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                 01/22/2018 05:33 PM  
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02/05/2009 12:32 AM ID: 76795 Permalink   

Chinese Earthquake May Have Been Man-Made


Scientists say the 7.9 earthquake responsible for killing more than 80,000 people in China last May could have been triggered by the enormous Zipingpu dam. The dam is in close proximity to the fault line and just 3 miles from the Sichuan quake site.

Christian Klose of the Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory said the sudden shift of the 315 million tonnes of water the dam held increased the natural stress from tectonic movement by 25x, causing a rupture that lead to the quake.

Fan Xaio, chief engineer of the Sichuan Geology and Mineral Bureau in Chengdu, opposed the construction of Zipingpu and had warned the Chinese government that dams like Zipingpu were dangerous when built in seismically active areas to no avail.

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Seems th give of the attitude that they DGAF about anything but trying to trump everyone else...
  by: AviationMech85   02/05/2009 01:04 AM     
  Well, I just got off the phone with big bird  
and he says it was god punishing them for being communist.

  by: bbeljefe     02/05/2009 02:56 AM     
  The poor poor chinese  
Perhaps this is just another way the Chinese government is trying to enforce population control. Think about this if you had a billion dollars would you really care if you lost a few thousand.
  by: shiftyfarker   02/05/2009 03:08 AM     
  I'm fairly sure  
China was at fault for the New Orleans problems with Katrina.
  by: tantryl   02/05/2009 05:03 AM     
  Dam it....  
...and here I thought Nicola Tesla walked again. :(
  by: pariahpoet   02/05/2009 07:39 AM     
  by: VermiciousG     02/05/2009 03:17 PM     
haha. :)
  by: theironboard     02/05/2009 08:05 PM     
now we'll have some propeller head phd climatoligist come along and say you know, i bet greenhouse gasses cause a greenhouse effect NEXT!

Com'on people! Right wing personalities know waaaay more about all things science.
  by: ukcn001XYZ   02/06/2009 04:35 AM     
I've been warning people about this since construction began. The greater the weight you put on the Tectonic plate the greater the compression and sequentially the greater the reaction will be at the fault. 7.9’s are nothing compared to what's in the near future. The dam got received minor cracks during the last quake. The damage was minimal but it’s not near full yet either. I expect it to totally fail once it’s ½ to ¾ full and the next quake hits.

The blowout will be amazing and a complete disaster. It will wash everything not bedrock into the ocean. The tsunami created will wipe out the surrounding island nations. Even Hawaii and parts of the Western US and Canadian coastal region will be affected.
  by: Synister1   02/06/2009 08:22 AM     
I'll be damned! The nutcases were right all along! It was a man-made Earthquake! The facts were wrong though. And it was China's own fault.

No points awarded for self-inflicted abuse on account of stupidity. What a needless waste of life on account of arrogant central planning and ignorance of geology.
  by: Big Bird     02/07/2009 06:46 AM     
And because they were Communist, which is in accordance with the above except add ignorance of EVERY -ology and common sense, and reason, and scripture, and God, and the Universe itself.
  by: Big Bird     02/07/2009 06:48 AM     
  The Zipingpu Dam  
... Caused the snow conditions being experienced up and down the UK.

  by: EnglishJackCarter   02/07/2009 11:06 AM     
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