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                 01/23/2018 11:06 AM  
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01/24/2009 02:14 PM ID: 76500 Permalink   

Walmart Employee Arrested for Giving Friend 99% Discount


Mississippi: 20-year-old Erica Marie Jones has been charged with embezzlement after she allegedly sold $547.50 worth of merchandise to 22-year-old Tiffany Williams for $5.25.

Both women are currently in custody. According to Natchez Police Chief Mike Mullins they may be joined by a third person as another employee is suspected of involvement but is yet to be arrested.

For her $5 Williams was set to walk out with goods including 4x 12-pack drinks, diapers, 4x pants, 7x jeans, a baby crib, scrubs, a large amount of food, a sweat suit, and a picture frame before store security intervened.

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She probably sold it for what Wal-Mart paid for it.
  by: Mister crank     01/24/2009 04:52 PM     
it wasn't even like a huge TV so I can't just write this off as greedy asses.

clothes, diapers, baby carriage, and a lot of food? I bet these people were just desperate to provide for a family.
  by: Trevelyan   01/24/2009 05:27 PM     
  two wrongs don't make a right  
Just because walmart essentially steals things at rock bottom prices, that doesn't make other people stealing the stuff from them right.
  by: M.D.R   01/24/2009 05:51 PM     
  Not that I RTFA  
I don't understand how security caught her
  by: hl2k   01/24/2009 08:52 PM     
The source doesn't say. I wondered about that too.
  by: ixuzus     01/24/2009 11:59 PM     
  lmao@ treve  
ya sure, make it a sob story now, they were just trying to get diapers and carriages to get by, oh the humanity on that damn walmart, especially the security guards stopping them.

what a bunch of crap
the damn people were stealing, GET OVER IT ,they were both at fault, the employee for illegally giving the discount and the person who shopped there knowing she would get a discount and grabbed everything she could.

but its the stores fault right?, at there prices EVERYONE should be able to get what they need, walmart stole from them right??

its called GET A JOB,

im sure this is how it happened, shopper girl- hey you think you could hook me up with some stuff?

cashier- hell ya i can set up the discount for whatever, just grab a bunch of normal stuff and come through my line ill hook you up.

shopper girl-ok will do.

for anyone to turn this into some needy homless, they needed diapers sob story is a joke and is just ignorant.
  by: cray0la     01/25/2009 01:24 AM     
  if the  
lady was just trying to provide then why didnt she have a job at walmart? they dont pay too bad for the work.
  by: cray0la     01/25/2009 01:25 AM     
  When I worked at Penneys back in the days  
I busted 2 people for doing this, not that I was security, I was after my sales commission, both times, people walked away with items and put my associate number on the item so I would get my commission. Both times I went to check on something else and I notice that the people where acting strange with the cashiers. I called my friend in the camera room and what do you know I get a call from security to fill out paper work on what I saw happen and got a hand shake from the store manger that I stop a few hundred dollars in theft. At the time we where paid commission, those days are long gone, you never missed with a persons commission.
  by: thedrewman   01/25/2009 02:10 AM     
I'd ask what the hell your problem is, but I'm not even sure I want to know. Trev offered a motive for the crime. He did not condone it, he did not encourage it, he understood it.
  by: Kolman   01/25/2009 02:37 AM     
crayola you and the rest of your rightous brigade can go jump off a cliff. you can't even begin to see what it might take for a normal person to meet their breaking point and steal to feed their family. <admin deleted> walmart. walmart steals from america everytime it pays someone minimum wage, scare them out of organizing a union, or manufactures products over seas. Walmart has more power than most large countries, and i say they've comitted treason. steal from them all you want hell burn them down for all i care!
  by: mrmarler     01/25/2009 05:10 AM     
Go watch walmart: the high cost of low prices. My boyfriend worked at walmart for 6 years and when he left he was making $9. Did you know that most people at walmart can't even afford the insurance plan? They end up on welfare wasting our tax dollars.
  by: orthiad   01/25/2009 06:54 AM     
"the damn people were stealing, GET OVER IT ,they were both at fault, the employee for illegally giving the discount and the person who shopped there knowing she would get a discount and grabbed everything she could." AMEN. I agree with you 100%


He worked for 6 years and you are blaming Wal-Mart for giving him a job!?

Has anyone heard of "We can't hire you because you are over qualified" Some people dont understand why a company cant hire over educated people, for jobs that require basic education.

If your Boyfriend is qualified and has done well academically, why did he stay for 6 years at a dead end job?
  by: isuzu     01/25/2009 06:26 PM     
  or it went like this  
"sweetie i dont' want to have to ask you to do this but if you think you can get away with it i sure would appreciate it. i feel horrible asking you but my parents don't have any money and they've developed a gambling problem anyway. i can't ask my ex cause he's broke and i can't get a pay day loan because i couldnt' pay back the last 4 that i took out. i owe the bank money and i just don't know what to do. im on the verge of breaking down, i can't feed my kids and every night when i look into their eyes when i put them to sleep i can see the despair in their eyes. how did i ever let it get to this point. i wish i would die."

maybe it sounded more like that... we'll never know probably, but to assume the things you assume, it is shameful. you do not care for the human condition.
  by: mrmarler     01/25/2009 07:54 PM     
You say this...but I ask you - when was the last time you went to Walmart and bought something?
  by: ronpaul   01/25/2009 10:53 PM     
  The typical white trash story!  
.. just like cray0la.

no offense to the white people with class.
  by: rutgers   01/25/2009 10:54 PM     
  @ how did they get caught  
I work for them, they are like a casino watching you with money. Sometimes I think they watch their employees more then the stealing customers.
Also they are supposed to check receipts on the way out can you tell me how they wouldn't notice a hundred things in the basket and only 3 things on the receipt. IDK I don't think they thought this out before trying it out. But no matter the reason why they did it, I'm glad they got caught.
  by: brandyf1401   01/26/2009 05:16 PM     
Generally 80 - 90 % of store shrinkage (missing product) is cause by store employees.

An average person will usually only steal small items, make up, candy, cheap jewelery, a shirt, ect. An employee who steals though is there much more often then an average customer and knows how to get away with stealing much easier.

Sweethearting (exactly what happens in this story a store associate gives huge discount or doesnt ring items in) is but one of the ways for employees to steal. Most supervisors can get away with stealing just about anything and store managers even worse.

anyways, there is a reason lost-prevention people watch employees more then customers.
  by: jamiehackl   01/27/2009 10:57 PM     
as far as full disclosure goes... i do shop at walmart. it's something i've gotten away from but still find myself doing from time to time. but it was only recently that i had enough money to NOT shop there. the whole system is set up like that. you don't have much of a choice... save money and have enough money for food AND diapers or go to the local store and just get one. The problem is that there are people that would love to never shop at walmart but can't afford to make that choice. thats called slavery. im breaking my shackles a little more every day. for instance, i cancelled my cable and stopped using myspace. the internet i use is provided by the only company to NOT turn over phone records to the evil government. Not that they are sin free but.... it's as ideal as it can get.
  by: mrmarler     01/28/2009 12:48 AM     
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