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                 01/23/2018 11:06 PM  
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01/12/2009 10:34 AM ID: 76178 Permalink   

Store Refuses to Sell Alcohol to 40-Year-Old Woman, Claims She Didn't Look 18


Staff at a Tesco store in Hampshire recently refused to sell alcohol to 40-year-old Karen Hamilton, saying that she didn't look 18. Despite the protestations of other customers Ms Hamilton had go home for her passport before they would sell her beer.

"The woman at the check-out must have been about my age but she insisted on asking for ID - I thought she was joking. It became very irritating because I couldn't convince her otherwise," said Ms Hamilton.

Tesco offered an apology but tempered it by saying that Ms Hamilton should be flattered that staff thought she was so young.

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  ever hear of...  
no ID, no SALE ...
even though she may be 40, hell a kid could look 40... if u don't have the ID when asked.. then u wont get the items
  by: securityunion     01/12/2009 10:42 AM     
  I'm with Tesco  
She should have been flattered and how was the salesperson to know she was not an inspector of some sort testing her.
  by: Silvervixen     01/12/2009 10:49 AM     
  as the saying goes.  
pics for it didnt happen.
  by: DRK   01/12/2009 01:41 PM     
I don't know about Australia, but in the UK it's not usually customary to ask for ID unless the person actually looks young. I know that in some places in the USA they have a rule of asking everyone for ID so as to not discriminate, so in those places people know that they need to carry ID all the time, but I've never been anywhere in the UK where that was the case. A lot of people don't even have any valid ID as they tend to need a photo ID such as a passport or a photo driving license. My brother is 22 and doesn't drive, he doesn't own a passport either because he doesn't work and couldn't afford to go on holiday. It tends not to be an issue since the majority of places will not ask for ID from people who look over 18.

I'd like to see a picture of this woman, but I highly doubt that a 40-year-old woman could look under 18, even if she did look young for her age.
  by: TabbyCool     01/12/2009 02:05 PM     
You asked, I provided.

Picture of the woman:

She does look young but she doesn't look under 18.
  by: orthiad   01/12/2009 02:44 PM     
  I see she is married  
At least she is wearing a right. I bet her husband was elated with this event!
  by: slavefortheman     01/12/2009 02:57 PM     
  My wife and I sometimes go to  
the local casinos with friends and she is often required to show her ID. She turned 41 this year so, yes tabby, it can and does happen.

  by: bbeljefe     01/12/2009 03:28 PM     
  Too many laugh lines  
to be 18 ;)
  by: zephan     01/12/2009 03:28 PM     
Sounds like the Tesco staff had been drinking!
  by: Jediman3     01/12/2009 03:30 PM     
  I once got carded at 42 for not looking 18...  
I was so happy I wanted to kiss the waitress. It hasn't happened in a long long long (shut up) time but when it does take it as the compliment of a lifetime and bask in the glory!
  by: valkyrie123     01/12/2009 03:40 PM     
  Used to check IDs  
Its way easier to just ask for ID then to guess what age people are.

Hey we live in a era where not having your identification on you is illegal, so there isn't a reason to not have yours.

Papers... wheres your papers?

/Nazi voice
  by: Trevelyan   01/12/2009 04:09 PM     
it's vhere arrree yourrr PAYYPAAARRR's!
  by: DRK   01/12/2009 05:16 PM     
  Yer paurs are NOT IN ORDER!!!!  
I got carded when I was 38. Very flattering.
  by: VermiciousG     01/12/2009 06:04 PM     
  It's not always a compliment  
People can sometimes be somewhat dismissive and treat you like you deserve no respect. When I was in my late 20s I was told that I looked like I was 13. It wasn't necessarily what she said, but how she said it.
  by: redheadedwonder   01/12/2009 06:26 PM     
Looking at her picture I can see why she was carded, she does not look 40 at all!
  by: the_one   01/12/2009 07:04 PM     
no one cards me anymore. B*stards.
  by: gryphon50a   01/12/2009 07:37 PM     
  This is not really news....  
This happens in my area on a daily basis. I used to work for a large supermarket that required ID's for every age restricted purchase. You couldn't image how angry a 50 year old will get when they're denied their 6 pack of Old Milwaukee.
  by: smarta$$     01/12/2009 08:03 PM     
I hope my wife looks that good at 40!
  by: rogeratvfan   01/12/2009 10:35 PM     
throw her one. ;3
  by: KaLO   01/13/2009 02:09 AM     
  Karen Hamilton...  
Yes indeed that is a compliment but taken to the extreme very rudely, so in future spend your money in another Store.
  by: captainJane     01/13/2009 02:27 AM     
Here, in the state of California, U.S., if you look 35 or young you get carded. 36 and up, no id required.
  by: chimmy420   01/13/2009 04:21 AM     
  I love women like that!  
Just like a fine wine.. gets better with age ;)

Her mate better appreciate that!
  by: vash_the_stampede     01/13/2009 04:41 AM     
Then they fail, for the law discriminates by age. It's a foolish law.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   01/13/2009 10:05 AM     
  Miley Cyrus..  
looks 40, toots.
  by: rutgers   01/13/2009 04:02 PM     
That doesn't mean people over 35 don't get carded. How can you tell if somebody is over 35 by looking at them? When I was in high school there was a guy who did a lot of meth that looked 35.
  by: PeddlerOfFlesh   01/13/2009 04:18 PM     
It wasn't at a speakeasy was it?
  by: theironboard     01/13/2009 05:22 PM     
Stop giving away all my secrets.

Actually I did have an uncle that ran a speakeasy in St. Louis. He refused to sell booze from a competitor. His partner was killed and my uncle had to flee to Mexico for the rest of his life. This is what prohibition and black markets breed.
  by: valkyrie123     01/13/2009 08:25 PM     
  Im glad to see not all news is horrible  
Some news is just stupid.......

Where I work if someone looks like they are under 40 you are supposed to card them. But I don't get how this actually made the news.
  by: brandyf1401   01/14/2009 04:47 PM     
  Did you see her pic  
I can't really blame the guy, she does look underage... check her out for yourself:

  by: FreakKeeper     01/14/2009 06:37 PM     
I was shopping with my 19 y/o daughter. The clerk asked for MY id when my daughter wanted to write a check. Why not her ID? "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought she was about 12!" was the clerk's response. My daughter is 27 now, she still looks like she's 12!
  by: reehaw     01/14/2009 09:13 PM     
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