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                 01/21/2018 03:29 AM  
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01/04/2009 07:03 PM ID: 75973 Permalink   

Attorney Faces Possible IRS Trouble, Owes 1 Cent


In November, defense attorney James Howarth received a letter from the IRS stating that he owes them 5 cents. The letter goes on to say that payment is due immediately, otherwise penalties and interest would accrue.

Shortly after, he received another letter stating that he was owed 4 cents and that, since the owed amount was below one dollar, Mr. Howarth would have to make a request in order to receive his refund.

Howarth gave up on contacting the IRS due to being placed on hold for excessive amounts of time. "When I owe them a nickel, I must pay them. It's not optional," he said. "But when they owe me, I have to ask for it."
IRS officials refuse to comment.

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  We fixed that problem up in Canada  
Any monies owed to the government or owed to the taxpayer at or below$1 will not be issued or requested forby the Canada Revenue Agency.

  by: hl2k   01/05/2009 06:40 AM     
I thought that was the way it worked here in the US too.. the reason behind it ..

They sent this guy two letters one saying he owed $.05 and another one saying they owned him $.04.

It costs $.41 to mail a letter. The government paid that twice.
  by: ohioankev   01/05/2009 01:14 PM     
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