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                 01/17/2018 04:17 AM  
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02/04/2009 07:54 PM ID: 76788 Permalink   

UN Accuses Hamas Police of Stealing Aid


A spokesman from the UN stated that Hamas Police raided a UN warehouse stealing 3500 blankets and 400 food parcels. The UN condemned the actions and demanded the aid be returned.

Ahmed al-Kurd, the Hamas Social Affairs Minister denied the claims, however he did admit that there were disputes with the UN agency about how to distribute the aid. The UN was accused of giving aid to opponents of Hamas.

Since Israel imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip, approximately half the population has come to rely on UN food aid.

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they were giving it to the people all good and well if not they deserve shooting!
  by: captainJane     02/04/2009 09:13 PM     
  ok first off  
This was already reported here

secondly as it turned out Hamas said they thought the Aid was from the Hamas central government and not from the UN but when they were presented with the paper work showing it was from the UN they said they would return it on Saturday (last Saturday) ... They returned it on Saturday night (as reported on AJ English ) and the UN has since resumed distribution ...

so not only already reported but also out of date.
  by: Hugo Chavez     02/10/2009 11:08 PM     
  oh and BTW  
since this muix up has been sorted out the UN has asked Israel to stop blocking access for aid to the strip ..........

  by: Hugo Chavez     02/10/2009 11:10 PM     
sorry this was posted on the 02/04 ... before the other one ...

anyway worth a follow up ....

I can't wait to see the coverage this gets at
  by: Hugo Chavez     02/10/2009 11:13 PM     
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