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                 01/19/2018 06:35 PM  
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01/01/2009 12:30 AM ID: 75896 Permalink   

Y2K9 (almost)


The year 2000 may not have seen the disasters predicted by some as internal clocks were made to make the shift into the new millennium, but this year Microsoft's Zune players have.

By Wednesday afternoon, new years eve, only Microsoft's 30GB Zune players have been left functioning. A bug similar to the dreaded and overhyped Y2K has shut the rest down.

Microsoft has said that once their batteries have been run down and the device started up again after the new year, they should function properly.

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Wait isn't it supposed to be that the 30gb zunes are not turning back on?
  by: splicer   01/01/2009 02:24 AM     
  Way to go...  
I see that Microsoft is getting right on the problem.
  by: aaxel21   01/01/2009 02:34 AM     
"...only Microsofts 30GB Zune players have been left functioning."

Only the 30 gig models have been affected by this bug. It doesn't apply to any other Zune model.
  by: WWarrior     01/01/2009 02:57 AM     
...things like this make me wonder if manufacturers build in 'kill switches' in all their devices that can be set to randomly go off, 'killing' items well ahead of their natural expiration.
  by: vash_the_stampede     01/01/2009 05:06 AM     
  Nice one!  
Asummary from Access, nice to see you mate. :)

Happy New Year!
  by: captainJane     01/01/2009 06:09 AM     
Happy New Year!

Eh, yea ... your all correct about my mistakes ... Even my title isn't what I wanted to call it ... oopsieeeee ... Basically it was coming up for the bells, I got (and am) drunk so it's not a bad attempt, ahem *cough-cough* :)

So if it's edited to remove 'only' and add 'not' from 'new years eve, only Microsofts 30GB Zune players have been left functioning.' it works :)

Would read: 'new years eve, Microsofts 30GB Zune players have not been left functioning.'

Yea, best I can do .............. bah, new year, new start, bah-humbug :)
  by: AccessG     01/01/2009 08:05 AM     
  Ah crap ...  
Im gonna shut up cus I read that and ... BAH-HUMBUG! lol. Im gonna have a smoke and STFU :) FFS, can someone gimme a cat to dig a bigger hole?
  by: AccessG     01/01/2009 08:07 AM     
I read somewhere (can't remember where) that the actual models affected were made by Toshiba but sold under the MS label.
  by: fuzz64   01/02/2009 01:54 AM     
was one of the ones affected by this. I was almost hoping it was permanent and Microsoft would have no choice but to replace all the 30s with 80s or best case scenario 120s but it just wasn't to be.

BTW seeing your player do something like that and not knowing what's going on can give a person a heart attack!
  by: Stryc9   01/02/2009 09:56 AM     
  Good to see  
that we're learning from our prior mistakes....<sigh>
  by: Red_Aphex   01/02/2009 03:51 PM     
  Should have known Toshiba was behind it...  
Surprised it wasn't ASUS with their crappy bug ridden software.
  by: rutgers   01/04/2009 08:20 PM     
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