a well known bug in Windows. Just because it doesn't show up some or most of the time doesn't mean that the bug does not exist. I have personally experienced the bug from time to time in XP and can assure the less computer literate here, that it does happen.

I'm not a Microsoft hater, but I'm not sure I would trust them to make a good anti-virus protection. After all, if I were writing a virus, the first thing I would test my virus against is the free and common anti-virus that existed, in this case Microsoft's own free one.

I actually wrote a virus for the Atari ST back in 1989. It was a 480 byte boot sector virus. The proof that I had written some good stealth code was when the most popular anti-virus of the day told me that although it had identified the boot sector on the infected disk as executable, it determined that there was only a 16% chance that the boot sector was harmful.

In reality, my virus was very evil and after a few spreads started erasing sectors on floppy disks at will and exponentially erasing more random sectors until it destroyed the target disk.

I never released my virus into the wild, because I'm not like that. But it would have been a fairly mean one. Not as good as a morphing virus or a non-boot sector virus, but damaging none the same.

So in short, I question the wisdom of trusting Microsoft's free virus killer, and the bug you mentioned does exist.
  by: ZCT     12/01/2008 08:38 AM     
Just think, if you spent your energy writing some code to fix this so called .bmp bug, we would not be sitting here wasting our time talking about something as trivial as this. Instead you chose to write a virus just like a lot of other fools who cant really code to save their lives, just enough to make other peoples lives miserable.
Onya mate.
  by: Blackwidow   12/01/2008 10:19 AM     
  @ TheAvenger8  
They were sued for making them integral parts of the system and had to give users the option of not installing or using them.

As for the anti-virus, I've always asked myself, why with all that free (and usable) anti-virus software, Microsoft doesn't offer one for free as well.

I just installed Sun's VirtualBox on XP and Ubuntu 8.10 in it by the way.
  by: MouseJunkie     12/01/2008 10:45 AM     
You absolutely have no idea about what your talking about. I was a web design/developer and web programming language instructor at technical schools (among other various titles I've held in the I.T. field). You've got major user error issues...
  by: Jell-O   12/01/2008 11:39 AM     
I haven't seen such a stupid comment for quite some time.

You know nothing about my coding skills. But I can assure you that writing a virus in assembly language and limiting the size to 480 bytes of stealth code is not an easy task.

Writing it helped me hone my skills to produce a security routine for a useful project I later worked on. I learned about direct sector loading without a directory track or FAT.

Who the hell are you to question the validity of research you don't understand that I did 20 years ago? I never released the virus, so it did not harm anyone.

You claim this bug is 'trivial' that that I should have fixed it. But that's yet another stupid assessment. Because even if I currently had the skill to do that, you really think Microsoft take solicitations for bug fixes from the public?
  by: ZCT     12/01/2008 04:22 PM     
I like Windows and Microsoft, although I am a little scared by the problems of Vista, so currently use XP.

I think Vash was pointing out a reasonable issue with some Microsoft software.

When the BMP error occurs a user is forced to save the file in a BMP format which can make a small JPG into a monster file over one meg in size. You then have to find the file, and use a utility that is not part of Windows to convert the file format.

But there are many examples of long term bugs in Microsoft products.

I was once stupid enough to use Frontpage as a web design tool. They had a bug in their shared borders routine that passed through at least two and possibly three major releases of the software.

As big and rich as Microsoft are, they should not have allowed a problem so serious to remain in their software.

Getting back on topic, any virus writer is going to look to circumvent a Microsoft virus killer if it becomes hugely popular and is given away free. So the average user would probably be a little safer with something else.

Frankly, I trialed One Care, and it sucked, so Microsoft would need to do something a lot more impressive.
  by: ZCT     12/01/2008 04:31 PM     
thank you so much microsoft, what a very original idea. it's not like i've been using free anti viruses for the past ten years or so.
  by: ProTesTa     12/01/2008 07:31 PM     
Reminds me of that story when Sony recently announced they were going to make an iPod. Day late, buck short.
  by: ZCT     12/01/2008 08:00 PM     
Despite the fact that you have provided a link to support your argument, some Genius think that you are concocting this.

What Vash ha said is true but not entirely. What I mean is this problem exists with MS OS, the way around it is to have installed another 3rd party Photo enhancer, or Photo viewer which works in concert with MS OS.

If you only have MS photo and fax viewer, you will encounter this issue, irregardless of what source you are right clicking. Since bmp is by default MS picture saver.

However, after you save, you can reassign another extension, by re-saving it as jpg.

Vash Take a look at this registry string. it will give you a very good idea of what you need to change. But before you change anything make sure you have backed up your registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




Or save this in a notepad and give it a name "changedbmptopaint.reg" and then execute it. This will give you an option of of a dropdown list.

  by: isuzu     12/01/2008 08:12 PM     
You only told me about your ability to write viruses, so why would I assume you know anything else.
Also, I am not saying Ms is perfect, but I'm sure if they only had to code for 1 machine as in Apple, there would be a lot less problems.
If you have such skills why not become a beta tester for Microsft products and help them improve their product.
I'll say it once more, without Ms, I doubt we would be sitting here talking about this anyway.
  by: BlackWidow   12/01/2008 09:31 PM     
“You only told me about your ability to write viruses, so why would I assume you know anything else.”

- Because common sense should tell you that if a programmer is capable of writing a stealth virus in assembly language, they probably know what they are doing.

I only wrote one, and did not release it. It was merely an exercise at a time when viruses were still quite a novel concept.

As a computer concept a virus is actually a very interesting field of study.

“Also, I am not saying Ms is perfect, but I'm sure if they only had to code for 1 machine as in Apple, there would be a lot less problems.”

- I never really attacked Microsoft. I actually like much of what they do.

“If you have such skills why not become a beta tester for Microsft products and help them improve their product.”

- I have worked as a beta tester for Microsoft actually. I worked with Windows 98 ME, and sent them all kinds of feedback about it.

“I'll say it once more, without Ms, I doubt we would be sitting here talking about this anyway.”

- I agree. I don’t know why you assume that because I have small amounts of criticism for them that I am a hater of Bill Gates and his evil empire. I think that MS have revolutionized the computer world, and am very pleased with much of what they have done.
  by: ZCT     12/01/2008 09:39 PM     
  Is The Microsoft Antivirus  
something they created themselves or is it one they bought from someone else? If it is one they acquired does anyone know what it was formerly?
  by: ichi     12/01/2008 10:00 PM     
Negative, it's not an user error issue. It's apparent that you have no clue what you are talking about on this issue so it's best for you to just drop it. Stick with web development.
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/02/2008 01:49 AM     
Ok now i understand, it's not that you hate the whole OS because of a couple of unfortunate issues it's that it's like a pet peeve, got ya now. I do understand, i grew up with computers and pretty much delt exclusivly with Windows until i went to college and i do agree that things have remained unfixed through the progression of windows i just think that i have become immune to the angst that it causes given the amount that i have had to deal with issues. I have to say that i absolutely hated pre WindowsXP(winME,Win98,Win95,3.1), it was the most frustrating thing ever and when i got XP it was just such a dramatic improvement that i really stopped caring about any issues associated with windows, because no matter how shit some of the issues were it was still a 1000 times better then 98 and 95 with all sort of blue screen errors. I am now a developer and it has given me a great understanding of how problems can go unfixed through out the progress of a program, most of the times it's lazyness and the rest of the time you just have to way up the time(cost) / benefit. Sorry if i came a cross as a bit of a dick i didn't really understand the tone of your argument.
  by: shiftyfarker   12/02/2008 02:56 AM     
I have over 4gig ram so i have little choice but to use vista(64bit XP just ain't no good). i tested Vista while it was in beta so i kinda new what to expect when Vista was released, if there was no 64 bit version of vista i would be using XP, Vista32 is just too slow and does not seem stable. As for virus utilities i use none, my current job is as a developer so i use a range of Virtual machines to simulate certain environments, i use these virtual machines for any unsafe Internet activities or unknown website i may goto. Linux is particularly useful for using the web as you have a pretty low chance of being infected by malicious code or i can just use XP and when it does become corrupt load a temple VM. I was reading about One care and apparently it has gotten much better, it is tied at no1 with mcaffy for lowest false positives and has significantly improved it's malware and virus identification. Personally if i could i would have as many programs Microsoft as possible because if they cant make them run on there own software then i don't have much faith in anyone else.
  by: shiftyfarker   12/02/2008 03:25 AM     
There will always be those who hate Microsoft and for infinite reasons. Bill Gates is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word but he is by no means the only one. Others have great ideas and operating systems but Gates made it into millions of businesses and homes first. This is why most of us use Windows and bitch about it. Some of us hate the bugs in the OS and others hate the fact that Gates became rich from his efforts. In any case though, this is why viruses, malware and the like are written to attack Windows and not the other operating systems out there.
Think about this: If you wanted to write some code that attacked computers for whatever reason, would you focus on the OS with the least users or the most?
I applaude Microsoft for this move as it will help many who are illiterate of how their computers and the internet work. I will also continue to to use Windows as well as criticize Microsoft when I feel they have made a mistake.

  by: bbeljefe     12/02/2008 06:05 AM     
  After reading through the mile and a half...  
I would have to say that being virus free with Ubuntu is a very comforting feeling.

I even got my wife to switch. Wasn't too hard.

I've been a professional tech since Windows 95 came out, and have experience going back to learning BASIC on a Apple (Not Macintosh... Apple) clone in 1982. I've used every version of Windows from 3.11 to Server 2008.

I've also used every Mac OS version from 2 through 10.

Windows has always been a piece of crap. Microsoft wormed its way into every home in the country with mediocre (at best) software. I suffered through the fiasco of 2000, and the even bigger fiasco that was ME. I have experienced most operating systems before the firestorms begin, but I know they are coming. Every version of Windows has had problems since 95. Every. Single. Version. And everyone looks back on the previous versions as being the "gold standard."

Spend one month using Ubuntu, or Red Hat, or Suse, or any other flavor of Linux, and it is easy to see what a gold standard should be.

No, Linux is not perfect. You have to wonder, though, why a company as big as Apple would trash their own software and rebuild it with a Linux core.
  by: zalpha     12/02/2008 10:23 PM     
Nothing is free there will be something that we will pay for down the road.
  by: rogeratvfan   12/03/2008 08:39 AM     
  Linux 2 win!  
Windows is just sad really!
  by: FunkMan   12/03/2008 09:19 PM     
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