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                 02/20/2018 08:48 AM  
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01/29/2009 01:16 PM ID: 76625 Permalink   

School Bus Out of Control, Injures 26


A school bus driver lost control of his vehicle yesterday afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona. The bus hit several cars before it came to a stop, and 26 people were injured, two critically. Overall 13 vehicles including the bus were involved.

According to a 13-year-old bus passenger: "We heard the tire pop and then he [bus driver] was trying to stop it and the brakes didn't work. He hit a car and we ended up over here." This indicates tyre damage was to blame.

45 children were travelling on the bus, and some of them are being tracked down by police as they fled the scene.

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source says none of the kids were hurt
  by: TemptationFalls   01/30/2009 04:24 AM     
i dont know when people are going to realize that it's time to get rid of these terrible school bus designs and invest in a vehicle that's more stable, saver, more comfortable and not as damn noisy.
  by: itts   01/30/2009 07:14 PM     
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