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                 01/19/2018 06:34 PM  
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01/08/2009 10:32 AM ID: 76086 Permalink   

Israeli Ship Comes Under Attack With Anti-Armor Shells in Operation 'fire bullet'


An Israeli Naval ship came under mortars attack from the north coast of the Gaza Strip by al-Quds Brigade, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement forcing it to withdraw, the organization claims

A statement from the group claimed the operation codenamed 'fire bullet' was a success stating it is the first time such weapons have been used by the Palestinian resistance.

To date 710 Palestinians half of whom are women and children have died in Israeli military actions in Gaza with over 3,100 injured .

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when we will stop asking internaional community to help, or look after the atrocities. Give equal leverage to Palestinians, Arm them with stingers and Armor piercing weaponry and lets see how a coward fairs in a battle.

Lousy rocket launchers made from plumbing tubes and pipes is not equal to F-16, or Tank, or Apache Helicopters is clearly not fair.
  by: isuzu     01/08/2009 04:34 PM     
All is fair... in love AND war!
  by: Dayron   01/08/2009 04:38 PM     
not israels fault Iran only gives Hamas outdated weaponry.
  by: arkan351   01/08/2009 05:11 PM     
  @ arkan351  
that's because 'the west' calls it sponsoring terrorism and uses that as a reason to pursue the weapons suppliers..

though when 'the west' gives israel nuclear weapons no one gives a toss
  by: bobloblaw   01/08/2009 08:10 PM     
  It's all crap.  
Neither of these sides are good guys. You point a gun at someone, you're on the wrong side. I don't care what you're fighting for. Peace comes from discussion, not bullets.
  by: Mister crank     01/08/2009 09:24 PM     
they are getting more resourcefull.
  by: rogeratvfan   01/08/2009 09:32 PM     
  @Mister crank  
How often does discussion lead to peace, pretty much every time the US undertakes a plan to bring peace to an area it involves invading a country. The discussion only happens after the enemy has been damaged so much that they are unable to resist and then you slap them with a mass of restrictions and instate a us sponsored government so as to ensure that that country will be your puppet for ever and ever.
  by: shiftyfarker   01/08/2009 11:11 PM     
  well..look on the bright side...  
if they hit a naval ship, thats an obvious military target... there's wont be any lose of innocent life that way, whereas israel has blatantly been targeting hospitals, schools and other densely populated areas. although that gaza strip is very densely populated to start with.
  by: HAVOC666     01/08/2009 11:16 PM     
  Who was it that first said  
"Peace through superior firepower"

Was that Curtis LeMay?

  by: white albino   01/08/2009 11:48 PM     
Right, so shoot first ask questions later?

your ignorant if you think dialogue never works, look at the IRA. the bombs didn't broker the peace, diplomacy did.

look at Israel - Egypt and Jordan. Again dialogue (and a kickass Jordanian king that has since passed, he used to fly his own helicopters and stuff, very very cool guy)

The biggest one, the cold war, there was dialogue throughout that period that ensured no weapons were fired at eachother in aggression. (obviously there were a few incidents such as planes getting shot down etc, but all were resolved with level headed talks)

Dialogue doesn't always work but it should ALWAYS be given the chance and it is ALWAYS better then war
  by: pexa02   01/08/2009 11:49 PM     
So, I come to your house, sleep with your wife, kick your children around and every time, you dare stand up, my buddies (USA) keep reminding you what they will do to you and your family.

You will put your tail between your legs and whimper?

Jordan and Egypt have their own houses, Egypt is the second largest recipient of hand out from USA, second to israhell, do you really expect them to do anything?

Sometimes I keep reminding myself,not to argue with blinds. They never forget their cane.
  by: isuzu     01/09/2009 06:19 AM     
If you support Hamas in any way, then you support terrorism. The best think that could happen is for Hamas to be wiped from the face of the earth.
  by: TomThumb   01/10/2009 11:06 AM     
  Good for them...  
They have as much right as anyone to defend the land that was agreed on not once but twice.
  by: captainJane     01/10/2009 02:18 PM     
  Mister Crank  
is pretty much right.

The EU and most dealings between other 1st world countries, even in the heat of the moment, rarely break out to conflict. The arab world just seems forever stuck with a need for revenge, with thousand year old grudges still causing regular firefights to this day.

I don't agree with an Israeli state, but the Arab world needs to grow up and realize that their ancient RPG-7s and AK's aren't going to make Israel shrug, and they still believe in total war. Palestine and Gaza have nobody to thank but themselves for incurring the wrath in this and every case... I just feel bad for all the people in that part of the world who don't support Hamas but are still punished for their actions.
  by: japh   01/10/2009 04:30 PM     
I wonder why Iran has been sanctioned? Do you think israhell will flinch, if they know fosho Iran has Nukes?

Westerners, still in conquest to conquer.
  by: isuzu     01/11/2009 06:40 PM     
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