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                 07/24/2014 04:37 PM  
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12/19/2008 10:16 AM ID: 75602 Permalink   

Cheney May Face Prosecution Under New Administration


Senator for Michigan Carl Levin has warned current US Vice President Dick Cheney that he may face prosecution under a new administration, following statements by Mr. Cheney which Levin claim amounts to the condoning of torture.

The vice president made statements earlier this week condoning the use of waterboarding as an interrogation technique, a technique widely used in terrorist cases under the current US administration.

A recently published internal report into the alleged abuses carried out under the outgoing administration in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, stated that abuses "cannot simply be attributed to the actions of "a few bad apples' acting on their own."

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  As much as I would love to see...  
...Cheney and Bush punished for the incompetance, arrogance, the torture of non-charged suspects and the obvious illegal muder and mutilation of thousands of innocents I can't see it happening.
The US is far to corrupt to see justice at that level.
  by: ozric   12/19/2008 10:38 AM     
  just put him on the stand.  
I'm sure shocked citizens won't pass up an opportunity to pressure justice - no matter how corrupt the trial would be.

OJ trial will be nothing on this.
  by: redstain   12/19/2008 12:12 PM     
I gotta see.
  by: isuzu     12/19/2008 12:34 PM     
  <deleted by admin>  
<deleted by admin>
  by: TheWorldDeservesHate   12/19/2008 02:15 PM     
would pardon him.
  by: John E Angel     12/19/2008 02:34 PM     
  America can't do the job  
Bush and Cheney should be turned over to an international tribunal to be tried tor crimes against humanity.
  by: TheBlob   12/19/2008 05:25 PM     
  Cheney May Face Prosecution Under New Administrati  
That will be the day...
  by: Red_Aphex   12/19/2008 05:44 PM     
  If it did happen  
it would restore my faith in America and our Government. Since it won’t happen I have no use for this corrupt, fascist bunch of Nazis that are extorting ‘taxes’ from “We the People” and abusing civilizations across the globe. How can anyone be proud of a government that tortures helpless prisoners? I am disgusted and sickened by everything our government represents. Reprehensible criminals, not fit to judge anyone. Someone please overthrow these fascist and free us from these tyrants.
  by: valkyrie123     12/20/2008 04:01 PM     
  Agreed with The Blob  
However, it won't happen. I'd love to see some jurisdiction (I believe Belgium has the ability) try these guys in absentia for the crime of waging an aggressive war (this is what Hitler's crew were convicted of, not crimes against humanity). This wouldn't result in anything more than some travel restrictions as these guys wouldn't be able to go to some places for fear of being arrested, but at least it would be some sort of public recognition of what they've done, and it would bring permanent tarnish to their legacy. This is important, as there has to be *something* to make the next guys who might try this to think twice.
  by: Mister crank     12/20/2008 04:07 PM     
Somebody has a warped sense of humour!

Cheney face "justice" in Washington or anywhere else on this planet?

When pigs fly!

And when I say fly, I mean when pigs pilot starships!

When the Bush took office, they removed the word justice from the dictionary.
  by: DeepSand   12/20/2008 06:59 PM     
  And Justice For All  
What a concept !!!!!
  by: ichi     12/22/2008 06:30 PM     
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