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                 02/23/2018 11:07 PM  
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01/07/2009 10:48 AM ID: 76050 Permalink   

Chavez Boots Israeli Ambassador


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ordered the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador to Venezuela in a show of solidarity with the civilians suffering under the Israeli assault on the densely populated strip.

Chavez previously called on Venezuelan Jews to speak out over the 'murderers' in Tel Aviv saying “Now I hope that the Venezuelan Jewish community speaks out against this barbarism. Do it. Don't you strongly reject all acts of persecution?”

He also said that if the world had any conscience both the Israeli President and US president would stand before an International court to answer for themselves over Gaza. He also called the IDF cowards “bombing innocent people.”

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  for once  
i fully agree with him.
  by: ProTesTa     01/07/2009 01:40 PM     
hamas didnt bomb innocent people either??

hmmm guess not

its all big bad isreal.

hamas, dont worry your firing of rockets into isreal (or fireworks to many hard headed SN'ers) isnt a big deal, it may of killed civilans but no big deal eh, isreals the real bad guy for retaliating to constant breaks of cease fire from you hamas, but hey dont worry.

im surprised anyone listens to this crack pot hugo, he basically gave permission for the jewish venezulans to come out and protest, if not they would have just disappeared
  by: cray0la     01/07/2009 03:14 PM     
  Bad idea....  
While I agree with Hugo about stopping the war cutting communications will not achieve this aim. Communication must be maintained to facilitate any peace talks or protests. Diplomacy first, action last.
  by: valkyrie123     01/07/2009 03:24 PM     
Hamas started this round by breaking the cease fire and Israel is intent on ending it.

There are innocent victims in any war, and for that 'war is hell' but no-one seems to accept that as a reason to stop blowing up their enemies. So the joke called 'UN' and everyone else simply needs to stay out of it and let them kill off one another until they grow weary of human sacrifice, or run out of ammo.
  by: Hytekhik   01/07/2009 03:50 PM     
tell me how did you come to that conclusion ... ?

watching the news or are you actually in Gaza?

The Blame Game in Gaza
Erasing Israeli actions to fault only Hamas

BTW you are aware of the elections coming in Israel how does that fit into the maths of all this do you think ? or is that just pure coincidence along with the announcement that these actions could go on up until the 20th of January (a special day in the USA perhaps) otherwise what is so special about Jan 20th ????
  by: Hugo Chavez     01/07/2009 03:59 PM     
Hugo always had a sharp sense of humor.
"Aren't you all against persecution??"

You'd think the jews would be...
  by: Silentrage   01/07/2009 05:12 PM     
  Let me get this straight...  
... So just because Hamas, a third-world provisional government shot some rockets into Israel, that makes it right for Israel, a nuclear power to launch multiple full-blown airstrikes into Gaza?
For being the place where civilization supposedly emerged, the middle east sure is barbaric.
I have a feeling nothing is going to become peaceful there until the whole region is one giant glass parking lot and the only religion practiced there is Discordianism. Fnord.
  by: captainchainsaw   01/07/2009 05:32 PM     
your man with Balls of Steel. From now on I will call him. Lexington Steele.
  by: isuzu     01/07/2009 06:35 PM     
If the clicked link doesnt work use this one
  by: isuzu     01/07/2009 06:39 PM     
  thank you...  
Mr Chavez. The rest of the world needs to send a stronger message that the illegal occupation of Palestine is NOT acceptable in away shape or form.
  by: kungfucious   01/07/2009 08:11 PM     
cheers ...some admin could fix that I'm sure
  by: Hugo Chavez     01/07/2009 08:14 PM     
  An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind  
So that logic of "Hamas started it" leads us nowhere...

... not counting of course that Israel "started" it by invading Gaza, the West Bank, etc etc :-)
  by: exanime   01/07/2009 11:26 PM     
The Geneva conventions allow occupied people the right to armed resistance, Palestine is occupied by Israel last time I checked.
Hamas = Resisting occupation & agression
Israel= Occupier & aggressor

  by: lachs     01/08/2009 12:59 AM     
israel = bad guys
hamas = good guys

ahh thanks for clearing that up, and here i was thinking it was a complex situation involving many party's with many vested interests on the table, which also spans back centuries..

i'm not on the side of anyone here that claims that israel is in the right, but i am sooooooooo tired of the spam on here about how the evil stepdad (israel keeps beating on his stepson (hamas) that has done no wrong.

by your logic if hamas keep shooting rockets into israel then the problem will go away, because they have the right to do it and no one should stand in their way.

A 2 state solution is needed, israel and hamas need to stop this crap and sit down like jordan and egypt did and sort out a solid peace pact that will last.
  by: pexa02   01/08/2009 02:19 AM     
Hamas shoots rockets because of the occupation, Israel shoots Hamas, because of the rockets & to continue the occupation.

The solution is to stop the f*&^ing occupation!!!

The problem is that Israel has annexed a lot of the land it is occupying (its a Zionist thing, they think they have inalienable rights to it...), and refuses to negotiate the return of said land.
Starting to catch on now?
  by: lachs     01/08/2009 03:34 AM     
The solution isn't just Israel leaving. Your living in this black and white world but this whole thing is as grey as grey can get.

The international community put israel there so it is up to the international community to help broker a 2 state solution.

i swear, this site and its anti west rhetoric....
  by: pexa02   01/08/2009 06:59 AM     
I'm all for israel giving back the land they have annexed, im pretty sure they are going to give back the golan heights to Syria.

Point is, you seem to think Israel is going to just pack up and leave, or that it is even feasable that it should happen.

The solution isn't just Israel leaving. Your living in this black and white world but this whole thing is as grey as grey can get.

The international community put israel there so it is up to the international community to help broker a 2 state solution.

i swear, this site and its anti west rhetoric....
  by: pexa02   01/08/2009 07:00 AM     
(the start of my comment got cut off)
I am all for Israel giving back the land it has annexed. (although remember they only gained that because those countries went to war with Israel multiple times) and i am pretty sure they are giving the Golan heights back to syria soon (Don't quote me on that)
  by: pexa02   01/08/2009 07:02 AM     
Its not as if i like Hamas, its that they are the natural resistance that springs up when a people are occupied for more than 40 years, robbed of their land, rights and dignity and are treated like second class humans.

People in fear and desparation turn to religion and vote conservative so it was inevitable that a religious militaristic government would get elected by the ill educated public.

Can you blame people for their ignorance?

I see the key factor in this dispute being the continued illegal occupation, settlements and annexations. Remove these barriers to peace, give Palestine statehood and if they still attack Israel when they are sovereign then of course Israel would have an ironclad cassus belli. As is i can't accept Israel's justification for an attack of this magnitude.
  by: lachs     01/08/2009 09:10 AM     
You are right the barriers to peace do need to come down.
Israel needs to give that annexed land back AND Hamas needs to stop shooting rockets.

Obviously Israels reaction to this is overbearing and too powerful. At the end of the day though what did Hamas expect them to do? based on past experiances this is exactly what they would have expected, these casualties are not souly Israels fault, Hamas knew what it was getting itself and the citizens of Gaza into.

As i have maintained both parties need to stop this now. No one will find peace with aggression coming from either side.

  by: pexa02   01/08/2009 11:37 PM     
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