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                 02/25/2018 03:03 AM  
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01/13/2009 06:01 PM ID: 76212 Permalink   

Waiters Kill Robber in Japanese Restaurant in Paris


A group of waiters in a restaurant resisted a robbery using kitchen knives against two robbers. The two robbers, both 22, burst into a busy Japanese restaurant in Paris. Pointing a stun gun at a waiter, they demanded cash from the till. Afterward they tried to escape.

Outside the restaurant, one of the robbers was stabbed by a waiter and the other was wrestled to the ground. The stabbed robber died while he was en route to the hospital.

The surviving robber and the Japanese staff are now in police custody.

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I love your contributions, and your effort to strengthen your language skills but this and your other summary from today seem really rushed and are just full of grammatical errors.
  by: Jediman3     01/13/2009 06:22 PM     
  No sympathy for the robbers..  
..from me.
  by: agnaram   01/13/2009 06:36 PM     
  I think...  
The waiters should be given medals from the cops and bonuses from their job.
This was above and beyond their normal duties and they should be shown appreciation.
  by: Allanthar     01/13/2009 07:09 PM     
  Soylent Sushi  
  by: valkyrie123     01/13/2009 08:04 PM     
let my waiters go!
  by: rogeratvfan   01/13/2009 08:44 PM     
I'm not really seeing a problem. I mean there's the comma in the 3rd sentence and I think it's "police custody" and not "police's custody" but other than that I think it's about right.

I've seen worse. Hell, I've written worse.
  by: VermiciousG     01/13/2009 09:37 PM     
its already been fixed but there a # of issues before I saw.
  by: Jediman3     01/13/2009 09:56 PM     
  by: VermiciousG     01/13/2009 10:25 PM     
  way to go!  
Half of me wants to applaud the waiters, but the punishment didn't fit the crime. At the same time, way to stick it to them! I'm sure he meant to subdue more than kill anyways. Good job staff, I hope you get off without a charge.
  by: DrSwaity   01/13/2009 11:24 PM     
  Well they were threatend..  
a similar incident happened back in Cwmbran Wales in a Chinese restaurant, this time it was the chief he scared the life out of two thieves, he lost the plot and sacred the whole restaurant, funny that place was never bothered again until this day. Maybe it was his huge knife and angry face that did it, but thieves know that place is no push over.
  by: captainJane     01/14/2009 01:10 AM     
I have had my share of stories that had gotten hard to follow from vizhatlan, but this was not one of them. Good job Viz.

As for the story, I see nothing good that has come out of this..even if one of the robbers paid the ultimate price. The only changes that will happen is that 1)The robbers will be more dangerously armed and 2) employees will be more weary to fight them off.
  by: liquid114   01/14/2009 02:00 AM     
  Dem knives  
Killing some one with a knife is very harsh for robbery with non lethal weapons.

I admire the waiters but they are in for some serious trouble with the law.

<a target="_new" href=" power laser RULZ</a>
Steel balls
  by: Steel balls   01/14/2009 05:34 AM     
  Lesson learned..  
don't mess with restaurant workers who are experts in knives.. mostly Asians. Ginzu knives they slice and dice. Hopefully the waiter won't get jailed since he wasn't the instigator.
  by: aysos   01/14/2009 08:08 AM     
Thanks for your opinion, yes really it is, somehow I was not in good form, I can only hope it will be better an better.

As for the story, in my opinion is the waiters will be freed, they did what it was needed for self-defence.
  by: vizhatlan     01/14/2009 10:34 AM     
Keep the stories coming at any rate!

I love your contributions!!!!
  by: Jediman3     01/14/2009 03:34 PM     
I didn't read the source, but it would seem the waiters weren't being attacked nor threatened by the time they caught up to the robbers. Killing a fleeing felon is always looked at with suspicion as they are no longer a threat. IMHO
  by: Hytekhik   01/14/2009 05:43 PM     
Timing is everything it would appear.
  by: VermiciousG     01/14/2009 06:55 PM     
If the perps were running away then that would make sense but it's also human nature to go after someone who robs you in the heat of anger. If they didn't rob the place in the first place then this wouldn't have happened. Have to deal with the consequence of your own actions. The robbers didn't expect them to be followed.
  by: aysos   01/14/2009 07:28 PM     
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