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                 01/17/2018 04:05 AM  
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01/13/2009 05:23 AM ID: 76197 Permalink   

Police Officer Shoves 71-Year-Old Wal-Mart Greeter to Floor Over Receipt Check


On Christmas Eve, 71-Year-Old Bill Walker was shoved against a vending machine and then pushed to the floor by Chattanooga Police Detective Kenneth Freeman. The altercation took place when Walker, a Wal-Mart greeter, asked to see Freeman's receipt.

Gholom Ghassedi, a Wal-Mart customer, came to Walker's aide, telling the officer "You can't push down an old man!" then proceeded to struggle with Freeman. Ghassedi was then shoved through a glass door by Det. Freeman, which cut Ghassedi's neck.

Officer McPherson had to break up Ghessedi and Freeman's fight. Walker filed the complaint himself after Collegedale Police refused to bring charges against Freeman. After reviewing his complaint, Judge Kevin Wilson declined to issue assault charges.

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  cops get away with too much  
everyone knows it, but nothing ever changes.

weird huh?
  by: m.i.a.elite     01/13/2009 05:38 AM     
  @ m.i.a.elite  
When these things happen it does not help the good cop at all.
They should make an example of him to let others know, being in the law does not pay when they break it their selves.
  by: captainJane     01/13/2009 05:42 AM     
  holy f...  
it's getting worse people...
  by: mrmarler     01/13/2009 06:11 AM     
You have to admit this is kinda funny.
  by: Rayn     01/13/2009 08:34 AM     
  And cops wonder  
why they are being used for target practice.
  by: walter3ca   01/13/2009 08:38 AM     
  Won't happen again next year...  
Next year the police officer will use his new microwave weapon, a gift given to him by the Department of Justice, on the Wal-mart greeter.
  by: ohioankev   01/13/2009 09:53 AM     
An old man was shoved around and pushed to the floor just for doing his job. Sorry, but that's not funny.
  by: TabbyCool     01/13/2009 01:19 PM     
I'm going to jump to a conclusion and say this guy should be fired.
Its his duty to "protect and serve"... and he pushes down an old man? Doesn't that right there show he may be incapable of correctly doing his job?
  by: Svengali   01/13/2009 01:41 PM     
your all forgetting something. the exits// entrances all have camera's i doubt this greeter is a somebody but technically this would of been on tape.
  by: DRK   01/13/2009 01:47 PM     
  US Cops = Random Tax Collectors  
Is it your turn yet? Maybe the radar gun or laser will tell you.

Personally I feel most cops should have never been cops in the first place. Plus there are way to many cops. It seems the Clinton then Bush II admin thought the best crime prevention techniques was to create more funding for police. All this did was create more traffic cops giving out tickets.

It seems that a majority of all police work consists of the following: Taking away from people that have so little...

I believe that the police forces in the US, specifically the traffic police, need to be cut by 50% or so. I have met very few good police. Of all the police that I have met, nearly all were pompous fat lards that were only concerned with their own personal power and displaying that power. Most were ex-military and acted like they were still in Baghdad...
  by: slavefortheman     01/13/2009 01:59 PM     
to Mr. Ghassedi, who tried to defend the walmart greeter. So many times people have just looked the other way but he jumped right in there to do the right thing.
  by: gryphon50a   01/13/2009 02:51 PM     
  Another prime example...  
of the “Criminal Just-Us System”
Where Just-Us members of the System count as human beings. The rest of you serfs are just cannon fodder. I just love living in a police state. This has gotten completely out of hand. A police officer attacking an old man just trying to do his job. The cop then throws another man through a glass door. And the police refuse to press charges against the officer and the judge throws out the charges after the victim files on his own. WTF has this country come to? I have lost all respect for any laws, cops, judges and any authority in this country. We have obviously been abandoned by our government, we are on our own, we are the enemy.
  by: valkyrie123     01/13/2009 03:01 PM     
"Random tax collectors" Yeah, I like that. I'm gonna use that one.
  by: VermiciousG     01/13/2009 03:34 PM     
  Land of the Free  
This Great Nation of Ours.
  by: Blackwidow   01/13/2009 04:25 PM     
  More examples of police brutality...  
and the 'Criminal Just-Us System'.

Post them if you like. I'm very busy keeping my livestock from becoming deadstock. It's -34F and going to stay there all week.
  by: valkyrie123     01/13/2009 05:26 PM     
  Reading these stories...  
piss me off so much.

You had the link wrong Valk, so I reposted for you. :)

It makes me so angry watching and hearing about these cops that abuse their power to berate all the innocent people. I had to move from my home town for good because I was constantly getting stalked by the police for years.

Around there, my family has an uncomfortable past with the police. My dad and his uncles did stuff and had cops on them all the time. I'm pretty sure they used this excuse to target me. Only when they found out what my name was, they kept following me.

When I was 17, I was put on a battery charge by the police. My sister and I got into a fight so I left and slammed the front door. I ended up breaking the glass and walked out. My sister called the cops so they could find me and see if I was ok. Well, they ended up taking pictures of the room you enter from the front door. After a long day of school, I would plop down my book bag near the wall. They used this as "evidence" that I threw stuff everywhere, hitting my sister. None of this was even true, but they used that "evidence" and felt to put me on a battery charge. I was put on probation for a year for something I didn't even do.

One of the crooked cops that would follow me ended up bring fired from his job because he came up to the mall where I live now and shoplifted some tools. They ended up catching him and noticed he was a cop. Needless to say, he was either fired or chose to leave.

I was always the kid in my younger years who wanted friends because I lacked many. As you can guess, I hung around a lot of bad crowds. I ended up going into an abandon hospital by my "friend" going threw an old vent in the roof. He opened the door and we entered. One of my friends had a flash light, and for some godly reason, had the light coming out of the building. This flagged some people to call the cops. After a while, the cops and their K-9's came. For a while, we couldn't hear the cops because their dogs were barking very loudly. At the last second, we heard them say "If you don't come out, we'll unleash the dogs on you". After hearing about the dogs being released if we didn't come out, we walked out with our hands in the air. After seeing us with our hands in the air, they quickly grabbed their guns and pointed at our faces. We got down on the ground while they handcuffed us. During the search, they came across some beer that was left there by others way before us, unopened. When they arrived, they kicked open the door. They tried to use this as "evidence" that we kicked open the door. They also tried planting a bullet on the scene, even though none of us even had a gun, or even find one.

We were taken to the police station where sat in handcuffs. This cop, whom has done coke in the past and whom has had a personal hate for me, checked our breath for an alcohol level. We all came up negative and he tested me last. When he saw I came up negative, he gave me an evil glare because he wanted to get me so bad. Everyone else was put on probation while I was taken to jail. They put the handcuffs on me very tightly and put me in the K-9 unit. As we slowly headed to the jail, I was leaning forward so I wouldn't hurt my arms by sitting back. However, the officer told me to sit up all the way to the back of the seat. (Try and keep your hands in a cuffed position while leaning with your shoulders against the seat for 15 minutes). Ever since then, my shoulder has been dislocated and I can move it out of the socket and back at will.

Sorry for such the long story, but I've been personally scared when it comes to stories like this. I had PTSD after the abandoned house encounter for a couple years where when I heard a cops siren, I would start to freak out and think they were going to arrest me with a gun in my face. It sucked... :(
  by: SunDown   01/13/2009 06:16 PM     
Ugh...this is the link, I think I forgot to edit

If it still doesn't work, take whatever is off after ".story".
  by: SunDown   01/13/2009 06:18 PM     
  by: SunDown   01/13/2009 06:19 PM     
You guys will have to edit it manually... it isn't changing for some reason -.-;;
  by: SunDown   01/13/2009 06:20 PM     
i checked out the source because i thought there was going to be some kind of explanation for this, and there was.

this guy is a complete a-hole and his cop buddies are covering up for him. hes been involved in previous altercations with a lawyer so we know what hes capable of.

its sad, but i know plenty of people that are cops that just dont belong having any kind of power over another person. i wish there was a way to filter out the bad ones, but the truth is the job of police officer rarely brings forth images of a respected protector of the community anymore.
  by: teh_epic     01/13/2009 06:30 PM     
Dude, this is one time I'd be all for you suing their ass off.

@ The story

I hope they don't let this one go. I hope Wal-Mart becomes involved and goes after not only the obvioulsy crooked cop but also the crooked judge involved...jeebus..
  by: Jediman3     01/13/2009 06:31 PM     
yet again another corupt system.
  by: rogeratvfan   01/13/2009 09:08 PM     
  I remember reading somewhere  
That a certain percentage of police officers are sociopaths just like the criminals that they arrest and put behind bars. No hard evidence, but just something to think about it while you're watch repeats of the Shield.
  by: ohioankev   01/14/2009 01:41 AM     
  Aaaahhh Chattanooga  
They're probably all related, the investigator is probably the cops"Pappie" and the Judge is the investigators "Paw". You've just gotta love those rednecks, their names are probably Bill Bob and John Boy, phhhht, phhhht.
  by: Blackwidow   01/14/2009 02:05 AM     
  the poilce in the u.s. are just the biggest gang  
in the u.s.for the most part they are awful awful human many shoot steroids and have pain killer addictions its not even funny.they are just bullies with badges.
  by: mopboydeus   01/14/2009 02:45 AM     
Pure Politics
  by: chimmy420   01/14/2009 05:08 AM     
im at work so i think there are trigger words btw...

seriously i have and always will HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE cops. i dont' care if your brother is one, or your dad, they can go choke on a chicken. they're all roided up a holes with a complex because they didn't get that football scholarship. everyone ive ever met that even WANTED to get into law enforcement is scum. BLECH.

i once was dropped off at a Dennys by some h bag cop that said my breath reeked of marijuana. (my ex and i stayed at a motel the night before and i hadn't brushed my teeth.)
she was driving like an idiot because i was yelling at her, beacuse she had just come clean about cheating on me for two straight days.

she called for back up, two a hole cops ripped me out of the car and patted me down on the freeway. (my daughter was in the car too... i knew i shouldn't have been yelling for you super do gooders but under the circumstances...)

I told the d1c7 cop on the way to dennys my story and his only response was, "man you're really gettin screwed on this one aren't ya?"

they KNOW they are wrong at least a good amount of the time, they just don't care. they get their jollies off of having power over people.
  by: mrmarler     01/14/2009 05:48 AM     
  The reason  
people become bakers, is that they want to bake bread,cops become cops, because they are basically bullies, and this how they can beat people up legally.
  by: BlackWidow   01/14/2009 08:24 AM     
  They are lucky they didn't get shot!  
There's a man that shouldn't have a badge, let alone be allowed to carry a gun!
Assault charges or not, a violent character like that should not be allowed to have weapons.
Thank God for CIVIL COURT <-clue!
  by: l33   01/17/2009 04:09 PM     
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