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                 01/21/2018 11:36 PM  
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01/13/2009 04:19 PM ID: 76209 Permalink   

Obese Man Gets Soft Sentence


An obese man, age 38, who weighs 40 stone (560lbs), having three children and is a stepfather of four, from Hartlepool will receive a 15 month custodial sentence. The man using a wheelchair burst into a home and attacked two men with a baseball bat.

One of them suffered a head injury. For this crime someone can be sentenced to 2-4 years in prison. However the court took into consideration that the man is obese, and showing health problems. The man has many convictions on his record.

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  Like I said in your other story  
I love your contributions, and your effort to strengthen your language skills but this and your other summary from today seem really rushed and are just full of grammatical errors.
  by: Jediman3     01/13/2009 06:23 PM     
How hard is it to get away from a 600 pound man in a wheelchair?
Also, the summary seems fine.
  by: koenig32   01/13/2009 07:00 PM     
  What a poor excuse for getting off  
a crime. This man should be punished and I don't care how fat he is!
  by: sleeky     01/13/2009 07:08 PM     
Whay would you go in and bash people from your wheelchair?
  by: rogeratvfan   01/13/2009 08:48 PM     
  If he  
commited the crime in this state, he needs to be punished in this state.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   01/13/2009 10:58 PM     
  Scary Stuff  
Some fat bastard with a baseball bat screaming his heads off rolling down the aisle to get to you
  by: kmazzawi     01/14/2009 12:44 AM     
  Good example of British justice  
I fail to see how having so little self respect and control that you balloon to 40st should ever allow you to get a lighter sentence than someone who is in a fit state.

Yes he has health problems, but surely by giving him the maximum possible sentence we can slim down the fat piece of sh*t as well as punishing him.
  by: barryriley   01/14/2009 09:42 AM     
  I think  
he was slightly healthier when he battered the victims with a baseball bat.

The man has a criminal record dating back to 1987, he claims £2000 a month in benefits, he has a 40" plasma TV (clearly I'm in the wrong line of work as I certainly don't!) and he had also breached a suspended sentence and got away with it. He got off a previous conviction to be with his "critically ill" partner, who made a "miraculous recovery" soon after.

In summary, this man is a parasite, a thug and a threat to the British public, who ironically fund a lifestyle for him that very few of us have the privilege of enjoying ourselves. It therefore follows that the state will back this person and give him every freedom and opportunity.

This is another fine example of government *against* the people. Specific and targeted use of the law against hard working, law abiding people in favour of someone who poses them a direct and serious threat.

Next election, Labour will leave government.
  by: Maxx20     01/14/2009 10:18 AM     
I am with you, I also would not care of it, the man has to recieve what he deserves. But at the same time, what Maxx20 says I appreciate.

  by: vizhatlan     01/14/2009 11:01 AM     
is that on his left boob?
  by: bastrel   01/14/2009 11:10 AM     
  Not so black and white....  
I was listening about this on radio today and wow. This bloke is something else.

The amount of health issues he has is enough to make you wonder how the hell the blokes still alive. Everything from tumours, depression, to some kind of illness where he could die in his sleep. Hes a man with nothing to lose and from the sounds, I dont think hell be alive for too long.

The reason he got away with a light sentance is because of all these issues that the State doesnt want to involve itself with and treat as it would cost them just far too much.
  by: Red!   01/15/2009 01:38 AM     
Labour might be gone in the elections, but you really think Cameron would change everything? He hasnt even made it to Number 10 and is already shrouded with corruption for his rich buddies, who can buy a nice meal with him and talk about the benefits they will recieve for donating rediculous sums of money to Conservatives.

Its a vicious circle and were the ones getting shafted.
  by: Red!   01/15/2009 01:44 AM     
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