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                 01/16/2018 10:38 AM  
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12/11/2008 07:22 PM ID: 75448 Permalink   

Deputy Charged in Groping Breast of Teenage Girl While Her Father Lays Dying


Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy James Doyle, 45, of Long Beach, has plead not guilty to charges of groping the breast of a 15-year-old girl while her father lay dying in a local hospital. Doyle is charged with committing a lewd act on a child.

According to the charges, Doyle reportedly took the hospitalized father's two young girls out to eat. The breast groping incident took place while Doyle was taking the girls home.

Although the girl's mother became aware of the incident a week after it happened, she waited until the child's father died in September to alert authorities. If convicted, Doyle faces three years in prison.

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I don't know about this one. I mean did he reach in the back of the patrol car while driving to grope her? And why did the mother wait so long? I know as a parent if my children alerted me to something of this nature it would be reported right away even with my spouse in the hospital.

I would really like to see the follow up to this it has me torn.
  by: TaraB     12/11/2008 08:51 PM     
  hmmm i dunno  
i can kind of understand the mother waiting for the husband to die before taking any action. I mean, hes dying in hospital, obviously cant do anything about it.. why add more stress / worry / heartache to him?

So yeah... i can understand waiting for him to pass on before doing anything.
  by: M4CRO_   12/11/2008 09:29 PM     
  why wait?  
I don't see how you can say that waiting was an appropriate response. Some people handle stress differently, especially when it revolves around the health of a loved one, but not tending to pressing matters that are currently happening in your life - thats just ridiculous.

I'm not saying that it didnt happen, because it very well could have, but if it did, I don't like the way the mother handled it. It's kinda like saying "my house was on fire, but my husband was in the hospital so i couldnt handle calling the fire department right now."

id have to see more information to make a judgement though. why would the woman wait over 2 months to say something? what were the kids doing having dinner with this guy anyway unless he was a friend of the family?
  by: teh_epic     12/11/2008 09:47 PM     
  @ TaraB  
Who said that it happened in a patrol car?
  by: HeadlineNews     12/11/2008 09:55 PM     
"And why did the mother wait so long?"
The article said she waited for her husband to pass away. How exactly was she supposed to concentrate on this pervert while her husband and the father of her children lay dying. It's a matter of priorities. I am sure if she was raped by the deputy that the matter would have been more immeadiate.

"I know as a parent if my children alerted me to something of this nature it would be reported right away even with my spouse in the hospital."
Well I wouldn't want to be your spouse, no offense.
  by: RAD     12/11/2008 10:24 PM     
@ Headline Im sorry it was in a car not a patrol car-"Prosecutors say while driving the girls home, Doyle reached under the 15-year-old's shirt and grabbed her breast."

@RAD- well I wouldn't want to be your spouse either. You can file a complaint and have an attorney working on it while you tend to your spouse. Waiting 3 months to also tend to your child and especially as something that would be a felony would be neglectful. Thats why there are attorneys around. You file the complaint and the attorney can handle things that you won't have to and then you can take care of your family. Oh and RAD do you think she let the family friend/sherrif continue to be around her children and her dying husband after she found out?

Doyle was working as a courtroom baliff at the time of his arrest and the fact that he was a family friend would have been very important to the article since it is such a small story. Teaches me to asses the news without reading the original article.
  by: TaraB     12/11/2008 11:16 PM     
It says that he was driving them home. It doesn't say that he was driving them home in a patrol car. Besides, he is a court bailiff. Court bailff's aren't issued patrol cars because they don't work patrol. He was in his privately owned vehicle. He was a friend of the victim's now deceased father.
  by: HeadlineNews     12/12/2008 12:19 AM     
Thank you for repeating what I had posted. You stated none of that in your summary I read the article and then stated it. The way you had the summary written was that he was a Sherrif who had taken the girls out to eat which is why I incorrectly said patrol car. Once I read the article I said "Headline Im sorry it was in a car not a patrol car"

Nowhere in your summary did it state he was working as a baliff or a family friend which is why I said it at the end of my last comment. Personally I would have mentioned he was a friend of the family there was more than enough room in the second paragraph but that is just me.
  by: TaraB     12/12/2008 01:24 AM     
  WTF difference does it make whether  
this girl was groped in a patrol car or his personal vehicle?? A little girl has been (allegedly) groped! Would it be "official business" had it occured in a patrol car?

I understand this woman not wanting to worry her dying husband over this event but consider this.. What if, during her delay, in waiting for her husband to die this man had groped another young girl or worse, molested another. Shines a light of selfish disregard on this woman in my opinion. Also, as tara said, this matter could have been addressed without her husband's knowledge.

  by: bbeljefe     12/12/2008 03:57 AM     
Many thanks. Like I said once you get an attorney involved she could have focused on her husband and her children. I only hope she got the 15 year old in therapy if she was unable to give her the extra time she needed.
  by: TaraB     12/12/2008 04:10 AM     
What is it with people these days? I mean seriously!!!! Breasts are a dime a dozen... why grab a kids chest especially one with a dying father, that take an extra special creep.
  by: rogeratvfan   12/12/2008 08:15 AM     
  OMG who cares  
as if its a crime cause he touched her breast. SHe is the age of consent, or should be. I find teenagers attractive too and I am 40 years old, in fact i get to act on these attractions sometimes. I bet the little whore enjoyed it.
  by: cybergenesis2008   12/12/2008 10:24 AM     
where are you from??? 15 is not age of consent in the United States. thats just sick man!
  by: johnnymca   12/12/2008 05:34 PM     
  Another Tragedy Compounded  
The punishment should be doubled if he is convicted. If he did this he violated not only the law but a trust that an officer of the law has sworn to protect.
  by: ichi     12/13/2008 02:03 AM     
I would suggest you just ignore cybergenesis2008 - Every comment of his I have read says something designed to incite people into arguing with him. He is a Troll
  by: Convivial   12/13/2008 11:44 AM     
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