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                 01/23/2018 02:27 AM  
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01/22/2009 12:58 PM ID: 76420 Permalink   

Rushing Judgment


Despite the positive media coverage of Tuesday's inaguration, of which even Fox News contributed to, one loud and defiant voice said no to the idea of a better America under President Obama.

Broadcasted over 570 radio stations Rush Limbaugh made it clear that he is prepared to mock, scorn, and badger the man elected to the task of turning the country around, going as far as labeling his administration "a giant public relations stunt."

"I don't apologize. Ever. Of course, it helps that I'm never wrong," Limbaugh said. Further emphasizing his point that since day one the media ridiculed his man, President Bush, and he will certainly not be missing an opportunity to return to favor.

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last line should be "return the favor."

It wasn't covered in this particular article he flat out said "I hope he fails." I understand that Obama'a policies are different, and while I don't agree with all of them either, I still like the guy....and I take his comments more in tune with "I hope America fails." Interesting time to be entirely too critical....
  by: blac   01/22/2009 01:13 PM     
  Generally speaking  
I dislike all politicians. However, it seems the current president has made some clever moves, Freezing wages, updating the "Freedom of Information" act. The last president to try and abolish our secretive style of government was Kennedy, and unfortunately he was killed for his views. Let's hope the Secret Service is up to snuff on their training!
  by: homegrown420     01/22/2009 02:27 PM     
  Fail at what?  
No one would want a failed presidency, but I sure hope he is not successful at leading us further into socialism.
  by: amapper   01/22/2009 02:35 PM     
Its just a pathetic attempt by Rush to become almost relevant again.
  by: monstrddg   01/22/2009 02:55 PM     
"the media ridiculed his man, President Bush"

Wasn't the media blaming itself for not questioning the administration more critically on its WMD claims? Didn't Bush have a 90 percent approval rating after 9/11?

Don't believe the Republican hype -- they want to act like everybody else bashed Bush not for his thousands of failures and misdeeds, but just because he was a Republican (funny -- they hate it if an ethnic minority does the same thing, saying that criticism is motivated by racism rather than his own actions).
  by: Ben_Reilly     01/22/2009 05:17 PM     
  How is this different  
from everyone else in the country who did nothing but mock, scorn, and goad Bush for the last 8 years? Every president is going to encounter obnoxious criticism, why is anyone surprised when it happens to Obama?
  by: pariahpoet   01/22/2009 05:30 PM     
  oh Rush  
I find his anger at everything hilarious. He must really hate life to be so mad all the time. If he pops enough pills maybe then he can be happy, unless he is also addicted to xanax in which case he might just kill himself.
  by: h0tdamn365   01/22/2009 07:09 PM     
  The time has come to set aside childish things  
I guess Rush didn't get the memo.
  by: Mister crank     01/22/2009 10:22 PM     
You almost couldn't criticize president for a long time without risking to lose your job or at least being called unpatriotic.

"I don't apologize. Ever. Of course, it helps that I'm never wrong,"
Talk about HUBRIS. Venomous man.
  by: Kaleid   01/22/2009 10:44 PM     
"How is this different from everyone else in the country who did nothing but mock, scorn, and goad Bush for the last 8 years?"

Um, Obama doesn't have anything like an Iraq war or a Hurricane Katrina to his credit yet. At least let him screw something up first.
  by: Ben_Reilly     01/23/2009 01:12 AM     
So Bush created a hurricane?
I blame local government for failing to maintain the levies, not national.
Besides, I got hit with Rita AND Ike, only 1 in every 100 or so houses on the Bolivar peninsula is still standing. We fixed our own darn problems, New Orleans can do the same.
  by: pariahpoet   01/23/2009 06:05 AM     
what, no mention of the Iraq War? Must be because you know good and well he screwed that one up.
  by: gryphon50a   01/23/2009 07:21 AM     
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