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                 04/19/2015 05:41 PM  
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01/29/2009 01:44 PM ID: 76628 Permalink   

Man Throws His Daughter Down From Bridge


In Melbourne, Australia, a man, 35, stays in custody until May, when his trial continues. The man is accused of throwing his four year old daughter down from the 58 meter high Vest Gate Bridge earlier today.

The man did not attend court because he was not suitable for it, due to his psychiatric state. His daughter died shortly after she was pulled out of the Yarra River by police, and being airlifted to a hospital with massive injuries.

The man had a custody battle with his wife over their three children, the police said.

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  by: VermiciousG     01/29/2009 03:26 PM     
  He'll wish he was dead.  
When he gets convicted and sent to jail he will wish they gave him the death penalty. Prisoners have children too and inmates who have committed crimes against children are treated like used toilet paper.
  by: snowztorm29     01/29/2009 04:19 PM     
  Do the same to him...  
see how he likes being dropped from a great height.
  by: captainJane     01/29/2009 06:23 PM     
him out of an airplane at about 10,000 feet so he has plenty of time to ponder his landing.
  by: Hytekhik   01/30/2009 01:16 AM     
in Australia we dont have the death penalty, quite the opposite this man couldn't attend court because they have to restrain him from killing himself.

This guys obviously has broken down over the custody battle. I doubt he has any concern for his own physical safety, he is trying to commit suicide.
  by: veya_victaous     01/30/2009 01:29 AM     
  If he succeeds  
I hope he comes to terms with the gravity of his crime before he takes his own life. Suicide from grief over murdering his own child would be allowable too me. Suicide just to end a prison term is cowardice.
  by: VermiciousG     01/30/2009 03:03 PM     
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