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                 02/23/2018 07:14 PM  
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01/30/2009 06:37 PM ID: 76668 Permalink   

Failed Nail Bomber Sentenced To Life


Last May, Nicky Reilly a 22-year-old Muslim convert, let off a home made nail bomb in the toilets at Exeter’s Giraffe restaurant, but as luck would have it, instead of him successfully killing dinners he only hurt himself.

The sentencing was due in October last year, but Mr Reilly has been afflicted by Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism. The signs became evident from the age of nine his Mother revealed to the court and at 16 he attempted suicide.

Reilly said in a note at the bomb scene, "I have not been brainwashed or indoctrinated. I am not insane” and he was doing "what God wants from his mujahideen." He was sentenced to life in prison.

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Police believe the Plymouth man, who has learning difficulties, was encouraged by extremists in Pakistan.

Officers are in contact with authorities in the country via the British Embassy in a bid to trace those who contacted him, Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed.

Sentencing him at the Old Bailey, Mr Justice Calvert-Smith said it was "sheer luck or chance that [the bombing] did not succeed in its objectives".

  by: captainJane     01/30/2009 07:17 PM     
  Even if you believe  
in God, this line just screams "crazy" to me:

"I'm not insane (I'm doing) what God wants from mujahideen."

Which I read as, "God wants us to kill innocent people at the Giraffe restaurant."
  by: barryman9001   01/30/2009 07:49 PM     
Such a lovely religion. :) Why else would it require a marketing blitz to promote it as the 'religion of peace'?
  by: Malefice   01/30/2009 08:15 PM     
  I'm not saying he was brainwashed  
But couldn't a person be brainwashed to say and believe they weren't brainwashed? I read this one fiction book where they used chemicals and tape recordings to create false memories.

I hate it when someone preaches the message of a false god. It only further invalids the true one :( and is harder for anyone to believe there is one.
  by: LykosSN4   01/30/2009 08:26 PM     
  He is mentally unbalanced..  
Some can get a grip and function as good as the next person, in his case he has been ill since the age of nine and never improved, he is presently mentally 10 years old.
  by: captainJane     01/30/2009 08:48 PM     
... which is exactly why I have a hard time believing there is a "God"; when George W. Bush was the "Christian" vote.
  by: Daev     01/30/2009 10:17 PM     
Yes. Religions are wonderful. So nice, they brought us crusades, 100 years war, honor killings, plus the bible and the koran both endorse slavery (but both say killing your slave is bad, isn't that special) y go on, the common thread here is religion...
  by: MmmMan     01/30/2009 10:38 PM     
  Asperger's Syndrome  
Guys read up on Asperger's Syndrome. It is one of the recently discovered mental conditions that probably had a deal in shaping our history.

People, mostly males, who are functional autists. They live, they work, they learn, they suicide more then the average person, they are incapable of empathy as they can not put themselves in someone else's shoes.

They come across as narcistic and paranoiac when in fact they are into themselves only because they can not 'feel' the people around them.

They are almost always good people as much as young boys are not evil. It is just that autists will barely realize when they do something wrong, and will not develop a conscience as fast as others would.

In short, their conscience and their morality come directly from others and will continue to come from others for most of their life while there peers would eventually develop their own sense of morality.

My opinion on this matter is that this guy was heavily brainwashed, and taken advantage of by people who gave him very wrong morals:

i.e. These people will suffer for eternity anyways. You do not control the time when they die. It is not you who killed them, it is allah. Unbelievers are the lowest of the low. Monotheism is the only moral you should aspire to.

It is also my strong opinion that the person who brainwashed him is trained in detecting this kind of weakness and that, most suicide bombers do suffer from a similar weakness.

I highly suggest that we treat this person as a mental patient and go very very hard after his trainers, the ideological bomb makers, the real bombers.
  by: kmazzawi     01/30/2009 10:40 PM     
  Thanks kmazzawi  
Your comment was of value to me.
  by: ichi     01/30/2009 11:13 PM     
So you would agree that Islam is a carcinogenic ideological virus, but you feel uncomfortable admitting as such without also mentioning the historical misdeeds perpetrated in the name of Christianity?

Whatever floats your boat. :)
  by: Malefice   01/30/2009 11:35 PM     
A Muslim terrorist, I'm shocked....
  by: monstrddg   01/31/2009 12:03 AM     
  @ monstrddg  
Hardly more like a manipulated little boy of ten!
  by: captainJane     01/31/2009 12:26 AM     
Manipulated by what?
  by: kmazzawi     01/31/2009 12:46 AM     
I believe that anyone who tries to bring harm upon someone else is a r#t@rd.
  by: Mister crank     01/31/2009 03:46 AM     
  @ kmazzawi  
Insane idiots!

They are in every walk of life and not always what they seem.
  by: captainJane     01/31/2009 04:51 AM     
  Lot of  
good food going to waste.
  by: Blackwidow   01/31/2009 04:58 AM     
I'm convinced that anyone that does something because "god said so" should be beaten with a hose. That and athletes, actors, and singers who thank god for winning awards or winning games. if God doesn't have something better to do than watch and help some A-hole score a touchdown, I want his ass kicked too...
  by: ludwitr   01/31/2009 06:57 AM     
You start taking names buddy, I'll get the hose!
  by: Torturor   02/01/2009 08:30 AM     
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