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                 01/24/2018 08:07 AM  
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12/09/2008 04:13 AM ID: 75388 Permalink   

70-Year-Old Indian Woman Gives Birth


Rajo Devi, a 70-year-old Indian woman, has given birth to her first child. Her healthy baby girl was conceived thanks to in vitro fertilization, which Devi and her 72-year-old husband had turned to after trying for 50 years to get pregnant.

The doctor who treated Devi said that he foresaw no medical problems for mother or child but did show concern over the likelihood that the child may be orphaned at an early age due to the advanced age of the child’s parents.

Despite advances in IVF, some medical ethics experts question the clinics decision to accept Devi as a patient, despite doctors at a clinic in the Indian state of Haryana determining that she was healthy enough to survive the high-risk pregnancy.

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  I'm confused  
I thought all women experience menopause long before they're 70. Or don't you need to menstruate to bear children?
  by: caution2     12/09/2008 04:36 AM     
  every woman is different.  
I just want to know who is screwing a 70 y/o woman.
  by: elzorro   12/09/2008 04:57 AM     
  Or maybe I don't.  
  by: elzorro   12/09/2008 04:58 AM     
  @caution2 @elzorro  
@caution2 - No, menstruation isn't necessary to bear children - implantation can still occur without menstruation.

@elzorro - IVF was responsible for this woman's pregnancy, so technically a IVF expert in a clinic was the one doing the "screwing".
  by: vash_the_stampede     12/09/2008 05:28 AM     
  A womb...  
can even be grown back in some cases.

With this stem cell we will see many impossible thing unfold over the years.

I do hope that child has relatives nearby, it is a worry a woman that age giving birth.
  by: captainJane     12/09/2008 05:36 AM     
  I spoke out of ignorance of the situation.  
I apologize. My 95 y/o grandmother (who I dearly love) just had a minor stroke. The most obvious symptom was a loss of inhibition. She has taken to removing her clothes and wandering the hospital halls naked.

BUT, if I was a 95 y/o man, I'd probably find her quit attractive. She has taken very good care of herself. If I live to be her age, I hope I look half as good.
  by: elzorro   12/09/2008 06:18 AM     
  Got off the track there.  
What doc would impregnate a woman her age? How can this be considered a good thing?
  by: elzorro   12/09/2008 06:21 AM     
"I just want to know who is screwing a 70 y/o woman."

Although she conceived through IVF, she also has a72-year-old husband ;-)
  by: TabbyCool     12/09/2008 10:25 AM     
  50 years!  
what a lucky guy... 50 years of trying! whew...
  by: Trevelyan   12/09/2008 05:04 PM     
  I cannot imagine the thought of having  
another kid at the age of 40. I do like to practice though.

When you think about it, this is a very selfish act. Even if they do live to raise the kid, it's not gonna be so easy on them or the child.

These folks should have seriously considered adoption about 40 years ago.

  by: bbeljefe     12/10/2008 01:32 AM     
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