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                 01/16/2018 08:28 PM  
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01/31/2009 11:40 AM ID: 76682 Permalink   

Mother Killed Her Daughter to Keep Boyfriend


34-year-old Penny Boudreau has been sentenced to life in prison for killing her 12-year-old daughter Karissa. Karissa's last words were "Mommy don't" as her mother pinned her to the ground. Penny then strangled her only child to death using twine.

Penny then hauled her lifeless body via car to LaHave River, dumping it there. Penny left Karissa's jeans and Winnie the Pooh underwear pulled down, thinking it may suggest her child had been sexually assaulted if her body were to be discovered.

Penny's boyfriend Vernon Macumber was the apparent motive behind the horrendous act, telling her to "choose her or me." Justice Margaret Stewart told Penny at the hearing "The words, 'Mommy, don't' are there to haunt you for the rest of your life."

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  Jesus christ man...  
How could you do that?!
  by: dook   01/31/2009 06:13 PM     
  Can someone please report  
Why don't we hear about the women who dump scumbags who want them to choose between them and their children. I am sure it happens far more than this sick crap.
  by: Rakulus   01/31/2009 06:50 PM     
  Its 8pm on a Saturday night,  
I just woke up from a good sleep, poured a vodka and the first 2 stories I read are about people cruel to children, I might just go back to bed.
  by: AccessG     01/31/2009 09:05 PM     
You made it this far dude...
  by: dook   01/31/2009 09:08 PM     
  Think that story made you sick? Watch this.  
interesting and slightly disturbing video of mother in following link.
  by: lockon   01/31/2009 10:09 PM     
  There's a special circle in Hell  
for people such as these. I hope she likes warm weather.
  by: B4LE   01/31/2009 10:42 PM     
these people need to be paraded around in the street on national tv in the most embarrassing horrendous way possible. we honestly need to bring back public punishment. like hard core walk for 24 hours straight, go back to jail for 8 sleep and then back on the march. through the desert with limited water and only desert creatures to eat. i want that channel. "atrocious sub human beings seek unlikely food in desert."

honestly!!!!! lets start setting examples instead of giving them room and board! im sick of this crap!
  by: mrmarler     02/01/2009 01:53 AM     
You do, they are the ones who get murdered instead though (by the boyfriend)
  by: JayWar   02/01/2009 02:46 AM     
  I read the..  
paper about this today. She was murdered 5 minute drive away from my house, and the body was found a good 15 minute drive. What sickened me about this is that she went on television a few days after she reported her child missing and pleaded with her to come home. I hope she enjoys prison for the rest of her life and i hope that she will truly feel the pain of taking such a helpless child.
  by: M.D.R   02/01/2009 03:26 AM     
  The mother  
is desperate for so called love. A real man would never have a woman choose between him and her child(ren) for her children are a part of the package. I feel so bad for her daughter. There are so many women who choose their "man" over their children. It is quite sad.
  by: diamondrain   02/01/2009 05:56 AM     
hey a girl is gotta lookout for her best interest :P
  by: bastrel   02/01/2009 06:52 AM     
  My heart bleeds  
for the child. I felt sick reading this post and that is nothing against you Vash just the content.
  by: sleeky     02/01/2009 07:32 AM     
  I would like  
to spend some time choking this bitch out several times a day.
  by: Stryc9   02/02/2009 10:52 AM     
  What a story...  
It seems like stories like this are nothing unusual anymore...

Jerry Springer should contact her!
  by: dll2hell   02/03/2009 05:56 AM     
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