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                 02/23/2018 07:02 PM  
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01/30/2009 01:07 AM ID: 76646 Permalink   

American Schools Get A D Average


The National Council on Teacher Quality conducted a study recently which graded our schools from A-F. The grading was based on schools' ability to retain good teachers and fire bad ones, among other things which included student performance.

South Carolina recieved a B-, the highest grade in all 50 states. They earned this grade because of their ability to effectively fire teachers who can't teach. Currently most states have laws regulating everything involving education.

These laws tend to protect even the bad teachers, which has become a problem. Also, evidence from the study shows that states that don't give incentives to teachers who produce smrater students could be to blame for their lack of improvement.

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is it me or do u find it funny how mrmarler spelled smarter wrong :p
  by: securityunion     01/30/2009 02:52 AM     
  Caught that too..  
...and I chuckled.

Interesting article, and good summary!
  by: Drumfiend   01/30/2009 03:11 AM     
total accident but don't fix it it's more funnier that way ;)
  by: mrmarler     01/30/2009 03:19 AM     
  It's sad  
How they treat teachers today. You whould think they would be treated better seeing as what their job creates for our future. My mom is a elementary teacher who used to get a small incentive for having her all kids pass a certain test but that was later taken away from her. The reason the school district gave the teachers why they took it away was because apparently it prmoted cheating on the tests.

  by: aaxel21   01/30/2009 03:58 AM     
" ... it's more funnier ..."

Hehehe ...
  by: WWarrior     01/30/2009 04:03 AM     
And don' you forget it.
  by: Mannyishere     01/30/2009 03:42 PM     
  And that is why  
I will have my children educated in private schools or schools outside the US. Kids here already get way to much fluoride, TV and fatty foods to kill a horse. If we kill their brains with bad education then they are going to grow up to be good little weak minded neocon's and will believe everything they are told.

Maybe that is the point though? To build a weak minded populace that you can do whatever you want with.
  by: slavefortheman     01/30/2009 04:04 PM     
  Because of the teacher unions  
they are nothing but a bunch of over paid babysitters. They are always demanding money "for the benefit of the children." What is in the best interest of the children are #1 teachers who can teach, #2 subjects that are actually useful in the real world, and #3 a way to get rid of useless teachers and disruptive students. BTW, lets bring back corporal punishment in schools as well. No more of this touchy-feely crap.
  by: walter3ca   01/31/2009 12:19 AM     
maybe some history books that don't glorify the nwo.

honestly... my history book said in bold letters, "the new world order," refering to the eu and the coming one world government... it was creepy.
  by: mrmarler     01/31/2009 11:04 PM     
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