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                 02/22/2018 02:06 AM  
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01/30/2009 07:20 AM ID: 76654 Permalink   

Giant Shoe Erected in Honor of Iraqi Shoe Thrower


Muntadhir al-Zaidi, the journalist who hurled shoes at George W. Bush and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during a press conference, has had a giant shoe sculpture erected in his honor. The monument was unveiled in a ceremony at the Tikrit Orphange.

The giant footwear was constructed out of fiberglass and coated with copper. It stands 11.5 feet high, is 8.2 feet long and is 4.9 feet wide. Laith al-Amiri sculpted the shoe in just 15 days thanks to help from the children of the Tikrit orphanage.

"Those orphans who helped the sculptor in building this monument were the victims of Bush's war," said orphanage director Faten Abdulqader al-Naseri. Al-Naseri believes the monument highlights Al-Zaidi's heroism and will encourage future generations.

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  And to think ...  
“A year from now, I’ll be very surprised if there is not some grand square in Baghdad that is named after President Bush.”

- Richard Perle, neocon idiot
  by: Ben_Reilly     01/30/2009 07:48 AM     
  Hey if the shoes fits you have to wear it.  
“A year from now, I’ll be very surprised if there is not some grand square in Baghdad that is named after President Bush.”

- Richard Perle, neocon idiot

Ben_Reilly complete moron

  by: hellblazer     01/30/2009 07:53 AM     
  ... Astonishing  
"Hey if the shoes fits you have to wear it."

hellblazer, some twelve year old kid.

In all seriousness, yay war, and how essentially nothing positive has arisen from the one we're in right now.
  by: Dekar   01/30/2009 09:32 AM     
poignant, a shoe built as symbolism by the child victims of Bush's war. Blair should also not get forgotten in all this, there's blood on his hands too.

Ironic too that this protest art is a symbol of democracy, aimed directly against the man who claimed to support it. I guess it goes to prove that democracy at the end of a gun barrel is too hypocritical to ever succeed.

Also a bit of a worry that all these kids hate Bush / the West for what's been done to them (not that I blame them). They'll likely be the next generation committed to fighting the West due to their unpleasant experiences.
  by: Maxx20     01/30/2009 10:13 AM     
"Does his above speech not sound "Godly" to you?"

-hellblazer; paranoid hypochondriac
  by: DoubleTake   01/30/2009 01:54 PM     
  Shoe Throwing  
Throwing a shoe is a discussing habit that the Arabs are picking from the Gulf. To counter this disgusting & violent habit, companies are threatening immediate firings, assault charges are being immediately laid, etc.

I remember last year some lawyer took of his shoe in an Egyptian court and threatened someone with it, and the judge ordered him jailed 1 year for contempt.
  by: kmazzawi     01/30/2009 05:45 PM     
  by: kmazzawi     01/30/2009 05:46 PM     
"WAH! Someone change my diaper!"

- Hellblazer
  by: Ben_Reilly     01/30/2009 07:13 PM     
  This guy should be acquitted asap  
and then paraded down the streets as a hero.
  by: Mister crank     01/30/2009 11:41 PM     
he should be thanked, no one else had the guts to tell Bush what they thought.

Instead he is still being treated like crap.
  by: captainJane     01/30/2009 11:48 PM     
I dont thinks you should tell anyone what you think by throwing things at them. Otherwise i would throw a watermelon at Obomo
  by: kark   01/31/2009 02:20 AM     
  Didn't last long  
they took it down and destroyed it.
  by: jamesmc   01/31/2009 02:23 AM     
  And to think  
they tortured the guy as well. Looks like the Iraqi government learned a few things from the Bush Administration!
  by: DoubleTake   01/31/2009 03:30 AM     
  @jamesmc's news  
Now that's what I call American democracy. I suppose you don't need freedom of speech to have a democratic government
  by: Mr. Wright     01/31/2009 03:34 AM     
That was such a comical sculpture.
  by: H. W. Hutchins   01/31/2009 09:48 AM     
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