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                 01/17/2018 10:20 AM  
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01/24/2009 02:00 PM ID: 76499 Permalink   

Were UFO’s Watching Obama’s Inauguration?


As Obama was being sworn in, an object was seen flashing across the sky within moments before the President was about to make his speech. UFO experts are convinced this was an alien ship shooting at the rear of the Washington’s 555ft-high monument.

Enthusiast Nick Pope said: “We know it is not an aircraft because a strict no-fly zone was imposed over the area. “It seems to have been going a little bit too fast for any type of bird.”

It is not the first time Obama has attracted strange objects in the sky, in Chicago before the elections; orbs were spotted over head by members of the crowd. The latest sighting is stranger because of the no fly zone.

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  Maybe the Aliens like this guy too.  
From the source.

Calls for him to release all information held on UFOs attracted over 170,000 votes on his new online “Citizen Briefing Book” last week – more than any other subject.
  by: captainJane     01/24/2009 02:03 PM     
  video at source  
shows something flying by fast, looks round.
i dont think its a drone
  by: cray0la     01/24/2009 02:24 PM     
  What a crappy video  
  by: Kaleid   01/24/2009 02:26 PM     
  Not just aliens  
Even God was watching the inauguration speech.

  by: kmazzawi     01/24/2009 03:43 PM     
  Look, something's in the sky!  
It can't be a commercial airliner, ergo it must be aliens!

Perfect logic.
  by: ofWolfandMan   01/24/2009 05:13 PM     
The headline says UFO, it doesn't say anything about aliens.
Therefore if it's flying and unidentified it applies.
  by: konfucius   01/24/2009 06:04 PM     
I love the way we've all been conditioned to say "UFO experts" :D
  by: Dela     01/24/2009 06:20 PM     
However, 2 users (before OfWolfAndMan posted) mentioned aliens.

Hence, OfWolfandMan's comment. You know. Because of the mention of aliens. By the users. Here. On this message board.
  by: Dayron   01/24/2009 06:33 PM     
  @ Wolf...  
It was not a plane that is for sure because a strict no-fly zone was imposed over the area, so that one is out.
  by: captainJane     01/24/2009 07:35 PM     
  It was just Riley Martin flying around  
with some Biaviians....

  by: bbeljefe     01/24/2009 07:37 PM     
  Thank you bb...  
that is one good read, I advise you click on if you have an interest in this subject.
  by: captainJane     01/24/2009 08:01 PM     
  Maybe came to....  
Drop off Obama and pick up Bush & Big Cheney?
  by: ukcn001XYZ   01/24/2009 08:02 PM     
You have to tune in to Sirius radio on Tuesday nights at 12pm and listen to his show. Its uber geil. It seems like he is a bullshitter but I believe that he believes what he is talking about and that's why its such a good show. He talks about aliens and all that good stuff and it really gets you thinking. I saw a UFO one night and it scared the hell out of me! I was following my friend home to my house and as we drove down into the valley we saw this HUGE triangle ship with a white light on each corner and a slowly pulsating red light in the middle. If you would have looked straight up you couldn't see the sky. That thing moved so fast and so abruptly that I couldn't fall asleep that night. Anyone else have UFO/Alien stories? I'm gonna start a thread in the forums.
  by: Zixxer   01/24/2009 08:07 PM     
God was *giving* the inauguration speech.
  by: CArnold     01/24/2009 08:49 PM     
I found this clip to be the best quality. (Around the 7 second mark)

If you turn up the volume at put it on repeat I swear you can hear the 'buzz' of its engines as it goes by. Anyone else hear it?
  by: DoubleTake   01/24/2009 08:50 PM     
"...and put it on repeat"

Don't mind the alien in the foreground. That's just Wolf Blitzer. :)
  by: DoubleTake   01/24/2009 08:57 PM     
Who doesn't love this guy? Even Aliens want a peek!

Or maybe it was just Bush's homeworld coming to take him back for punishment.
  by: NicPre     01/24/2009 09:09 PM     

2 million ppl there and not a single person screamed out wtf is that! or no video capture or high quality cam took photo's there isnt a single event for the next 8 years that will get that amount of camera's in a single zone and none one else could snap an image of it or something else?

that cnn vid is obviously a bird, just because its a blurr your eyes//the camera isnt focused on it.
  by: DRK   01/24/2009 09:49 PM     
  I was there.  
I was standing no less than 100 feet from the Washington Monument. If you could hear the engines in the video I definitely would have heard them. As far as the 2mil people there our eyes were all fixed on the big screens moments before his speech, we were not looking up in the clouds.
  by: xufeelinlukyx   01/24/2009 10:41 PM     
  man i absolutely despise  
the sun.
  by: dook   01/25/2009 12:46 AM     
  who knows  
but anyone that automatically dismisses it based on the fact that nobody was looking in the sky is pretty damn stupid if you ask me. obviously there were other things to look at.
  by: mrmarler     01/25/2009 03:36 AM     
  @ Doubletake..  
That almost convinced me! :)
  by: captainJane     01/25/2009 04:05 AM     
"...and put it on repeat"

Don't mind the alien in the foreground. That's just Wolf Blitzer. :)
  by: DoubleTake   01/25/2009 04:40 AM     
  Maybe no one could see it.  
But the camera could pick it up? Ive heard of similar anomalous occurrences with night vision and infrared, the difference is the objects stand out much clearer in those formats. Since some are talking about aliens I don't see it as too far out of the possibility :).
As for the sound, my bad, probably just David Gergen letting out some
  by: DoubleTake   01/25/2009 04:50 AM     
Stupid browser windows. Could you delete duplicate comment? Thanks.
  by: DoubleTake   01/25/2009 04:52 AM     
First....what experts? lol

Second. I think that if the government had special type forces gaurding the event, they would not admit it.
  by: ronpaul   01/26/2009 03:55 AM     
  A record should be logged surely.  
" I think that if the government had special type forces gaurding the event, they would not admit it."

I think they had the best of the best of forces there on the day!

If this ship or what ever was there, the Government should have been aware of it.
  by: captainJane     01/26/2009 03:08 PM     
What if it was just a bug flying by the camera (out of focus) and the buzzing you heard was its wings as it flew past the camera and mic. But that would be just plain yeah Aliens or Al'Kayduuh.
  by: nasty.anon   01/26/2009 09:15 PM     
Hm, am I the only one seeing this object somehow flying in front of the Washington monument, which is quite in the vicinity? Then it can't be too big. Sorry no aliens here, please bugger off. ;)

An if it were an alien UFO, surely the music this band was miming would have suddenly stopped due to ESD.
  by: Fonzo   01/26/2009 09:46 PM     
Clearly the fact that this thing is an alien means that it cant ALSO be a bug... Unless the bug is flying the space ship.
  by: kark   01/27/2009 04:22 AM     
  Lucky for the UFO  
it wasn't watching things in the UK, it would have been shot at and all hell would have broken loose, lol.
  by: Maxx20     01/27/2009 04:00 PM     
  It Wasn't UFOs  
I had all of mine grounded and had my people watching it on the tube. Didn't want to cause a ruckus.
  by: ichi     01/29/2009 12:50 AM     
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