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                 01/21/2018 11:31 PM  
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01/29/2009 01:36 PM ID: 76626 Permalink   

Michael Jackson Sued Over 26-Year-Old Video


Pop star Michael Jackson has been sued by director John Landis for royalties from the 1983 smash-hit music video "Thriller". The lawsuit alleges that Jackson did not, as agreed, share profits from the 14-minute music video.

Landis's lawsuit says the video "continued to generate profits for defendants ... who have wrongfully refused to pay or account for such profits to the plaintiff." It accuses Jackson of "fraudulent, malicious and oppressive conduct."

Landis is the director of "The Blues Brothers" and "An American Werewolf in London".

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Why has it taken him this long to complain about this?
  by: sparky_fox   01/29/2009 02:03 PM     
  good question...  
He would have gotten more money 10 years ago when Michael actually had money, now he's probably on the brink of bankruptcy.
  by: baraka     01/29/2009 02:17 PM     
  Common Law  
Common Law extortion, that's why. Bringing this to trial will also cause a great deal of legal uncertainty, jury trials and such. He's probably aiming for a settlement, to keep it out of the courts.
  by: Malefice   01/29/2009 02:43 PM     
  Only in USA  
Only in USA ppl can bring back stuff that happened 14 yrs ago n still get $$ out of it. Hungry America, probably at the time the director had $$ so he said F** Micheal n his video, now things arent doing too good n he kinda needs money and a brilliant idea came up (14 yrs ago i never got paid for a 14 min vid) Sad ...
  by: chop chop 84   01/29/2009 03:12 PM     
  Leave Micheal Jackson alone !!!  
hasn't he suffered enough !

can we please
lets just let him dissolve into plastic goo gracefully

  by: calculon   01/29/2009 03:22 PM     
  That sucks  
MJ just can't win. This is a sad tale of going from classy to ashy. This is the same dude who made thriller and a music video with Michael Jordan.
  by: C.O.G.   01/29/2009 03:44 PM     
  This guy has case. I am almost positive the law says that you can not sue somebody have a certain amount of time.
  by: fordrew11   01/29/2009 04:59 PM     
Knowing Michael Jackson's past, I thought the title was a misprint. I thought it probably should have read "Michael Jackson Sued over 20 Six-year-old Videos"
  by: captainchainsaw   01/29/2009 05:25 PM     
  Damn you chainsaw!  
You beat me to it!
  by: pcXXXtreme   01/29/2009 05:32 PM     
  @ sparky_fox  
Just doing what all bullies do, just jumping on the band wagon.
  by: captainJane     01/29/2009 06:25 PM     
  Thriller the musical  
This is probably getting brought up because of the upcoming opening of the broadway musical "Thriller".
  by: video183     01/29/2009 06:31 PM     
There should be a time period of when you can sue for something you feel has been infringed and when its just been too long. Its just plain stupid to let him sue for something that happened that long ago. Just a ploy to get money. I mean if it was a problem then it should have been resolved a while ago.
  by: leques   01/30/2009 01:40 AM     
I would laugh so hard if someone made a parody of your comment with Chris Crocker in mind... lmao
  by: SunDown   01/30/2009 04:54 PM     
  To help towards the debt to Mr Landis  
.... another Jackson joins the UK Celebrity Big Brother.

The last one had Latoya and the one before had Jermaine.
  by: EnglishJackCarter   01/30/2009 05:43 PM     
  I looked up this Landis guy  
He was the one in charge of the Twilight Zone movie set where three people ended up dying in a rather grisly manner, if anyone remembers that story. So even if he got the money, he would probably just get sued himself.
  by: gryphon50a   01/31/2009 07:51 PM     
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