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                 01/18/2018 05:00 AM  
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12/11/2008 04:56 PM ID: 75443 Permalink   

Smoking Rooms Eliminated Following Erection


Only two months after smoking areas were erected at two hospitals, the desire to go smoke-free on the premises will eliminate the smoking rooms entirely and replace them with smoking shelters.

NHS Lothian will eliminate smoking rooms at Royal Edinburgh as well as at Astley Ainslie. The will then provide smoking shelters in it's phased shut down of the indoor smoking areas. The Health Board claims the action will assist smokers in quitting.

The Health Board states, "These shelters will act as a platform to promote our stop smoking services, to encourage people to seek help to give up smoking from one of our dedicated smoking cessation nurses."

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Why not just ban smoking from the hospitals all together?!
  by: Jediman3     12/11/2008 05:37 PM     
Because it's probably against their human rights or something.
  by: Heresy   12/11/2008 05:51 PM     
  This sucks  
As a smoker I think ridiculous the we are persecuted for our habit. I hate being forced to stand outside in all kinds of weather to get my fix. Here the don't even give us a shelter to get out of the rain.
  by: elzorro   12/11/2008 08:11 PM     
  I'd rather  
walk my happy ass outside anyways for a smoke. Have you been in some of these smoking rooms? It will make you want to quit.
  by: DoubleTake   12/11/2008 08:35 PM     
THAT kind of erection... he he
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   12/11/2008 09:36 PM     
Isuzu (Clapping) Your headlines are sure to draw flies to the light...

  by: isuzu     12/11/2008 09:40 PM     
lol at hospital staff smoking.

God I wish they would just ban tobacco and caffeine. think of the motivation for change THEN eh? people would be climbing over each other to get to washinton DC faster.
  by: Trevelyan   12/11/2008 10:00 PM     
  What's fked  
is that in Australia they made outside smoke areas once smoking in clubs and pubs were banned all together and then dick head no smokers still come out there and winge. Sure it is our habit but it seems to be less about health and more about pissing people off.
  by: shiftyfarker   12/11/2008 11:37 PM     
I am a firm believer if you want to smoke do it at home or in your car not around me!
  by: rogeratvfan   12/12/2008 01:19 PM     
if the zealous people who want smoking banned really did it for everyones health they woulldnt be making them stand in in -30 celcius weather to have a smoke.
  by: thedeeder   12/12/2008 03:34 PM     
  not @roger  
lol that wasnt for roger just a general commment

  by: thedeeder   12/12/2008 03:35 PM     
I agree people shouldn't be persecuted for their habits. I like to drink, but whenever I do it and go drive around, or even walk out in public, I am persecuted by police. My friend is persecuted for his habit of telling children they're going to be murdered in their sleep by clowns.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   12/13/2008 05:47 AM     
  Smoking bans are just the first step...  
I am personally not a tobacco smoker; and I am totally opposed to these smoking bans. They are just opening the flood gates for all of the next "society-saving" agendas. It's against our business owners civil rights to disallows smoking in their establishments.

PS; Regarding these smoking areas - These are disgusting, at the Metrodome here in Minneapolis, we momentarily stepped into one of these "designated smoking areas" and I'm surprised these people don't INSTANTLY die of smoke asphyxiation.

You don't like the smoke, then don't go there... that's how it should be. You dying of lung cancer from working in a smokey bar? You're a moron, get a new job.
  by: I Need $   12/13/2008 07:04 PM     
  More bans needed  
Smoking needs to be banned while walking. If you can't keep your stinky habit in your designated smoking area near the building then get arrested and flogged. Only the dumb and ignorant smoke anyway so who cares about them at all.
  by: brainiac   01/07/2009 02:40 PM     
  ban it all  
Why not ban dining facilities to discourage obeseity? Give the smokers a place to light up for Christ's sake. They're probably stressing out just dealing with being in hospitals in the first place, give them a break.
  by: yankeedave   01/07/2009 10:52 PM     
  Fulfilling the craving without smoking  
Electronic cigarettes provide the tactile sensations of smoking using a smoke-like vapor that contains no smoke. Also, they are about half the cost of tobacco cigarettes. My mother, a 50 year smoker, has not touched a tobacco cigarette since she tried the starter kit I bought for her. She reports no urge to smoke even when with friends that are smoking. She also claims to be able to breathe easier and have more stamina. She has said her electronic cigarette is, "a godsend." In addition to avoiding cigarette taxes you also avoid the tar, carbon monoxide, and the thousands of chemicals contained in tobacco smoke.
  by: qaz668   06/10/2010 12:09 PM     
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